✨ The Center of The Milky Way.

I had a wonderful dream the a while back. Most of the time I dont remember my dreams. I dont I why that is. It has been that way ever since went through my PTSD stuff back in 2000.

Lately I have been having  insomnia pretty bad which is odd for me because usually as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light. I meditate alot and sometome I get more rest in meditation than I do actually sleeping.

I finally  Slept 6 hours last. I cut out all caffeine except one cup of coffee in the morning. Felt good to get some rest. I’m a high energy fella and usually sleep 4-6 hours a night anyway.  Lately it’s been 3 hours and I’m used to going to sleep whenever I want. Not tossing and turning for 3 hours before I fall asleep.

I maybe remember 4 or 5 dreams a year. When I do have a dream I remember it is super vivid and and surreal. This is one of them.

This is kinda long.

The center of the Galaxy.  

As I fell asleep I found my self in the Torus of light moving super quickly around stars and planets moving super quick and it felt like I was in the “Jet Stream” on eart . An interstellar “Jet Stream”  moving toward the center of our galaxy, around more star systems and around planets and black holes. I was wearing Navy  Blue denim jeans, white chuck taylors High tops, a white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a white ball cap. Sorta moving like superman flys.

I saw a really thick fog, as I entered it I remember feeling tingly and I saw electrical charges like in one of those plasma globes all around me and they were dancing on my arms and pants. All over me and it felt like tingly little kisses. Soft little kisses all over me, but it tingled like when you put your tongue on a 9 Volt Battey. It was very bright in the “fog” and yet i could see all these little plasma globe charges dancing all over me.

Suddenly, everything slowed down and I landed on my feet in the middle if a convenience store gas station. There was gas pumps that seemed to radiate this vibrating (((((echo))))) <-like the extra parentheses off them.  Everything was shimmering or vibrating and echoes of light.  I looked at the gas I pointed with my finger and noticed I was vibrating like the pumps. Instead of Gas it said Zero Point Energy and all the prices were made of number combos of 369.  regular 369,  middle grade 693  and supreme was 963 per cubic ton Zero Point Energy.  At the bottom it had yin yang symbol and said,  with 30% more  “Dark matter and Plasma propulsion fuel” under that in cursive writing it said “The stuff that fuels the Universe!” 

I was confused. I looked around and nobody was around. I walked over to the convince store which had a sign above it that says Super Infinity 8 convenience store and Gas Station. I looked at my reflection in the window and I was super vibrating like I was shimmering and I could see like this distortion all around my body in my reflection. Like tracer images of myself.  I thought I must tripping or have a dream.  I noticed a sign refected in the back gound past the fuel pumps by where the fog was thick. So I walked out there. Look at the sign. It read, “Welcome to the Center of the Milkey Way. A littler sign below it said, “to travel to another galaxy push this button.” With a little red button. I pushed it. This Elevator door opened up out of no where. Like blue lightning all around it. The door was golden but like sunlight with blue lighting all around it. Kinda looked like an old phone booth but an elevator.

A little bell hop looking dude poked his head out and said gre gre greetings traveler,  whe whe where would you like to go go go gooo? The Ga ga (slapping himself upside the head) Galaxy of your choice awaits you. He had a horrible studder. I said Hi I’m Andy. He laughed and said nice Joke!

My name is Kitchun. With a U. I laughed and said nice joke. He said joke? I said you are here with me and I’m ohhh never mind. He said never mind? That is funny! You are always mind. I said what? He laughed and exactly traveler! Exactly!

He looked like a little old man wearing an elevator uniform or bell hop uniform from the 1920’s er. Had really thick glasses and kinda reminded me of the cartoon Mr. MGue.

I said I’m not sure where to go. He said you you you you can get a map from Faucet in the store then come come come back and find find your way to to the Galaxy of your choice. Then he tilted his head and slapped on the top of his ear and a little tiny fluffy white kitten with eyes that looked like bright blue diamonds fell out of his other ear and perched on his shoulder.

I said, whoa you had a cat in your head! He said it’s not a cat, just looks like one. It’s what you would call idea where you came from.  Sometimes when I’m thinking about idea for a creature, it causes me to studder a little bit until the idea materializes. I’m sure you know ideas are things. I had an idea for a planet in another galaxy who has no such thing as concept of a benevolent being to give them one on my break time as  The Excelevtor man. I’m moon lighting while floor Jack is she out on vacation. I said floor jack? He said dont bother her.

He said say, hello to Zonxs. I said hello zonx! It looked at me and said prrrrrfect!  Ee equals MC squared, then a tiny meow,  in a rich english accent.  I laughed and it scowled and little lighting bolts shot of its eye and shocked me like static electricity.  I said owe!  I apologize Zonx. It smiles and raised a paw and started purrng as it rested on the old dudes shoulder.

He said if your not going to go before you get a map I can come back when you push the button again. I need to drop zonx off to the savages on the planet mervex, in galaxy 2657 so they have something to believe in before they wipe each other out in genocide.  I said Zonx is is pretty tiny to be benevolent to a people.  He said they are a we little people. Meaning tiny in size and stature.  Like the people where you came from. We the people.  Sort of an little joke. Since you love jokes. I laughed and said Ohhhh that is funny.


We the Poeple of the United States of America is a force to be reckoned with when called upon to be so.  He said certainly. They have their shining moments. One thing about humans is their ability to rally together to over come difficulties and tyranny. They are a wonderful lot of benevolant creatures. Very resilient, innovative and imaginative. Lots of wonderful things. I think in the end they will travel the stars and explore new worlds.   They also have a tendency and capacity to fight so much about trivial stuff , still ruled very much  so by appitite, emotion and instinct over spirituality, empathy and compassion. That is primarily because they are a very young and immature race of benevlolant beings.  Plus they also have great capacity for being lethargic and lazy. I’m sure it will all work out. it always does. If they can overcome themselves.

I said, I spose so. I hope they do. He said me too.

I said ok.  Cool. Do you your thing dude. What’s the guys name in the store?  He said Faucet. Im not dude. Your Dude! I said Faucet?! Like the thing water comes out of in the kitchen? He said no no Faucet! I’m kitchun. Ohhhh nice to meet you kitchen. I will go talk to  Faucet. Nice to meet you Zonx! Zonx smiled and said see ya dude! He said good plan. See ya in a little bit dude! I said Andy! He said nice try funny guy and waved. The elevator door closed and vanished.

I  turned around and started my way to the door of the Super Infinity 8 store to talk to some fella named Faucet.

When I walked in the door I stopped shimmering or vibrating. The sound the door made to announce my arrival was a Elevator ding dong version of “twinkle twinkle little star. ”

It looked like most any normal every convient store found on corner of every city and small town on Earth. As I walked I noticed a sign for a brand of cigarettes called “Hope” and it had a picture of  President Obama on it with a cigarette in it mouth and his running for president symbol on the pack. Rigjt below it said, “Nothing smokes like Hope!” Full flavored cigarettes.

I walked up to the counter and this eastern indian looking fella pops up like a jack in the box and says in a loud Voice! Welcome Dude! To the Super Infinity 8 convenience store located in the center of Milkey way! All hail the Cosmic Chicken Bunny!  I bust out laughing and said Holy Cow! Another dude in a dream called me that! He said How Odd. I know Holy Cow really well and you dont look like her at all. You look like dude, the Causmic Chicken bunny! I  may be mistaken but that hasn’t happend in 300,000 milinum and it was floor jack playing a trick on me dressed up as Santa. I knew it was her tho. She was wearing a clever disguise.

I said no no no I have been called the Causmic Chicken bunny before in another weird dream.  He said oh I thought you said you were Her Highnesss Ms Holy Cow.  Simple misunderstanding. Holy Cow is a female and judging by the size of your package I knew you were not a girl. I looked down and i had a massive erection and I glowed like a glow stick. Then he said, I  have been expecting you.

Oh I get it  The Milkey way is ruled by  Queen Holy Cow! He aid, Yes! This is her idea. The whole place.  I said funny! He looked at me like I was weird. Then he smiled.

He said Faucet and stuck out his hand. I stuck out my hand and said Andy, nice to meet you! He laughed and said always with the jokes dude. Always with the jokes.

Have a look around help yourself to anything catches your eye.  Then this little mood ring looking Diamond formed in the center of his head and started spinning.  I looked down at his name tag and sure as the day is long said Fauset! He said most people call me Set for short dude or cosmic chicken bunny if you prefer. I said you can call me Andy. He laughed and said ok dude! Have a look around. You can not smoke in here because there is many propellants available in the store but if you are interested in of our cigarettes let me know.  Kitchen said your word is good and your currency is no good here.

I said where am I? He said in a booming voice. THE CENTER IF THE MILKEY WAY GALAXY!  I said there is a gas station and convenience store in the center of the Milkey way? He said YES! if you really think it makes sense. I said what a weird dream! He said how do you know your dreaming? Maybe what you experience over at planet earth is the dream and this is reality? I looked at him and said, living the dream… he laughed said  your time is limited and pointed at my crotch which started glowing bright yellow.

I said quick question. Are you God. He laughed and said no.  Are you? I said nah I’m only a dude. One of his kids I rekon.  He said again,  her Highness Ms Holy Cow runs this Galaxy.  It was her Idea.  I said ohhh that is why it’s called the Milkey way! He said nothing gets passed the dude. And started laughing. Then he said,  So they say and laughed.  I said say,  there is an Egyptian God named Set on earth. You the same guy? He said ohhh those wee little people there would make God out of a cat back then. No some other fella was here and when he went back was mumbling about me and some cats. That’s how the whole thing started.  I just run the Convient store for Ms Cow.  I was retired and kinda got bored so I decided to take this position.

I  laughed and said Holy Cow! Kitchun had a Cat on his shoulder. He shhhhh,  quit talking about her. I said who? He no no not who Ms Cow. You want to talk about who now! Let’s leave Him out of this. I still have to do the books around here and I dont want her showing up early because dude summoned her. She is on vacation with Ms Jack.

I have other customers waiting and we have a policy of one at a time in the store.  Have a look around dude and help yourself. Let me know if ya have any questions.

I looked at the rack of cigarettes and there was brands like Faith, Grace, Love, Karma, Truth, Justice, Hope and others.

I walked past a stand up video game called Shit hits the fan! Had picture of little green men in flying saucers zapping people on side and a meteor hitting a planet on the other side. I accidentally pushed the button and it said zombie appocolyps selected!  well chosen dude! I looked at Faucet and he looked at me and he said oh dont worry dude its biometric,  you use your finger print to play it. Its waiting for you to do so to play it if you choose. The game hasn’t started until you do so. There is every conceivable shit hit the fan scenario on it should you choose to play it.  He said a big Nuclear war is a favorite and world famin and natural disaster.  I think Mad max is also a fun one to play. Just use the selector. I looked and some with the initials of G Reaper had the High Score on planet Mars playing commet takes out moon. Survivors move under ground.

I looked down and my crotch was pulsating bright yellow.  I said I’m not gonna play just yet. I walked to magazine isle there was magazine that caught my eye called “Earth Life” so I opened it up and it was like I was looking through someone’s eyes staring at a phone while sitting in the stall of a fancy bathroom. They texted their wife named Janene and said I have to work late. Then texted someone named Tiffany and said see ya at Trump Plaze I got a suite, where the black dress and heels I sent ya. Their wife name janeane texted back and said Again! The kids miss you! I appreciate you being such a hard worker and good provider but your family needs time with their Dad and I miss you. I need you. Then the fella texted back, we are taking a trip to Miami Beach at the end of the month you guys get me for a whole week. Right now I gotta work. Then Tiffany texted back! Love the Dress and Heels. See ya at 6.

It was like I was looking through his eyes.

I turned the page and some lady was handing her little son a lunch box in what looked like the midwest maybe Nebraska and put him on the bus. She kissed him on the forehead, then licked her hand and pushed down his hair o. the back of his head.  She said Momma is proud of you Paulie. You are big boy now. Today is your first day of school! I can’t wait to hear all about it. And I saw the kid get on the bus and turn back ans cry. She said it’s ok Paulie, you are gonna do great! You are strong and full of courage like your Daddy in the Army. He smiled and blew her a kiss and she smiled and blew him a kiss.

Again it was like I was looking through her eyes. I put the magazine down and walked around the corner to the candy isle. All the candy looked like normal candy but all the candy names were Greek Mythology Gods name . Like Appolo written just hershies and instead of Butterfingers it was written exactly like it, but said Nephertitie.  I looked down and one said Zues Cups instead of Recease Peanut Butter cups.

I looked at Fucet and He said try one. So I opened it up and I took a bite of Zues Cups. Taste just like a resease peanut butter cup but my whole body had this blue lighting all around it like Kitchuns Elevator or Floor Jack since Kitchun was just filling in for her while she was on vacation with Holy Cow.  I laughed and thought what a crazy dream! I pointed at the floor and said zap! And lighting flew off my finger tips and burned a spot on the floor.  Fauset yelled hey, careful dude! We have propellants in here. I said ohhh yeah. Sorry I was just playing around.

I went over to drink area and all the sodas and energy drinks were the names of Religions and Religous figures. Like one said Christianity one Said Confuciusism.  I looked at one and it was an energy drink that had picture of dude with a shimitar sword wearing a turban riding a horse and it said Muhammad Jihad 5 times the anger and 30 times stronger than rage! Full of Vitamin B and enough Cafine to keep ya busy for 2 milinum! I thought I’m not drinking that!

I looked down  one said Zen, on the other side of the can the ingredients said fresh cut bamboo and river water. Chop wood and carry water. 100% caffeine free enlightenment! So I looked and Faucet said Try it. I took a sip and it reminded me of a palmagranite vitamin water.  Pretty good. I saw another that said Milralces of Christ! Nothing satisfies 5000 like the miracles of Christ! I opened it up and when I opened the can it sounded like laughter and I took a big chug off it and I felt tingly all over and super full of joy! It tasted like the best red wine I ever had in my life! I just started beaming and laughing. Faucet looked at me and smile and you might also like this one. I looked over and there was  small can with a red shield on it. I said what is that? He said try it. so I tried it and its taste soo yummy.  Like honey! I looked at the can it it said Illuminati on it. I laughed and I accidentally poor a little on the ground it all turned into sliver and gold ingots. Diamands and rare stones.  I tuned the back of the can and it said,  a Rothchild Product. I saw another can and it said Dao! And had as Himalayan Monk on it.

Ohhhh I gotta try that one. Funny when I opened the can it made a sound that said Ommmmmmmm I took a big drink and it didnt taste at all. It tasted like absolutely nothing. But I felt soo serene and peaceful. I drank the whole can.

Then I went over to the video game and I looked at it, I looked over at Faucet and he said ya want some smokes? I said I could go for a cigarette right now. He said your time here is about up dude. I looked down and my crotch was glowing bright yellow and I was hard as a rock.

I looked and said ya, I will take a pack of Love. He said excellent choice! Very popular!  He handed me a pack and said you gotta go smoke out side. I said thanks Fauset! He said take one the hermetic jerky sticks with ya. Alot of people rave about them.. I said sure.  Grabbed one or of his hand and I said will I ever see ya again? He said you are welcome to come back any time ya want. Did ya want to finish your game before ya go? I pointed at my crotch and said this thing is glowing  pretty bright. He said yes it is! You can let it play itself out by just put your finger print on it and select random.  Or just put your finger print on it the Zombi appocolyps will start. Since its already selected.

I said ahhhh I will have a smoke first. I said see ya dude! As I was heading to the door. He said Fauset! See ya cosmic chicken bunny! I said dude! Hey! ya! Nothing does get past you! Exactly!

I laughed, waved walked out the door.

I went back in and grabbed that can of Miracles of Christ and went outside lit up Love Cigarette which made me feel so warm and cozy inside took a big guzzle of Miracles of Christ, bluew out the smoke, took a bite of that hermatic jerky started laughing because it tasetes like chicken just a little gamier and then I had the Epiphany it was Rooster I was eating not chicken and started seeing all these math equations and geometry pictograms floating around me in lime green electric light.

I bust out laughter so hard had tears coming out of my eyes, because it dawned on me, that he called me the Cosmic Chicken Bunny and here I was eating Hermatic Order Rooster jerky while smoking a cigarette called Love, and Drinking a Beverage out of can Callled The Miracles of Christ while standing infront of a Convient Store called Super Infinity 8 in the center of the Milkey way Galaxy who was ruled by a lady Named Ms,  Holy Cow!

I couldn’t quit laughing. I thought I was gonna piss my pants from laughing so hard.

I finished my smoke and the rest of the can of the Miracles of Christ and the Hermatic Order Jerkey stick and thought shit I forgot to get the map to take the elevator with Kitchun or Ms Jack to another Galaxy! I turned and Saw A dude who looked like Gandolf from Lord of the Rings enter the store he waved and and tipped his wizard hat and said dude. To acknowledge me,  Then walked in the store.


BOOM!  I’m back in the cosmic jest stream around all the stars, black holes and planets wake up in my bed.

I sat straight up and thought wow! I even yelled WOW! Then I realized I  had to piss super bad. I jump out of bed, half disorientated and knock the lamp off the night stand with my pee erection and ran to the bathroom stood there say ohhhhhhhhhhh that feels soooo good and I almost didnt make it.

What a crazy dream! It was so Vivid. Felt real.

Have a wonderful day! I know I will!

Infinitely NOW

Just Andy


Cue: ~ Rock and Roll all nite  ~






4 thoughts on “✨ The Center of The Milky Way.”

    • Ha! Thw whole time I’m in the dream I’m wondering my crotch is glowing like a light stick and feeling all ackward. I’m going to try to go back there soon and get the map! Maybe travel to some other galaxies. Haha! I certainly have one wild imagination! Haha.

      Maybe write a book about it. Someone suggested I write a scifi book about my adventures as the dude or the cosmic chicken bunny. Pretty funny. Who knows Hank? Maybe make a movie out if it.

      Weirder shit has happened in my life.

  1. Randi, Andy,

    What a DREAM!!! WOW!!! Puts a lot of life in perspective, doesn’t it? Don’t sweat the small shit.

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Gosh; this was one of the best:

    …”brand of cigarettes called “Hope” and it had a picture of President Obama on it with a cigarette in it mouth and his running for president symbol on the pack. Rigjt below it said, “Nothing smokes like Hope!” Full flavored cigarettes…”

    All up in smoke those packs of Hope he sold to a unsuspecting citizenry.

    • Ha ha! Yes! I have a very interesting brain and subconscious mind. I have spent the last 13 months actively reprogramming my subconscious mind.

      It was so vivid and surreal. quite the assortment of characters. hahaha.
      Thanks for your comment.

      The whole time I’m thinking why is my crotch glowing yellow. when I flew out of bed and ran to the bathroom I started laughing. Ohhhh I have to pee really bad! Hahahahah


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