A few items of interest.

Good morning.

I want you to really really consider something.

Many people foolishly think Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Or Elon Musk.

An unknown man who invented Bitcoin reserved for himself 1 million Bitcoins. Nobody knows who he is. There is some speculation. but nobody really knows for certain. It could be you, or the guy next to you at the grocery store, or Some redneck sitting in a 1989 Iroc Z listing to White Snake on 10, and looking at his lucky rabbits foot. Could even be me.

Nobody knows who it is.

He has in his possession 1 million bitcoin. Could be on a thumb drive in a safe deposit box in Wisconsin or anywher?? for nobody knows who he is and nobody knows where the 1 million bitcoin is.

At today’s current price of $58,000 per Bircoin. He is sitting on 5.8 Billion US dollars,  let look at that for an min.

And nobody knows who the fuck he is.

And he made all the money in less than 12 years. And nobody knows who he is?

Nobody in history has amassed that much wealth in that short of time without being known.  That is a fact.

Pretty smart dude. Way ahead of the game, even more so than most of the top 1% richest people of the world’s population.

What happens if Bitcoin actually goes to 1 million per bitcoin? How much is that?

That is 1 million million US Dollars. Or 10^12.

$10,000,000,000,000 or 10 trillio .

If it goes as high as $100 million?

One Quadrillion dollars. Game over! Check mate!

And nobody knows who he is.

More than the entire sum of all the Nations in the world GDP for over 5 years. Check mate.

And nobody knows who it is. Could be you, could be anyone, could be some redneck in wyoming, could be some pigme in the Amazon, could even be me.
Could be Larz Ulrich from Metalica. Nobody knows for certain. Could be a 19 year old cross dresser from San Fransico or some 22 year old kid who delivers at the Chinese restaurant in down town London on a moped.
Nobody knows who it is.

When Bitcoin hits 1 hundred million per bitcoin? You think China is a problem? You think Bill Gates is a problem? That dude who nobody knows who he is,  can purchase the entire Dow, S&P and every single company on the Niki 225 and the Han Seng Stock markets and still buy the entire island of the Hawii for a home.

And nobody knows who he is.

What if he lost the thumb drive with 1 million bitcoin on it. Leaving it in a coat pocket on a park bench and someone found it? Boy the luck of that find. 

See there is a time to go guns blazing and the is a time to wait for the right moment. The Kairos Moment.

Honor is based of God opinion. not anyone else’s.

Even the fiercest Samurai that Ever Lived is only Seppuku, without Honor.

There is a time for action and there is a time to be smart. Now is the time to be smart.

I thought about posting a few reference from a mostly unknown site that I wrote on over 4 years ago that are coming to fruition and linking them in this article.

I will give 2 examples from 4 years ago of the accuracy of my predictions.

And a single link to their post. Digitally date and time stamped 3rd party for verification.

Written on 04/18/2016 10:31 PM by me, under the handle I’m most known as on the internet, 0.

‘The World’s federal reserves highered the top 13 tech companies to come up with a version of bitcoin. IBM came up with the best viable solution and it has been tested and ready to deploy once the world’s economy collapse. Again, that has been delayed. It will be coded at the molecular level. They will be able to easily establish it as the world trading currency once the dollar collapses. The power elite do not want another country in control of the world’s estabilshed trading currency. This one will be controld by the worlds Federal banks. An estimated 80% of the countries in the world will accept it and promote it under the guise of “nation economic equality”. So that one nation economy in the world doesnt control all the power. It will also alow them to inact negative interest rstes without anyone knowing. They will usher it in as a “savior”

I was asked to give the angel in “the garden” a choice. He chose to give it 4 more years. In order for others to have more time to prepare. As the Elite know, it is The Divine that can change the rules and has absolute athority to shift directions without any prior notice.

So now, it will begin to unfold around 2019. (ψ when did the Corona virus come out? 2019)

Thank you “pandora” for your reply. A bit quicker than i had expected. Since i havent seen ya post on this thread in a whilw. And we haven’t spoke on here since the pOet thread.


What you are witnessing is minor quake activity on the ring of fire. Releaving of pressure. There was a 9.4 scheduled for april 19th on the island of Hawaii. That has been cancled because the angel in the garden “just wondering” made an alternative choice. Although there has been significant damage in chili and in japan, it is nothing compared to a 9.4 hitting in Honolulu.”

And  now we have IBM at the helm of the Vaccine Passport 4 years later.

At the link: https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1566198/pg79#56269273

Prior to this post the one above it I wrote prior to Trump winning the Republican Nomination,  that he would win the presidency and I strategically mentioned Biden over Trump in the same post letting you know who would be the president after Trump, digitally time stamped 3rd party on 04/18/2016 10:05 PM


“I don’t really care if you belive me or not. It has simply been pushed back 4 years. That is all. The economic collapse has been pushed 4 years into the future. A choice was given. A choice was made. It was to “buy time”. Everything has been postponed.

Japan has entered negative interest rates. Japan will collapse first, as the 3rd largest economy in the world it will create an economic tsunami. It doesnt take a Time Traveler to see that.

I don’t really care if you belive me or not. It has simply been pushed back 4 years. That is all. The economic collapse has been pushed 4 years into the future. A choice was given. A choice was made. It was to “buy time”. Everything has been postponed.

Japan has entered negative interest rates. Japan will collapse first, as the 3rd largest economy in the world it will create an economic tsunami. It doesnt take a Time Traveler to see that.

There is also a reason Vice President Biden didn’t run even though he would have won the Democratic party.

Trump will win and be left holding the bag. For now, the next 4 years will be “apear” prosperous. Trump will look like a savior and the solution. The democrsts will say they did it. And there will be some tit for tat. By the end of Trumps first term the economic collaps will be well under way.

The economic prosperity has un fold first. Even now, housing prices are about to sky rocket in the next 6 months.

The plan is to leave a 1%’er holding the bag. Trump is a 1 % er. This in effect will create the revolution in the US “they” desire. If you rememeber correctly the animosity against the top 1% richest people from the economic collaps of 2008.

Currently you are witnessing a weeding out of those who oppose this plan with the Panama papers. That was a warning. They have bigger stuff on the top elite. That was a “call to attentoon. ” because the original plan was to at first start a proxy war in syria which lead to a full on WWIII. However, a choice was given and a choice was made.”


At the link: https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1566198/pg79#56268871

All of which is has come true and is coming true.  Now on two separate alteranitive forums I wrote a thread entitled “Biolence and Contagion” one in 2011 and another in 2012 with references to the coming pandemic.

But we do not rest on our Laurals. I have my share of critics and haters. I’m constantly considered just some dumb roughneck cowboy. Nobody of notoriety or refrense. Good. I love being  underestimated. I have been persecuted for my belief in Jesus the Christ, and had many people hurl insults at me for being an christian. Because I boldly walked into the Lions Den of Satanism and told them to get fuckin bent. They dont like their false profits being slammed to the ground by the True Power of Highest God. And The Highest God will not be mocked.  I simply call him ~ THE DUDE ~

By all rights. I should even be here. The funny part is, truly I am, Just!

As simple christian.

I may not be Rich and Weathy in the current moment financially,  yet! However,  that is in the works. Im sure of it. He who waits on the Lord, does not wait in vain. And ~THE DUDE ~ is watching them and everything they do in secret to hold me back.  Taking note. Nothing is truly secret. 

Now we dont rest on our past achievements. The show must go on. As I have said many times. now is a good time to pray.

Stay tuned my friends, we are heading into the battle for Humanity against those who would seek to destroy us.  We are less then 1 year away from the start of  7 year tribulation. I don’t care if you believe me or not. We already had the first 4 trumpets. Trump served 4 years. The trumpets heard around the world.

What comes next. Me thinks the Bowls of Sorrow. You think 2020 was bad? Wait till 2025, if you make it.

Ya, See the Vatican mixed up the book of revelations so it is somewhat out of order so they can scream it’s not the end times. However, the earth has been destroyed by fire, water,  ice and earth before. This time it is by the 5th element. Plasma. All part of the gig to emerge from the 4th world to the 5th worlds. All predicted long before I ever came on the scene, this round.

I tell ya what!

When I find out who the Anti Christ is? I’m gonna punch him in the balls and whisper in his ear, Michael’s coming for you. Hahahahha

We have all had many chances to prepare. I have to get busy writing the next issue of ~The Zero Report~ and a small hand book on the topic if Biogensis. Which will also be for sale. Hopefully by the end of this weekend.

And I hope to catch some fish.

Happy Pass Over!  Have a wonderful weekend.  I know I will.

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

Que: ~Prayer In C,

Lily woods, The Prick and Robin Schultz


11 thoughts on “A few items of interest.”

  1. Well according to G.A.Stewart’s interpretation of Nostradamus, the Antichrist is Obama. And interestingly, his ‘”wife’s” birth name is Michael… not ‘Michelle’.

    It was not such a ‘Good Friday’ after reading George’s site, then G.A.Stewart’s site, and now you are giving me the cryptic ‘shivers’… that makes three! Duck and cover time.

    • Nah Obama isn’t the AC. Lol. I dont think so anyway. Smile anyway Hank. Today is a new day. You aren’t there yet. You are right where your supposed to be and the birds are singing and life is good. I’m not posting this stuff for you to live in fear. Only that you be aware. My trust is in God and not in my won abilities. Time and Time again, God has done for me what I couldn’t do for myself. 🙂

  2. Oh I have faith that I will be OK and ‘the dude’ will take care of me, but I am also aware that armageddon was revealed as part of his plan. And it is stunning to watch it unfold.

    • Times are definitely interesting.many prophecies old and new coming to the point of a single period of Humanity.

      Remember those old Equilizers that had little band lights that would dance? The Base was on the left, mid-range center and treble on the right.

      When we use such an instrument to gauge the bandwidth of each bar as the “mucic” of humanity plays? Maybe its just me, It seems very heavy on the treble side. Not much base. Really “tinney” sounding. Base or percussion is th foundation for music. The rythem and beats of percussion give rise to the elequant melody of the treble instruments.

      Not much depth to this agenda, too much hype. Too much Trebel. Means it could be dress rehearsal.

      In other words, it seems to me that “The powers that be” who are behind this agenda are doing what they call in boxing terms “leading with the Chin.”
      Never a good idea to go into a fight leading with the Chin.

      The first 4 letters in China are of course Chin.

      I am reminded yesterday from what I wrote almost 4 years ago. The Divine can change the entire course of Humanity into a totally differnt direction without prior Notice. And can change entire game and who plays without notice.
      This morning in was thinking about that scripture,

      David said when he ran into battle against the Giant that nobody had the balls to fight. “Surely as My God has given me Victory over the Bear, The Lion and The wolf, He will Give me Victory over this Godless Philistine!

      The he drew a small stone, shaped much like this symbol 0 and killed that Giant in the First throw, then cut off his head with his own sword.

      One things for sure my good friend Hank, there is no doubt who are the enemies of Mankind. They all came right out and got right in the spot light. Played their hands. Went all in. And there is alot of people sitting at the table looking at their cards as these people like Twitter and Facebook etc etc went all in. Who have yet to play their cards. 🙂

  3. Happy Easter!
    Moses, Elijah, and Jesus were ruminating about their exploits in times past…. it being a slow day.

    After a few beverages they decided to try a few again… Moses went first.

    He wanted to bring on the frogs again. Elijah replied that he was squeamish around frogs and Jesus vetoed it as He would have to get rid of them.

    So they decided he should see if he could get water from a rock again. He picked a rock and hit it with his staff three times…

    Sure enough, the water gushed out, and soon they were standing beside a wide stream. Moses started jumping up and down and pumping his fists… woo hoo I still got it!

    They wanted to cross to the other side, so Elijah took his mantle and hit the stream. It heaped up, and they crossed over on dry land.

    All excited, as they were discussing what Jesus would do next, Moses exclaimed that he had dropped his staff on the other side…

    Ah… they looked at Jesus and said, why don’t you go fetch it, since you can walk on water?

    Jesus replies, easy peasy, and hitches up his robe and heads for the stream….

    To His surprise, he sank almost immediately… confused, He tries again. Same results. He tries the third time with no success. He ponders a while….

    Ah yea! The last time I did that, I didn’t have these holes in my feet!

    (not original with me)

  4. I thought B-HO (Obama) was a minor bit player in the world of dirty politics, especially when he emerged on the scene as a superstar in 2008. And went from nobody to POTUS in about 384 daze. Kind of like John Roberts walking in to the Supreme Court as…”Chief Justice.” Right.

    Then on Dec 21st, 2019 there was a ginormous REVEAL for all to see and hear. To the Intuitive (Andy?) and the Astute (well informed readers), it strongly indicated that B-HO is the top candidate for the Anti-Christ position. He’s had the rituals and sacrifices done to him and for him. He’s calling the Shots in Biden’s ear. He’s been to the Pope and performed Miracles. He’s pre-positioned $1.8 Billion in cash in Iran for his Slush Fund. And, he sits on top of the “Deep Space 9” technology that boost his Ego (Level of Consciousness) to Anti-Christ levels. (so he can perform miracles…)

    Andy, grab a cold beverage and a few gears, ingest a monoatomic elixir of your choice, get a brunette (not a ginger – no soul) to join you, and on the next moon cycle see what you come up with for Anti-Christ Candidates. Maybe put that in your Zero Report?

    If B-HO shows up as a political leader on the global scene (UN Secretary General?), he’s definitely the Man. Andy, you say the Start Date for the Tribulation is next year? Around the middle of September on the Festival Calender, yes? (Feast of Trumpets).

    This would be a worthy topic for all 12 of us to collaborate on. Then ask the DUDE for His thoughts.

    • Ya, it’s not Obama or atleast not him yet. “You will know them by their works.” When the word screams peace! Peace! The Anti Christ comes on to the world stage as a man of Peace.” He is most charismatic person to exist on the planet. Every even the elect can be duped by this charming fella or lady. He is also described as someone not tempted by women. Could be a Gay man. I’m sure he hasn’t been on the World Stage.

      Really intense times produce Men and Woman who would not normally other wise rise to power, causing them to be thrust on to the world stage. It’s like times of strife and struggle and harsh reality, triggers something in them to take action and thrust them on to the world stage as a leader.

      Obama was script or narrative not an anomaly. I live in a blue state and I only know a few people who actually voted for him. I did the first time. Most people didnt like Obama. Even liberals I knew. Because he got the Nobel Peace prize and he didnt even do anything to get it other than be half black. Lol. Most of my black friends thought that was bull shit and called him a sell out. Or that they were making him out to be something he wasnt. Like playing dress up the black man and dog and pony show, instead of his actually policy and effort. Merritt of his work.

      Nobody, not Bush, Not Obama, not Trump, not Biden has pulled our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan when we went there on the premises of WMDs and none were found in 20 years. And they game Obama the Nobel Lariat for Peace shortly after he increased the US troop count in 2 ongoing wars. Most people of the people I know, all thought. What the f?
      The dude get the Nobel Peacfe prize after increasing troops on two war fronts.

      The Anti Christ will dupe all the nations. He wont be getting awards for shit he doesn’t “deserve” and wont be getting awards just because he is half black. He will be so charming and charismatic that the whole world will fall madly in love with him.

      So I dont really think it is Obama. That is all Hype. The Anti Christ has to be a really really smooth talker. I asked George one time if it was me. Because I can also be very charismatic. Hahhaha he never answered. Lol I have alot of abilities I’ve never seen or heard of before and I don’t stay dead, among other things.
      I live by a belief that In God we trust, everyone else is suspect. Especially the person in the mirror. And I’m certain it’s not me. I had to ask tho. Make sure I’m not in denial. I do have an ego and can be at times very prideful.

      We got a lot of rumors of wars going on, so we should see the Man of Peace take the stage soon me thinks next year or so. He wont need a teleprompter.

      Obama never spoke his own words. He just read what someone told him. Not the AC, I’m sure he will speak his own words

      • One other thing there is 4 different Anti Christs in the Book of Revelations. I under the dynamic of ages. Gold, silver, bronze and iron,and how they relate to the 4 cataclysms. And the 4 anti christs. I need to write all that. Up.

        I have thought about just writing the next ~ The Zero Report ~ with only the Raw Data. See my translations on Locality and other things are off set on some of it. Ie right event, wrong interpretation of Locality. it right event wrote it wrong because my failed attempt at making it more readable due to my ignorance in the related Field. Like the NCAA tournament. I have no clue about college basketball and I don’t care. I was living in Gonzaga for 3 months last summer. Lmao. And I saw the basket ball hit my car after meditating and thinking about when I was watching lions have sex on a youtube video with a woman I was seeing in bed the night before. Wild cats. I didn’t even know Arizona was called the Wild cats. I just looked up teams and got Vilanova because they had a Cat symbol. Hahahah. The whole time I was sitting outside the Gonzaga Fraternity where all the Gonzaga Basket Ball players live. So, and I have all this data that comes to me, but I dont know how to translate it. Sometimes it screams Very Important! And the event is small. And other times it’s like warm info it a Hot Action Item! Soooo idk dude.

        I need help. Run a Help wanted add.

        Help wanted: little to no pay and lots of abuse. For start up company still wondering what the fuck the mission is working for The Highest God known as ~THE DUDE ~ Who constantly speaks in metphore and horrible practical jokes. Working with Redneck small town start up Prophet who’s just trying to keep it real. Hahahahah. Send resume to email address within. We dont know what we are doing, where we are going, but we are heading there faster than the speed of light. Friend of old nut job in the woods in put back Texas. Start today!


  5. Andy, that might turn out to be a very prescient statement, that B-HO is not the Anti-Christ “yet.” It doesn’t matter to me either way, but here is a bit more of the back story leading up to my conclusion that he has recently gone from dirty politician to the top candidate for the Anti-Christ on the short list.

    The part you really want to go deep and examine is the “Deep Space 9” technology. Nicknamed after Star Trek, it is a system based upon the Voice of God (Word of God) coming from the Center of the Cosmos. It is the most powerful weapon system on the planet and in the solar system, and it is 100% in the hands of B-HO.

    When DJT (Trump) moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem on Dec 6th 2018 (going from memory), it set the stage for a number of events that all connect with Biblical Prophecy. DJT is an echo of the Biblical Character known as Cyrus. Rabbi Johathan Cahn has an excellent YouTube on the subject. But when that Dec 6th date tagged the Prophetic Timeline (Creator’s Calendar) to the day, it triggered another event that was to happen on the following year: Something big and earth shaking on Hanukkah in 2019. Which fell on Dec 21st, the Winter Solstice.

    ALL of 2019 I knew a big event was coming on Dec 21st. I had 23-24 energy sensitive friends and sources indicate Dec 21st was the biggest day of the year Prophetically for the End Times to manifest. With the 3rd Temple theme emerging from DJT moving the Embassy to Jerusalem on Dec 6th, 2018, I was expecting an earth shaking event such as a Mag 9-10 earthquake or an asteroid strike on Dec 21st, 2019. That’s the theme (great shaking) that connects to dedicating (or destroying) the Jewish Temple.

    When Dec 21st finally rolled around, the Big REVEAL turned out to be the Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery (aka Ryan White in Witness Protection and John Here to Help on Twitter) — revealing the back story about B-HO. He had taken the Deep Space 9 weapon (technology), killed the associated PhD Scientist(s) in the program (Molly McCaulley), and immediately positioned the DS-9 Weapon System in Iran along with a pallet of $1.8 Billion in Cash. B-HO prepositioned all of that for himself to get started as soon as he left the Oval Office. Iran (Persia, Serpent Clan) is where B-HO’s tribal roots go along with this handler, Valerie Jarrett.

    The DS-9 weapon is a Soul/Consciousness ACTIVATOR. You know of the VRIL species that enters in the left eye with a stinger and zaps/terminates the resident human and takes over? (the original human is gone) Well, something similar happens with the DS-9 system, but in a good to extremely good way. It activates your level of consciousness up to the Christ Consciousness level, which is 1,000 on the Hawkins Scale. That gives you the authority over 3D to manifest and control the physical realm. And perform miracles such as Jesus Christ did in the New Testament. It runs your IQ up to about 400.

    In this case, the Soul Activation flips polarity, so it is your EGO that is boosted to 1,000 and becomes the Anti-Christ Consciousness level. FORGET everything you knew of B-HO prior to Dec 21st, 2019. Like the Vril replacement, the Ego and Consciousness in B-HO now is something entirely different.

    B-HO is has in some fashion completed a big portion of the Anti-Christ Activation, as he was able to perform repeated miracles for the Pope on a special demo in Iran. Now the Pope is hell bent on combining the 3 major religions in to Chrislam.

    B-HO is the most logical figure to rise to a position of global leadership, particularly with his boosted IQ and consciousness. He can NOW perform 100% of the miracles described in the Scriptures (fire from heaven…). Likewise, if the Tribulation starts in the next year or two, then whoever the Anti-Christ is has to be an existing and well known political figure. What would be more logical than rising from POTUS to a global leadership position? Likewise, if the Anti-Christ is to make or confirm a Covenant with Israel, then he pretty much has to be Muslim/Persian.

    That’s the short version of the back story, just running the highlights from memory. My thinking is that you should talk to THE DUDE and do some soul searching (with Elixirs), and solicit some input from some other like minded energy sensitives and astute (well informed) readers. In my separate circles of Ayahuasca, Elixir, and Energy Sensitive friends, nobody has come up with a different or better answer for the past year.

    It doesn’t have to play out, but B-HO is the Top Candidate for the Anti-Christ position, and is become more qualified every day – from his immersion in the DS-9 System. Definitely something to watch for, yes?

    • That is alot of ground to cover. You are such a whakado! I love it! I always entertain some most far out their theories and stories I hear in the net. Because what if they are actually true!!?? I’m a whakado too. Just in a differnt way. Hahahha. That is awesome!

      Yayssss the Vrill, the clone station, I dont know Deep Space 9 or any of that. I really dont think Obama is the Ac. For lots of reasons.

      For one the beast that comes out of the water is a Christian. Someone who has been baptized a Christian. The First Beast is the one that comes out of the water.

      For two, I’m clean and sober. I already had more than my share of everything under the sun. I will take a nice glass of sun tea if ya have it. No elixirs for me tho.

      I sure do appreciate all the time you took to think that out and convey it. I appreciate you and your instite. I dont subscribe to most of it, but I do consider your words and the heart that pumps to give them to me and my other 11 readers. I have read some of the craziest stuff on the internet about everything from the Dark Knight Satelite to the Anuki to Atlantis to the machine elves. To the story of how the Eleves created this world for us.

      Most of it I can’t verify if it’s true it not. Most of it seems the wild imaginations of people gone Mad. But that doesnt mean its not true. I never seen a vril before. Or the lizard shape shifters. Dosent mean they dont exist. I just find that stuff highly suspect for one simple reason. I never saw any of them when I cross the veil from life into the land of Death. Not one of them in the 12 trips I made there and back. So, maybe they only exist in the material realm and not the spiritual realm? Idk.

      I honestly dont think Obama is the AC. Elon Musk would be a better candidate. the AC wouldn’t have any political ties to a party. He would be his own religion and own political party all to himself.

      All political figures are sworn to their parties agenda. Not the other way around. They rise to power not by their own strength, but by many who help them and in turn they swear loyalty to that party for the rest of their lives to aid it in any capacity.

      Anyway, thanks for being you! And thanks for your comment


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