A lifetime in 2020

I had am amazing 2020. I thought about posting it’s entirety. However, I decided not to. Not because of me but because of how could effect others.

The highlights are. Traveling to the Hopi Indian Reservation, meeting a Shaman as well as Meeting  with the oldest indigenous tribe on the planets elders was profound experience.  I went to Death Valley and the Grand canyon while the world went on lock down.  Looking out on the grand canyon from the national park and I’m the only one there. The silence of time and wind encompassing me was profound.

Spending time hanging out with rockstars, pro golfers, pro baseball players and elite athletes, and Elite Buisness men and women and A listers in Hollywood, Long Beach and huntington beach, Coronado Island, Palm Desert, San Francisco. I met some of the Richest and Wealthiest people in the world. Then Hanging out in a Hippy Commune in the Shasta Mountains with a Shaman and a now life time friend and brother. Along with a special woman who changed her whole life from the experience.

drove 1900 miles to spend….time living in a house held together by duct tape and glue, but bound by a whirling tempest of love and magic. With one of my oldest and dearest friends I have know for over half my life.. This house is so delapidated it looks like it is about to fall over at a childs breath….   but you could feel the Love and Magic oozing from it from the street curb. I lived in the basement of this house for 4 months only because I could the love of the place just working on my soul and litterally soaking in my pores.



  1.  It is wiser to choose Love first. If you Choose love first! Then surely  money will come in the fullness of Abundance. If you choose money first? Love may never come.  Love feeds the appitite ot soul Which is etenal and money feeds the appitite of the flesh which perishes. 

Spending time helping my mother in Alaska and meeting so many wonderful people spendig time with my Brother there. Laughing and joking…. Seeing moose and bear in the wild and just walking down the street. Glaciers and axing beauty. It’s a slower place of life where everyone knows everyone and neighbors still stop by the house to drop off a fresh baked home made pie. Just because it’s the neighborly thing to do.

Spending time bonding with my son and daughter was the best. Lots of good quality time. Seeing long time old friends in that small town of Arlington, Wa.

And Of Course Meeting my sweet honey girl and spending time with her. Becoming emotionally available for the first time in 4 years and falling in love. Really tender and emotional deep connection.

Everyone knows a little piece of my year. If I told ya that whole story? You never believe me. It was that profound and amazing. I have been in 7 differnt states, and 3 differnt countries while everyone was in “shelter in place.$.  I was rescued by two men who saved my life.

I saved a few life’s in return. I hit a dear at 80mph in my car,  made love to one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Partied in bar full of hard core MS 13 gang bangers in Santa Maria,  hung out with Bloods and Crips who nicknamed me”Hannible” after the fictional Hannible Lector, dated a former playboy centerfold and hung out with High level  DoD Security contractors. Almost married a VIP stripper from Vegas.  I played put put golf at 3 am in garage with a 2 time PGA Masters winner and a pro baseball player in his garage as he taught me how to hold a golf club and we listened to old Jimmy Hendrix on the radio over Marlboro Red 100 and drinking rich black coffee. Having conversations about God and Salvation.

Started a website and use my abilities, share my stories to  feed the Homeless and venture into something new.

Writing the future on sites such as Urbansurvival.com and fringe sites such as Glp.

Ya see, I had the most amazing year. The Most amazing year of my life in 2020. And it just… It just keeps getting better and better. All because of my relationship with God. And I never surrendered to fear. I chose to turn my back o it and go a different way. I quit fighting with fear. I just let it go and went the other direction.  I simply chose to focus my attention on helping others become better people and forgot all about my fears.  

In all this. I found so many wonderful people. From all walks of life. All types of social and economic status. From homeless beggars I shared a lunch with to A list Rockstars and I drove a  wall street Surprstar investment managers Escillade to San Francisco because he is my brother and friend.

I met one of the top 3 Wall Street Producing Female and had lunch as friends and went hiking with her.  A true New York, 5th Ave Elite. I climbed the bump and grind trail with a friend who is Family is one of the original “Made Man Itallin families” of the east coast.

And I handed out packs of smokes at places like roots hall to homeless people.  I met some of the most amazing people there who’s lives have been shattered and their courage to band together and help each other find a way off the streets and out of the cesspool of addiction and the virus of depression and spite. I loved many people there and helped as much as I could.

It has been a truly  wonderful year. The best part is sharing it with all these people and so much more.   And this moment and her laugh on New Years Eve this year was the best.

I put up 450 lbs on Bench press for the the first time in my life at age 50 years old. A huge feet for any age.

In all this, I always hit my knees grateful for God and another chance at life first thing in. The morning. To be who I am no matter where I am and to extend the genuine had of kindnes$s to everyone no matter who they were or where they came from. And do my best to love people for who they are. I always want to present my best image of who I am to the world. Sometimes that is just listing to someone rant.

Always in meditation and prayer. Always and in all this ways.  Always Manifesting Abundance and Property, love and joy. 

Ever single person I met made my lif better and taught me something. 

I hope you all have an amazing 2021.  While the world was hating life, in Chaos and fear. I was living my best year ever and as 2021 arrived I’m excited to see what God has in store for me this year. It already started out wonderful with a kiss from my sweet honey girl, who always and always amazing me at how gentle and kind she is with my heart.

As Lawrence Welk used to say,  “There are good days and there are bad days. This is one of them.” Truly: Life is what you make it.  Make yours the best you can be. It starts with Attitude.

I love this woman. Her outside Beauty is only outmatched by the kindred spirit of her heart.

As I say to her often. That is the path of fear honey. We are not going that way. We are going this way and she smiles and says. Yes. Lets to this way. This is way is the way of  Abundance and Property,  Happiness and Love, Safftey and Security, Justice and Serenity.  I just smile and nod and say yes dear.


I say to her, I say to you the reader the same.

As good friend I have know for 25 years calls me Homer, from the simpsons because Homer is the luckiest man who ever existed. He has won 11 lottories and lived more in the first 13 seasons of shows than any man that ever lived. I prefer to be just Andy.

I never wore a mask and I never got the Covid. I forgot there was even a pandemic for months on end.

Happy New Year! Make it the best year of your life! I know I will, do.

P.s. I typed all this on my phone. Forgive any grammatical or $pelling errors.  I’m human after all… And I’m working with thumbs.  Lol

Love Andy


Cue: Judas Priest, ~Another Thing coming. ~



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  1. Hi Andy! Great post. Lucky you and lucky Honey Girl. Best wishes to you both.

    Since you’ve figured out how to be “emotionally available”, perhaps that’s worth a column. I’m still trying to figure out what that really means. It seems to be partly about being able to communicate emotions. That’s not always natural or clear to many of us. Even when you feel something, the other person may not get it or believe it.

    I do agree that we can’t give too much power to a fear virus. Staying strong and connected will probably render us more immune than a “vaccine”. Getting connected to new people is an art, and some are better at it than others, but all of us have access to God if we choose to.


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