A Quick Note to someone special.

Dear Ex wife number 2. I want to say to you publicly, I value you and appreciate all you brought into my life. I have soo many good memories. You will always and in All ways  be ~ Ms. Divine.~ No other person Have I ever called that name too. I cherish so many things we shared. Besides my first love, I never loved any other person as much as I loved you. Truly. More so than my first love.  I know that you read my page, that is only way your attorney would be able to get my email address. I want to publicly thank you for every thing you brought into my life, even the sorrow and struggles. I hold absolutely nothing against you, what so ever.

I made my amends to you for my part. I forgive you for every single offence or  moment of pain you caused me, now and forever. No matter how big or petty.  Water under the bridge as far as I am concerned. It is my hope that one day you will be able to forgive me for the mistakes I made.

Someone told me the other day you were still very angry with me. Honey, its been 4 years. Please build a bridge and get over it.  You dont want to hang on to that for 20 years. You personally know people who still bitch about some petting thing that happened 30 years ago. It must be miserable.  I never claimed to be perfect. I loved ya as best I can with my whole heart. If I could have done it better, I would have. I cant change the past. I am at perfect peace with all that. I only choose to look and cherrish the wonderful things we shared like going naked wheeling in the Monster Truck, laughing reading books like kids under the covers until the wee hours in the morning together, raising chickens and Saturday night bonfires back in the old place called Narnia. where we could escape the world.  Everything, happens for a reason. I hope one day you will forgive me and not still be talking bad about me like a friend said to me the other day. I only replied, wow, that must be miserable to still be living in that pain. I have been over it for 3 years now. I have complete acceptance. Im sorry you are still hurting and still angry and  hate full towards me. It must suck really bad. I told you a thousands times, all i ever wanted is for you to be happy, feel loved and have whatever you desired in life.  And If I couldnt give it to you, I hoped you would find someone who could.

I just wanted you to know, I still cherrish all those wonderful too many to count like when we sat and drank coffee for 8 hours straight in the 7-11 parking lot that night and forgot we just went there to get a gallon of milk and all sense of time went away and we just talking and smoking present… i have never experienced that with any other person.. and like i said, some of the special things we shared are so sacred i will never tell another. That all I choose to remember about our relationship. I forget all the other stuff going forward. I still pray for you and our adopted daughter every day. I dont think about you every day and i dont want to be with you, Unless for some weird reason GOD put it together. but im not seeking any sort of communication at all. not even maybe.

I hope you find serenity, serenity comes when we stop trying to change the past. I have perfect serenity in my memories of our time together.  It also pains me to hear that you are still suffering from anger about my past mistakes. which i can do nothing about. I cant change the past and neither can you. I just know living in that must suck. I accept Gods forgiveness, I forgive myself and I too am worthy of love, respect and affection. I am not exempt from miracles happening.

I honestly hope you nothing but the best, Health, wellness and prosperity all the days of your life.. and maybe one day you will forgive me and let it all go. not for me, but for you so you don’t have to carry that pain with you anymore. you can be free from it.  I have been free from it for a long time. I don’t hate you or anything. I only hope you the best and am grateful for all you taught me, brought into my life for a few seasons, cherish all the good we shared and treasure all the wonderful intimate close moments i wont mention.

I want you to know that Ms. Divine.  Thank you. For everything.  I’m sorry you are still hurting.


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