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Afternoon, I am Adjusting my schedule to get back into my rhythm.  Sometimes Schedule Displacement is good. Pattern Displacement is how new growth forms.  However, I thrive mo betta, waking up at 4am more so than going to bed at 4am. So my posts will be inching back towards early morning again.

When faced against a Samurai who has sword so sharp it can dice through reality with your simple pen. Do not focus on the sword. Is not the hand that directs the sword greater than the sword itself? Is not the arm that wields the hand   that the directs sword greater? Is not the brain that instructs the arm, that wields the hand, that directs the sword,  greater? Is not the knowledge that orders the brain, that instructs the arm, that wields the hand, that directs the sword  greater? How much greater is the  Heart that sustains everything? and yet,

Even the Fiercest Samurai that ever lived is only “seppuku” without Honor.

A simple pen can create and destroy honor at will.

For what is life without Honor, not just to the Samurai but to those who say they love. Love without Honor is only self-centered fear.  True love Honors even your enemies.

I know from my own experience that all my enemies did was make me stronger and think out side the box.  I greatfull fore that. Plus, Plus, The Big Dude knows what’s up. That is good enough for me.  He speaks softly and carries a really big stick. 🙂

Most people who know me that are close to me, know I very very rarely remember my dreams. Maybe 3 in the last 5 years. However, what most people do not know is every single morning I wake up with a different song playing in my head. Like its my Que or Cue for the day.  From All genera. The weird thing is some of the songs, I don’t ever remember hearing before. I have woken up and heard some song from a Australian Rap Artist playing in my head once. I don’t know how it got there. hahah. I  Had to go look it up .  I have woke up to everything from  The Theme song to Leave it to Beaver playing to  Rich as F by Lil Wayne, and On the road again by Willie Nelson and Like this morning I woke up to 10 seconds to Love by Motley Crue.  I find it super peculiar I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I always wake up to a song, some that I have not heard in decades.  When I do remember my dreams, they are like being there.  Not like oh I’m having a dream. It feels to me when I do remember those dreams that they are more real than reality.

About 9 Months ago I had a dream I remembered. Some know a little about this story. Right there, in the  Sumo Wrestling circle with a bunch of Angels around me all wearing dark business suites and they all had glowing Eyes and halo’s. There was this Hippy looking dude, wearing a Polyester paisley blue and white shirt, blue dungaree sailor bell bottoms and he had on green crocks. He also had a Sailor Dog Dish floating like a zero in the air above his head about 2 feet off the top of it.  I said holy cow, who the hell are you? Don’t you know all the Polyesters were killed in the 70’s. You need to report to Oprah for Make over bro, and pronto. He said, Challenge accepted! And don’t be talking shit to me about my residual self-image. Look at you! I looked down and I was wearing a complete bunny costume and I had Gene Simmons boots on from the 70’s Kiss. I thought what the hell.  I said Challenge? I didn’t Challenge you. Where the heck am I…. then I

Realizing what he said, “Residual Self Image”, I said, Ohhhh so you are the Hippy Sailor version of Morphias from the matrix? He said, You think that’s air your breathing punk? Bring it!!!!  I said Look man, I don’t want to fight ya. I don’t beat up on old hippies. How the hell am I supposed to fight ya in these damn boots. I can barley walk in these. He said you chicken???? I said, whooooaa buddy, don’t be calling me chicken, I aint no chicken.  I will whoop your old hippy ass.

He said you don’t look like no bad ass, More like a chicken bunny to me. That is your residual Self-image. You chose it. I said, I do not even know where I am at. I did not choose this. He you gonna fight Cosmic Chicken Bunny or just crap out eggs for children. I said Im going to whoop your ass Hippy Morpheus. After Im going to prance around the Sumo ring with your Polyester Paisley shirt like a Indian with a scalp! So he runs at me and I step on his foot and then he spins around to hit me with a fist, and I grabbed him and get him in a full nelson. He is choking pretty bad and I whispered in his ear, You just got your ass beat by the Cosmic Chicken Bunny,  Punk.  He gasps… and then I said, probably feels weird when a man in a bunny suit wearing Ace Rocker boots makes ya tingle by whispering in your ear. Then He dislocates his arm, slips out and does a flying round house and kicks me in the Hip. I never seen anything like it. Like some straight up ninja stuff.  I went flying across the Sumo Circle and land on my back.

All the angels in sitting around us stand up and start clapping.

As I’m laying on the ground  looking up holding my hip, over walks  this Big dude who looks like Gandalf with a long white beard, flowing robe and has a walking stick in his hand, he says, quit messing around down there on earth and get busy. I said my hip hurts so bad. He said, it will heal. You could have had me if you were a little more serious in your grip.  I said well… I guess if I see ya again Hippy Morpheus? I’m going to whoop your ass. I won’t let up on my grip again.  He said, how did ya know I was same guy you just fought? I could be someone else. I said, you’re still wearing those stupid green crocks. He lifts his long white robe and says, Ohhh, laughs and says well-done Cosmic Chicken Bunny. You got a keen eye.

As Im still laying on my back The Dude bends down, whispers in my ear, Now get busy and he handed me a gold malt blanc pen.  I said what is this for? He laughs and says, Writing my boy! Writing!  I said writing what? He said, “Sometimes the best answers come from looking at a blank piece of paper. ” ” Just let the pen do the work, like you let the motor move the truck. Now get your ass in gear  and put that grip to work.” I said, Will do.  Then He turned as I was getting up started dancing and I roared laughing. You ever seen a Tall white bearded dude in a robe dancing. It was sooo funny.

And an all the Angels around the sumo ring, started laughing too.

As I was waking up… this song was playing in the back of my mind.


Cue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0


My hip was Physically messed up for 4 months after that dream, I could not even walk for 2 weeks. True Story.



I Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.


Andy aka ~ The Cosmic Chicken Bunny. ~

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  1. “…For what is life without Honor, not just to the Samurai but to those who say they love. Love without Honor is only self-centered fear. True love Honors even your enemies…”

    Epic. I love this and truly resonated deep on a soul level. Just what I need to hear today.

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