Beautiful Day!


What a beautiful day!

My prayer for you the reader is:

Heavenly Father, Cosmic Mother and Wonderful Presence and Friend!

I come before you boldly as a son, asking that you give whomever is reading this Eyes to See, Ears to Hear a Mind of Compression,  a Heart full joy this day. Please let the people who read this  know and feel your presence working in their lives. Let them witness your Divine Synchronicity all around them.  Of those with good intentions and beautiful hearts that you do for them as you have done for me many times and resurrect them from their various issues and problems Remove from them all their difficulties that victory over them, may bare witness of Thy Love, Thy Strength,  Thy Power, Thy way of life!

Remove any barriers they may have and move beyond their current levels of  intuition and inspitiation,  kindness and generosity, love and compassion. 


I also ask,

There is a great unsettling in this world and in the United States of America right  now, I petition you Heavenly Councel to move in a mighty and subtle ways to restore this world to a perfect serenity and abundance. May all who contend against humanities wellness, peace and positive growth fall by their wicked  works and suffer at the hands their own wicked schemes.  Still the toungs of the wicked and set their mouths on fire! An all consuming fire that will burn their whole lives. Confuse the minds of the wicked and evil men and women.  Protect and rescue the innocent children and let the captives go free. That any who would come against Thee fall on their face in shame! Let their plans be seen around the world for what they are. Fill their evil mouths with gravel and blood in the presence of all they have caused to suffer! Especially the innocent children!  May their all their Evil words become incoherent and Babble until they confess their crimes against humanity! That they may turn from their evil ways. 

Raise up Rightouse Warriors of men and women who would not other wise rise up! As champions like those in the time of Legends, Valiant,  Bold and embued with Your Power, to be a voice for the rightouse and champions of Good! Send legions of Angles to destroy the wicked and protect the innocent and restore the United States as it was intended! One Nation Under God! Indivisible with liberty and justice for all!!! 

Divine Order!


Here is two examples of Crimes against Humanity,

It blows me away. The citizens of the United States of America get a $1400 stimulus check and places like the Elite Golf course Big Horn in Palm Desert, Ca. Where people like Beyonce own 40 million dollar homes and Family Members of Pepsi have 25,000 square foot (30 million dollar home) summer homes, with Ferraris and Bentleys in the garage for driving around in only 2 weeks a year,  recive a Bail Out Check from Joe Biden for $10 Million Dollars. Then pass the bill off to pay future taxes to its citizens of over $15,000 per citizen in the United States of America in the form of Future Taxes.

There is something seriously wrong with this Nation and the scales of Justoce of our President and Congress handing out Checks to its citizens who voted them into office to serve them, spending their tax dollars to give a Elite golf course for the super rich $10,000,000 and only $1400 for the starving families. Then having the poor people pay for the Riches Elite Golf Course for manicured lawns.

The absurdity of such things is phenomenal! It makes me sick to my stomache!

It is now a crime to be a law abiding  white man in this country according to our Vice President who screamed  from the pulpet of reform and against police brutality on her Campaign trail now trying pass a  Law giving the same police she shamed,  the ability enter your house without a warrant if “probable cause” is decided by the police on site and take anything they want from your home, including you and place you in jail for probable cause.

The Hypocrisy is maddening! The stench of her words reaches the Highest Heaven.

Vice President Harris said, “The greatest danger to America now is an Armed White Man.”

Ms  Vice President. If it wasn’t for the  Armed White men of this here United States of America???? You would still be a slave! Because it was Law Abiding Armed White men who liberated this country from the Tyranny and excess taxation of The King of England! And it was Law Abiding Armed White Men who Fought and Died to free and liberated the Black Slaves of the South!

By your statement Ms Vice President you dishonor yourself and all those who fought and gave their life so you would have the opportunity to be free and hold office. Shame on you!!!! By your own words Ms Vice President!!  You are aying that those who gave their lives, blood and everything they owned,  so your ancestors could be free died for nothing!!

And now accoring to you we are the enemy??????! The greatest danger to the United States of America???? Have you lost your fucking mind Ms Vice President???

Not the pandemic. Not the drug cartels or the rampant fentanyl problems in our communities  Not poverty or the ever expanding homeless community full of destitute people.  Not the loss of millions of jobs and an unstable economy due to the world largest pandemic with new mutations being born every day. Not the thousands of people who lost their loves because of the pandemic that crippled our nation’s infrastructure and how everything that was surplus in our nation’s wherehouses is vastly reduced and food and other commodities are vastly becoming increasingly rare. Not the every growing divorce rate or the 30% increase in suicide rate in the United States and places in Japan. Not crop failures and global warming!  Not cancer or Aids or anything else.

That is not greatest danger the United States faces,  according to our Vice President!

White dudes are the greatest danger. 

What the fuck???!! Are you crazy Madam Vice President??? You work for an Armed white man. The president is a white dude! Hello?????!!

This is the mindset of our Government Officials. They are not serving their citizens.  They are serving only themselves, the wealthy elite and their wallets and their agendas.  Because they swore an oath to uphold the constitution and serve the people of the United States of America. They ar in contempt against the People of the United States and Humanity as a whole.

God doesn’t see white people or Black people. yellow people or brown people. God sees people and judges them by their heart, actions and meritous acts! We the people of all Nations including White, Brown, yellow no matter the culture,  religion, sect, social or economic status!!!! Make up this Great Country!

To our Sitting President, his vice president,  cabinet and all the members of the House and Senate!!!! You swore an oath!!!! Not to protect just Rich and Wealrhy white people and make sure they have a nice lawn at their private golf resorts, or just to protect black people or yellow or brown. To segregate us and separate us by color again! After all we fought for???? And  to attempt to pass a law where we are not safe in our own homes!  At any given moment without notice the police can come in and take anything they want even us and put us in Jail if they decide to!

To give the wealthy elite millions of dollars for manicured lawns at a private golf resort for only the wealthy Elite! And measly little  check for $1400 if you are poor and lower middle class and then charge us all $15,000 in future taxes for our children to pay!!!!!

Is a disservice to your office, breaking your oath! A disservice to Humanity as a Whole and giving a Black Eye on the People of the United States of America in whome you were trusted to hold our best interests at heart!

And to criminalize White people who have done absolutely nothing wrong?!!!

All your doing is creating division and segregation, separating the people of the United States on every front!

The United States of America is to be a model  of Unity for the world. A place where  every citizen is afforded an equal opportunity no matter the difference.  It was meant to be a New World. Where its leaders were to be Trusted servants of its people! To create an environment of prosperity! Where the Spiirit of Unity and togetherness  would overcome our differences. THIS Country founded on the premise that we as a people would embrace our differences in culture and together be the Light of Liberty to  the World. A Shining example of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Liberty and Justice for All to the rest of Humanity!!!

The United States of America was designed for one purpose,

To be A Becon of Hope and Equality of  Humanity to the rest of world!

And all you are doing is discrediting that, separating us by our differences and destroying at every front,  that spirit of Unity, Brother ans Sisterhood,  the Light of the World.

You are in contempt against Humanity and the People you sworn to serve!

All you have done since your swore an oath in office , is the opposite of that oath!

And that my friends is Treason!


Hope you all have a wonderful day!  I know I will. Much love!

Cue: ~ I can see Clearly Now ~

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Day!”

    • Thanks. not sure how much of a voice I have. Between Hank, Rj, and you and a few close friends who text me every now and then. I think I have a total of 12 people who read my site. I dont honestly dont know. I have no way of knowing who reads my words. God knows the Purpose of this website and will do what He feels it’s supposed to do. My job is to write and do my part. The rest is obviously above my pay grade which is very minuscule and has been for a while. Hahah. So we shall see.

      I was just advise to do this. So that is what I’m doing and not to quit before the miracle happens. Which the Miracle is happening now. Its always happening because I by all rights shouldn’t even be here to write anything. If I stayed dead the first time I died? I wouldn’t have ever been born. So, it’s all a gift. I am always grateful to be bold and secure in God.

      Not that I dont have my moments where I struggle with financial and personal relationships. I am human after all. It is part of the deal. Hopefully this site will be come bigger than me. Because I’m not that big of deal.

      Everything all these stories?! Everyone should be living the same way and doing more than I am.

      • Andy, I have a greenhouse. A wonderful greenhouse that grows about 15 times the amount of food we consume in my house. Talk about abundance? That would be the vegetables coming out of my greenhouse!

        Every year I start the grow season with no more than a couple of tablespoons of seed. Tomatoes, Squash, Carrots, Onions, Peppers, Corn, Egg Plant, Broccoli, Okra, Beans, Watermelon (etc), and just an incredible amount of blessings manifest from what started out as a tablespoon of seed.

        We freeze dry some, can some (tomatoes), and then by July our pantry is full so we have friends & neighbors come over and harvest & take the rest. Every year I’m amazed at the thousand of pounds of vegetables that result from a tablespoon of seed. 5 Loaves and 2 Fish? Happens all the time right in front of our noses!

        You worry about only 12 readers? I’d estimate they would fit in a Tablespoon, maybe two.

        • Truly wonderful! Thank you for reminding me it’s the little things that do big things.

          I dont rightly know how many readers I have. I guess that doesnt really matter. I appreciate the comments. I don’t know if people how to take me. Or if they are shy or something else.

          And maybe the point isnt getting a bunch of readers. Maybe there is a whole nuther reason for me doing this tha I havent considered. I have alot to write up, however I got other stuff to get done today as well.

          What a wonderful blessing to hear about your Garden. Truly remarkable. maybe my little website will produce half as much abundance as your gardening due season. Hopefully produce an editor. Hahahahah because I type most of this up using my thumbs. Hahahaha. Damn tiny little buttons and big money hands. Hahahah.

          I best get to the gym and go find a job or something. I need to make some money. Lol have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by

    • And I need an editor and a website manager. Lol. And mullah to pay off stuff and I need to move again soon. To a better location. Inspite of all the wonderful spirits or ghosts in the house. Hahab

      So I’m sure God will provide all that. Alot of the time I spend being patient. Lol

  1. OMG, Andy, you brought me to tears! I wanted to say “Amen… So be it” to your missive, and then the song… Johnny Nash. That song brought me out of a black, suicidal depression back in 1972 during Vietnam when I was in the Army. Nearly killed myself, but a tiny little voice inside said ‘Not yet! I want to live.” I can see clearly now.

    • Awwee Man! I’m happy you decided to live. Me too. So we can maybe make a little difference in this world my brother.

      Vice President Kamala Harris’ adult niece Meena made the “disgusting” claim in a now-deleted tweet that “violent [W]hite men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

      I heard it was a direct quote from Vice President Harris from a friend in High Places. Twitter deleted it really fast because you know, Twitter works for the DNC. It’s one of their media machines. That is why I’m not on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or any of that..

      Would it build my website buisness if I was? Yes!

      However, I hear selling your soul to the Devil is a good way to make your record albums go Platinum too.

      My soul is not for sale. I already willed it back to its maker. So it belongs to Him. I can’t sell what isnt mine to sell.

      Here is the link:

      On another note,

      Found a super good spot on the beach to write my book. I’m gonna call them in a minute. hopefully I can some how come up with first last and deposit. Its perfect. one bedroom with an little office. I love it hope and pray I can get it. I can afford it on unemployment. Which was approved for another year. Just coming up with the deposit and last months rent may be an issue. Still,
      Phil 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

      I know that is true. Wouldn’t be here if it wasnt.


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