Pure Gold!

This stuff was developed by DARPA for US Special Forces. It is my understanding that a couple Navy Seals bought the pattons from the government. What it does is when you drink it your body goes into a state of Ketosis within an hour.  Which stabilizes your insulin levels. By doing so your body feels …

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Miracle pine tree.

I saw this picture in the most random place on the net. It was in an article that had nothing to do with the picture at all. So I screen shot it. About 3 weeks ago. Note the Palm trees and exotic beaches and a simple pine tree on the left in the image.  It …

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FYI: Grade A.

I listed 35 Hits (Successful and accurate Predictions, and I owned a few that were wrong.) for The Zero Report issue #0. You can find The list of Hits and supporting Data links, in  Drop down Menu on this Site. There is still much that is on ~The Zero Report ~ Issue #0 as it …

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I am

Ο A bit under the weather. So, I’m going back to bed.  Apparently it’s time for me to stay home and rest. Sometimes I think God lets me get sick,  so I slow down a little and let everything catch up.  Lol Hope you all have a great day. Andy


I was talking to a friend who I thought had died a while back.  He has really bad cancer. Ended up in a coma for 7 months in a hospital.  I was the first person he called as soon as he came out of it. I was really grateful to hear he was still alive. …

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Lucky the Cat

I was thinking this morning about when I first started working as Casino Inspector oh about 16 18  years ago now.. I been back to Trucking for 10 years now. The first day on the Job I was talking to my new boss who took me out to lunch  to shoot the shit. I was …

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Wonderful Whirled

Sorry for my absence, sometimes I just like to listen for a while. About 6 months ago, I saw the finest display of “Love” I have seen in a while.  I went with a friend to one of his friends house who invited us both over for a BBQ. My long time friend had the …

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