New Podcast

Is available in the drop down menu under podcasts.  This will be my last podcast for a while. It takes so much out of my personal energy to write ~The Zero Report ~ and Editions It’s really hard on my physical body and consumes vast personal biological resources to maintain that state of meditation/awareness for …

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A new podcast is available.  As it relates a new turn of events at this juncture in “time” to ~The Zero Report ~ Edition I. The first Edition will become available no later than tomorrow. Each Person who purchases the report will be afforded one vote per edition purchased to select between two equally weighted …

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New podcast available

Located in the drop down menu, under podcasts. Multiple topics and it covers a theory have months 4th and 5th worlds. It should work on apple and other products. Please,  Let me know what ya if it works. Thanks in advance!   Andy  

FYI: Grade A.

I listed 35 Hits (Successful and accurate Predictions, and I owned a few that were wrong.) for The Zero Report issue #0. You can find The list of Hits and supporting Data links, in  Drop down Menu on this Site. There is still much that is on ~The Zero Report ~ Issue #0 as it …

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Spirit Walker.

My good buddy Hank nicknamed me that. He is the first person who has ever called me that and I had never heard of it before that.  Which is odd because I have spent the last 20 years devouring vast quantities of information all things spiritual, estoic, reading every know and mostly unknown religions that …

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~ Miracles ~

Still happen.  I noticed something the other day, some people just love ya. They know better than ya think they do. Everyone wants to date the playboy bunny until ya date one. She is good chicks and I can’t say anything bad about her. I told her we are just friends. We are gonna hit …

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It is my hope

These stories inspire you to find your own definition of The Creator, be the miracle you are and create miracles in others lives. This isnt about self glorification.  I care two shits about that. It is my hope that you find The Dude in these stories and with Him, change the world in someone’s life. For …

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