Cindyloo my inspiration.

There is this late 80s old lady (she may be in her 90s she is pretty up there. ) that lives across the street from me. She lives by her self with her 2 little dogs and a big cat.

I see her every morning just kicking ass. I have only spoke to her 3 times just a few sentences. All the fellas in the house never said much to her. One younger fella was just out here on the porch and he says, Many that little old lady is a gangsta. Look at her out there running a weed whacker and pushing a wheel barrel full of stuff she pruned off some of her bushes.  Her yard is so lush full of flowers and just beautiful. I seen her grab like 6 bags of groceries with one hand and grab something with the other. I asked her if she needed help. She thanks for asking sonny. I got it. She has a little car like my ex the SHG. Which I’m still having a hard time letting go of. The heart wants what the heart wants. However,  I need to focus on something else and be taking action. Time marches on and I’m not looking in the rearview mirror.

I got a plan, THE DUDE has a plan. THE DUDE has the best plan. So I’m going with THE DUDES plan.  Cant go wrong with that. I cant even make a mistake big enough for THE DUDE to not provide for me. Its arrogant to think so.  THE DUDE loves me and it’s only out of HIS goodness that HE gives me good things. No other reason. There are no mistakes in THE DUDE’S plan not even mine.

That little old lady doesnt have a lazy bone in her body. I never seen her not smile. Not one time in the 5 months I been living her. Every time I see her she is smiling and singing. Out in her yard digging holes and planting flowers with a shovel singing some silly song to herself and smiling.

She touches my heart every time I see her and she has probably has no idea. She touches all the men on my houses hearts. One of the dudes said to me the other day. You ever see her not smiling or singing? I said well I been here 5 months now and no, I have never not once seen her not smile and singing. Now she is running an edger on the grass around the sidewalk. pushing it and scraping up the edging with a flat head shovel into a wheel barrel. She never ceases to inspire me and  she has no idea she inspires me daily. She doesnt even know I see her always smiling and singing. Working her ass off around her house. Just being herself.

No matter how grumpy I am in the morning and no matter how upset about life stuff. Every time I see her out there just pruning and weed whacking, using an old school push mower, planting flowers or messing around in her garden singing and smiling it just turns my whole morning attitude around.

I dont even know her name. One of my roommates calls her Cindyloo. I said why Cindyloo? He said because nothing gets Cindyloo down not even the Grinch stealing Christmas. I laughed so hard.

So every morning I wake up and come out on the porch to do my morning ritual and I see her out there because she gets up earlier than me, i whisper Good morning Cindyloo. Thank you for just being you. She doesnt hear me. But that doesnt matter. THE DUDE does.

I thank God for her every day.  She isnt very physically attractive to me. However,  Cindyloo is probably one the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.  No doubt about that. She is one of my heroes in life.  And she doesnt even know it. 

Cue: ~A bushel and a pack

And a hug around the neck

Doris Day.

Have a wonderful day!

Just Andy

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