Cowboy up!

7I been meaning to write for a while. I have so many stories, I’m not sure which ones to tell or not. Some stuff is just between me and God. Ive participated in so many Miracles and witnessed so many in this life, I couldnt possibly write them all and I don’t think its good to tell all of them even if I could.

In my late 20’s I used to be an amateur street Minister up on Capitol Hill in Seattle and down on Pike street and the market for a few years. Alot of times it was just praying for people, stoping fights and feeding the Homeless evey Saturday night with a few other fellas from 10pm to 4am. Life got busy and babies were being made and it kinda went by the way side after 3 years or so.  We even took some youth groups from churches with us to pray for people etc. Etc.W

When i bought my first house at age 26, I used to drag people off the streets and put them on detoxs, rehabs and many of them stayed on my couch for a night or two and occasionally for a month or two.

Alot of the time,  I found myself  saying, shut up and get in the truck, we are saving your life and you wanna argue about it. Then they would get in the truck and we pray together and Id do whatever we decided was best.

Funny, I was taking to a friend the other day and they said remember that Time we pick up that homeless girl in the Alley behind Neighbors the Gay bar and took her to an AA dance and pawned her off on a couple ladys there. I said oh yeah.  I never saw her again.   He said, 3 years later I seen her celebrating 3 years sober at am AA meeting.  she was married and pregnant, got an accociates degree at the community college and they just bought their first home. She didn’t remember me. She said 2 angels in a beat up old Chevy truck saved her life.  I laughed. Angels? Hardley. Hahahha

He laughed and said, I will never forget the look her face when you looked her in the eyes and said, look mam, ya gonna fish or cut bait?  Shut up an get in the truck. We are here to save your life. You don’t get pick who shows up to answer your prayers. Your not a princess and I’m not your fucking prince. So you ain’t getting a limo. You get a beat up old chevy truck and two half crazy sober Christians.

She just stood there with her jaw hanging open and you laughed and said you gonna catch flys if ya do keep doing that.  Then She just threw her back pack in the back and got in the truck. Then ya started praying and she started balling her eyes out. Snot running out her nose.  After praying ya handed her a blue shop paper towel and  said, sorry I’m a little rough around the edges but we mean well and you are safe. We are trying to help ya. We won’t harm a hair on your head. Then we took her to a clean and sober dance introduced her to some good women there and once they started yacking away with women talk? We snuck out the back door. Hahahahha. I never saw her again. But he did at her 3 year sober Birthday.

One fella, I found living in an elaborate card board box set up with a blue tarp told me he had brain cancer, no family and no friends that could help. His name was Markus. He said, I don’t know what to do. Nobody can help me. I prayed to God every night for help. I said you hungry? He said, I haven’t ate in 3 days.  Yes sir I’m hungry! I don’t have any money tho.  I said let’s get some food. First let me pray for ya. He said please and started crying. After I prayed with him he said wear we going I don’t have much but what I got I don’t want to get stolen. I said Today God answers your prayers, this is the last time you sleep in a card board box that much I know.  grab your shit and let’s eat.

I took him home and cooked him dinner and my buddy Kirk got home and I introduced him.  Then I turned to him and said shower is clean I got some clothes for ya. Don’t worry dude. We’re your family now.  After he ate and took a shower I set up some blankets and a pillow on the green couch. I said you can eat and drink whatever ya want, here is a pack of smokes since your bumming mine. Just dont steal from me or him. That will get your ass whooped.  If ya want it? Just ask. He said I won’t steal from ya. Thank you so much. As I turned to go to bed, He said you a preacher? I said nah man.  I’m just a sinner saved by grace like you and Kirk.  Kirk laughed and nodded his head. In the morning I will take ya to the doctors and we will see what they say about your brain cancer.

In the morning I took him to the doctors. He didn’t have any ID or even a birth certificate. They didn’t want to see him. So I pulled out my debit card and said I will pay for it. We just need to know where he is at with the cancer. We are gonna get all that and get him on state insurance. But he has cancer so we need to know how bad.

They ran some tests, the doctor came in and said it’s really bad. He maybe has a month left to live.  Markus  cried. The doctor said, I dont think chemo would do anything except just make him sick and he needs insurance to do all that. I said ok.

On the way home I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere. Anywhere. He said anywhere? I said yeah dude.  Anywhere.   He paused for a moment and said, ya know I always  wanted to see the light house over fort casey. His fondest memory was there with his Mother when she was alive. So I took him. That was the first time I saw him ever smile. One of only 2 times I ever seen him smile. We just sat there at the light house and he cried, told me about his Mom and then told some funny stories and we laughed.

When we got back home, I told him you can stay here as long as ya want. Eat and drink what ya want. Just don’t steal anything and pick up after yourself. He said are you sure? You helped me enough already. I said yeah dude it’s cool. Its the least I can do.

I prayed with him, took him to the races at skaget speedway, fishing twice and to meetings because he was an alcoholic like me. He was always nice, said please and Thank you.  Cleaned the house and sometimes just slept all day. Cancer is an ass kicker. I know Kirk helped him alot and took him to do stuff too.

About a month later I came to say good morning, I was heading to work. He made sure coffee was done every morning for me when I got up for work.  His way of helping and doing something to be part of the home. There was a note that said, Thank you so much for being the answer to my prayers. I don’t know if I ever truly  loved anyone besides my mother.  Thank you for loving me when I didnt think God even know who I existed. Honestly, I never believed in God until I met you. I know there is a God now. I seen Him in you. You and Kirk. I will never forget you.    Love Markus.

I went in to see if he was up, he usually was when I got up to ask for some smokes or when I’d be off and what I was doing after work or if Kirk was gonna be around later.

I found him laying on the couch, eyes closed with his arms folded over his heart. He had passed away. I sat on the coffee table by him. And I realized that was the second time I had ever seen him smile. I put my hand on his wrist. He was stone cold and white as a ghost. He had been dead for a while.  No pulse. I said, I will never forget you too brother. Go in peace. Then all the lights in the entire house came on all at once. The blinds on the slider door swayed and then all the lights went back to normal a few moments later.

I went out and smoked a cigarette, then called 9-11 and they came and got him. I told them his name and said I knew him well. He had late stage cancer.  He doesn’t have anything and he said he didnt have any living  relatives.  My roommate and I were the only family he has. If ya have any questions. Please give me a call and I gave them my number. They called and asked what to do with him. So I said have him cremated, and I’d pay for it.


I went got some money and paid them.  When I picked him up  I prayed and sat in on the truck for a while. Wasn’t sure what to do with him.   Then, I took his ashes to the light house over by Fort Casey on Whidbey island and said a little prayer  Then I said you are free now.  No more pain or sickness.  Go be with your mother and relive your fondest memory. I spread his ashes there. Got back in the truck and left. Never looked back.

Ya see, I done alot of stuff like this in my life and I don’t really tell anyone. God knows. That is enough for me.  Probably over 400 people slept on that green couch. I don’t know how many. Atleast 400+. Markus was just one of them.  He is the only one who died on it.  Many people went on to live their lives and get carrers, educations, clean and sober, start families, etc etc. Never saw them again.

I just am so grateful I could help someone have a better life and was a benifit to them. That they were better off for knowning me. And I was Not just someone passing by ignoring them or worse looking down on them as if better.  Ya never know. I met a few angels doing stuff like that. No doubt about that.

Ya know what? Kirk still does that stuff.  Hasn’t stopped doing that for 20 years. He is working two jobs and supporting 4 people. He never complaines, its just what he does.

The reason. I moved from an area where a Quarter of the Nations wealth goes on vacation between October and May. To go live in the basement of run down house held together by duct tape and zip ties.  Is you could feel the magic of Love radiating from the sidewalk from that house. That house was soooo full of love, laughter and people coming and going in out all the time, just full of life giving energy, compassion, acceptance and the wordless language of empathy.T

Thatand I went see about a girl. I knew I would meet her but I didn’t know who she was.   I had to let her go recently. I had a hard time with that. Rally hard time. I really liked her. I fell madly in love with her. She is a good woman.  Really good woman. Can’t say a bad thing about her. She just ain’t ready and I got my feelings hurt pretty bad recently. So I gave her over to God and moved on. Best I could do.  Sometimes the best thing ya can do is let someone go..

Occasionally Ihear that Magic isn’t real. Its all an illusion. Well I will tell ya what, That house that looked it was gonna fall down at any minute and the deck was so rotten and holes all over it, you were nervous waking on it. Nobody ever fell through the deck though.

Still, You could feel the power of love raditating from the house on the sidewalk.  And you could often hear the laughter in your car from a block away. Many People got healed there. Music always playing. Coffee always on, somebody up to greet ya with a smile, cup of coffee and a cigerette at every hour day or night. Sunday morning waffles with Salena at the stove.  The Vanilla Gorilla running around in his speedos doing big time wrastling moves and then trying to give ya a hug.  And everyone smiling and laughing, taking shit and being a family.

Funny how I never felt that at any big giant church with marble floors and high dollar pews. I don’t feel that at any hospital I ever been too or fancy cathedral.

The house got sold and that was my cue to move back to Seattle.  Kirk was just renting it. It was a sad day and a damn shame. Some house flippers bought it. I’m sure they have no idea what that house was or what it had been for so many people. And We all had to move.

I tell ya what, More people got saved, healed and delivered from all kinds of addictions, alcoholism, homelessness, all sorts of stuff and more miracles happen T that house than I imagine at most other places on earth. You wouldn’t know by looking at it. But everyone could feel it.

If ya ever asked Kirk who’s house it was. He made no bones about it and prompltly would say, This is Gods house! Not mine. I’m just the custodian. Kirk is one of my hero’s in life.

Just like my first house. The first day I walked in my first house. I got on my knees, said thank you God, this is your house. You do with as you see fit. We sure did alot of miracles in that house too.  Some of the best times in my life.  Hell, Pat even saved my life there when I willed my soul back to its maker in the garage because of my PTSD. That was NDE #9. I’m up to 12 now. Hahaha God ain’t done with me yet.

Now, I don’t know who needs to hear this but I was told to mention this in this blog tonight. This saying has saved my life more than a few times. So listen,

Cowboy up!

Just Andy.

Cue: ~ Tennessee Whiskey ~

Chris Stapleton

Clique 116!

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