Echo’s in Manifestation.

Recently I wrote an article titled Wings to fly.  ~It is one thing to Fly it is another to Help someone else discover their wings. ~


Here is some of the preliminary echo’s of manifestation results. Real live evidence that the system works. And is like a Boeing 777 Dreamliner comparatively to a tricycle.

The following day, I went to the Quest casino  in Spokane with $20.

Once I got down to the very last spin a $2.50 bet, I won a bonus round and in that bonus round I hit a Jackpot for $1900

While they were taking my identification to pay my jackpot WINninGS.

I sat down at another bank of machines and put $100 in and hit another Jackpot. In, fact I hit 5 jackpots in a row in under an hour and a half.

See the images below.

After winning the 5th Jackpot, which i will not show how much it was.  I promptly left. The Casino floor supervisor offered me a room to stay the night in as a guest. She said in all her time working at the casino  over 20 years, she had never seen anyone hit 5 jackpots in a row in under an hour and a half. I promptly told her that I would never return her to this casino to gambling again as she counted out my 5th Jackpot and I promptly left.

In return, I  gave $100 to every single person in my house (7 people) for Christmas. I also gave $300 to the Union Gospel Mission. I also gave $200 to my girlfriend, and I drove around Spokane for 2 hours giving $20 bills to every homeless person I saw.  Over $800 worth of $20 bills before I spent single dime on me or my bills. Natale had to tell me to get something for myself because it never occurred to me to spend any of it on me except paying my bills. Thanks Natale, I love my headphones. hahaha.

as she says often, You are always the last person you think of Andy.

Not only that, I received a job offer making $64.90 an hour the next day after making one call to my old boss. They weren’t hiring and he passed my name on to another company my phone number.  The owner of the other company immediately called me and offered me the job on the  phone after about a 5 minute conversation. I didnt ask my old boss to pass on my name and number. I  did call him back and thanked him for passing on my name and number.

Later that day, I went to Seattle and I went get my Car Tabs renewed and I had $1900 in outstand Toll charges. So, I called the number and talked to the Toll people. The fella on the phone says, You know its hard times for everyone with the Corona Virus and  everyone is out of work. How about you pay me $85 right now and I will wipe the rest of these toll charges off your account. Which I promptly paid.


The next morning I found a winning scratch ticket on the ground in the parking lot of a store when I was going in to buy some toiletries for $100. I looked around and nobody was in the parking lot. I waited  30 minutes and nobody was came to the parking lot.


2 days later, I received a Christmas card with $140 in it.  The very next day, I got an email that I had over paid an old utility bill  from 8 years ago and was owed $297. How Odd that I had overpaid a bill that much. They only asked where to send the money to.


All from following the instructions that I wrote in that article.  I am not here advocate gambling or boast by any means. It is merely to prove that they system I wrote in that article is sound and works very very well.  For Demi station purposes. I will try to include a portion one of my Theme Songs that I sang… to manifest my desires. This is just the first wave.  The pre echo’s to much larger waves.

lengths of time in manifestation depend entirely upon surrendering fear and how well you are working with energy.  However, as you can see the system does work. Ask my friend Nina who manifested a job, a relationship and a house within a month following the same instructions.


A portion of the Theme song.


The instructions on how to create your own theme song are listed in the previously mentioned article linked above.

Please let me know how your results come out.

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas. Remember, You can’t out give God. There is a system that  Creation works with. Use it or don’t. Flow with it or not. Look your wings and either fly or stand there and just look pretty. I would highly suggest you fly. We dont work against creation, we work with it to get what we desire. Working harder has nothing to do with it.  Most people just don’t know how creation works.



Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, ~Big and Rich~


Clique 116!

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