Fyi: ~The Zero Report ~ Edition (I)

Edition I. Is now available to purchase in the link below the banner for $45.00. It is 37 pages long and includes some of the raw data I get.

The Latest Copy can be found by selecting the  Phi avatar, Aka Golden Mean.

~The Zero Report ~  Issue 0. Is now available for a reduced price at $24.00 at the same link.

Under the Circle with a dot Avatar aka “Alchemy Symbol for Gold”.

A lot of info between now and 2025. Some as far out as 2061.

I worked really hard on this. I’m exhausted. I am going to bed.

Good night.




5 thoughts on “Fyi: ~The Zero Report ~ Edition (I)”

  1. I must have mixed up a link because all I downloaded was the original report again not the new one. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Sorry to hear about that. I will email you. If you purchasd the wrong report I will look. The finalcially most important part of the report to me is is the 20% donation to the Union Gospil Mission. So your purchase of Issue 0. Will be enough to cover that 20% and I will take financial hit of the difference on me and i will email you your copy Edition (I).

      Even though I need the money, those down at the gospil mission have it worse than me. So they get paid first.

      Give me an hour.

    • Fits. Thank you. Although less than 10% of the data in my reports comes from the internet. Over 90% comes from paying attention to the grid around me, reading it as it flows, experiencing it and through meditative means. Besides my dedicated time in the morning for meditation, I drift in and out of meditatove state all day. Sometimes I’m not even aware that I am doing so. Probably a large reason of why I can see the moving symbols in nature. Lol

      Have a wonderful day. Besides getting Anne her copy? I’m turning my phone off the rest of the say. I need a digital detox. Lol.


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