FYI: Grade A.

I listed 35 Hits (Successful and accurate Predictions, and I owned a few that were wrong.) for The Zero Report issue #0. You can find The list of Hits and supporting Data links, in  Drop down Menu on this Site.

There is still much that is on ~The Zero Report ~ Issue #0 as it covers a wide range of countries and events many that are still pending in the Future.  Many of the reasons I was wrong was due to my inaccuracy in translation of Locality. Overall summary is that the report is thus far running at 94.8% accuracy. I Honestly do not know what the industry average is for percentage of accuracy in  predicting the future trend analysis is.  Say, Comparing ~The Zero Report~ against others reports sch as an Bot Alta Reports accuracy or another Venue. Not to pick on the Alta Reports, they ha a lot of good predictions. I just dont know anyone else who does reports. lol And I dont know if there is an industry bell curve? for grading?

However, as was stated, The Zero Report is currently running at 94.8% accuracy with my ability at foreseeing the future.  There is room for improvement. It is my hope that Edition # (I) is 100% as I have assessed where i went wrong on localities at understanding the Unfolding Abstract Potential. Have to tune my brain a little more. LOL

According to What Grade is 94.8% Accuracy is letter grade of A.  Found here.

I strongly believe in integrity. Strongly! If I am wrong? I will point it out and own that shit! I will also address where and the why the error occurred. I am not going to make some bullshit excuses and blow them up anyone’s ass.  I will own that shit.

MY 2 biggest problems in translating the data are:

#1. My assesment of Locality. In more than a few cases, I got the event right but not the locality.

#2. Pure ignorance on the topic. I was completely unaware that Russia was not already occupying the Ukraine. I honestly do not watch Television News. I spend about 3 hours a week looking at the news online. Including reading Urban Survival. I get my news from there and a couple other sites. I don’t get most of  data online. Like the error with the NCAA Basketball prediction. I don’t watch TV or sports.

So, I am an ignorant idiot when it comes to such topics.  Mostly, I honestly don’t care about sports.

So there is some work to do for me, places to improve. Good! I need to know what I don’t know I’m missing and know where my errors are so I can address them.

Since this is my first attempt at selling reports, I will take the A. However, as was said, that is the Current grade, there is still much to unfold.

I will be working on my Podcasts, which can also be found in the drop down menu, and A New Zero Report Edition (I) will be out hopefully be out by the end of this weekend. It will be listed  for purchase at the top of the website along with other previous issues.  issue #0 is available now for a reduced price since we have already had 38 hits on it, 35 of which I have listed.

I streamlined so it should be easier to Navigate. I will continue to post readable Blogs, Sell Transcripts of the Future or “reports” and I am adding Podcasts into the mix. I am going to try to do some networking with a few places such as Zero Hedge, Steve Quayle’s website to see if we can trade Listings on our sites to get a little more traffic on here. I also have a few other ideas to get my website name out there a little more. I am really good at networking.

as was stated in my first Podcast, Fuck Youtube! I’m switching to Daily Motion for my music cues.

Have a wonderful Day! I know I will.

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

Cue: ~ Buy me a Boat ~

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