Good sign

Found these. Havent seen them in years, just the name is Magical, † Lucky Strike Golds.

Since one of my many nicknames is: Lucky. Its tattooed on me . 

Remember: ~The meaning of life is nuts, bolts and screws. ~

Righty Tighty,  lefty Lucie.

Right? Write! Rite? Wright? Write Right!


“Right turn clyde!”

From the movie Anywhich way but loose,

Also remember: I am using creation template on my site as was mentioned within the comments on the first page.

If you have forgotten what that template is or do not know how it works I will provide you with a brief summery here:

All complexity is simplicity inverting within itself and exploding outward in Torus or spiral fashion using itself as a template. It is emotion that accelerates the swing of the Arch. Negative charged emotion draws in and positive charged emotions propell outward.

Think of this world as a grid like a chess board. All chess pieces move in spiral formation. Thow the Arch is more prominent of the Knight than that of the Pawn, still all chess pieces move in spiral formation. The mind spirals in response to those movements.

The Fibonacci spiral draws in. The Krystal Spiral propels outward. Never the less that is the template for life in the Milkey Way Galaxy. Also dont forget that sometimes a spiral can be seen as a circle,  a flower, a door, a wave, a frequency and even a life. It is only in added dimension that it can be viewed properly.

Breath of life is a twin spiral function. As the air swirls when it is inhaled through the esophagus and swirls the alternate direction as it is exhaled.

All complexity is simplicity inverting within itself and exploding outward in spiral form using itself as a template.

Understanding the future is no different when you use the same template. We note “new events” in complexity as they beggin to replicate on their own through pre echos prior to the “event” as they form as events, as they free themselves in autonomy and start  inverting and exploding entities as holons. A piece and the whole simultaneously.

Phenomenal reality and the sentient being with in are much the same. It takes information in as sensory and reacts or chooses to move through phenomenal reality as it explodes out to further know itself. Same rules apply.

Moving forward.

No further comment until the edition I. finished.

Infinitely Now!

Just Andy

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