Ha ha ha ha ha!

I’m down at the Mukilteo Beach. I got out to go to touch the waves. I stood there next to a Tibetan Mon . No shit. A real Tibetan Monk wearing all the Tibetan monk stuff.

I physically touched the wave with my hand and sprinkled the water on my face and all the sudden the Tibetan was standing next to me. Crafty little dude. I didnt even hear him walk up. We are on a gravel beach and I’m hyper aware. I opened my eyes and he was standing right next to me. Full monk outfit except he was wearing Government issued combat boots. Monk hair cut and all that..

He said you drop something? I looked down and this was on the ground next to me.

Wasnt there before. I said that is not mine. But I find weird shit all the time. He said of course you do. Then walked away.

As I was walking back to my car I saw an older couple had parked next to me at the beach since I went to the water. Easy Late 80’s

There were making out like a couple of teenagers on homecoming. When I got to my car I looked over and  it looked they about to get busy. Like a couple of kids. And its 12:22 pm and the whole place is packed.

I laughed and the dude rolled down the passenger window that the old lady was on and mind your buisness young man! We been married 63 years!

It is mating season! Its spring. The grand cycle of birds and bees and the flowers and the trees. Spring is the season of sex!

Even if ya been married 63 years. Hahhhhahhaha!

I said yes sir! You too have fun now. They laughed and started going at it again. So I moved to a different spot to post this..

Pretty weird and pretty Awesome! Hahahaha!

Now what does the damn eraser mean? Why a Tibetan monk in GI boots who snuck up on me like a ninja???


Y’all come back now ya hear!



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