I lost all my email passwords all my contacts. I just changed most of my stuff passwords changed.. I did loose all the contacts I made since i went to Alaska tho. ugh

Kirk, can you email me your phone number at Steenbergandy@gmail.com and anyone else who’s phone number went in the shitter. And Selena, i been seeing alot of green cars like yours lately.  I been praying for ya. every where I go I see the same car as your little green car. Hope you are okay.

email me your number too chick.

P.S. i am not on any social media platforms. aka Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or what’s up or twitter or linkened or any of that other shit anymore. not that i was on snap chat before.  only 12 year olds use snap chat. lol 


so if ya message me on that shit? i wont get it. lol

hope to get this all resolved next couple days.




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