Game Over.

I Quit.


Good bye to you all. Thanks reading and listening. For now, I am done.  I have my reasons. Sometimes ya have to loose to win.

~The only way to beat the game is to not play. ~

Good luck to you all.  The cost is to high to continue. I will post no more predictions.  Anywhere on Any Site and I won’t be returning to any of the usual sites.

I will keep my knowledge of the Future to myself. It’s not my job to tell everyone the future. Its my job to trust God, clean house and serve others. Keep doing the work I have been doing.  I will use my knowledge of the future to help those close around me. Everyone else. Will have to figure it out on their own. All the best to you and yours.

I’m going to go get a job and have a normal life. Make a helluva lot more money than I made at this. Lol.

I could make a fucking fortune if I continue! Be soooooooo rich and wealthy. I could have a life most would never dream possible.

However,  I serve the Highest GOD, aka. ~The DUDE ~ and with a thought, HE could give me that life anyway.

I seen some stuff  writing the new report. And I just got crushed by someone I deeply loved, so its not worth it. There is more to love than the internet. Lol

Like Fishing and Catching (I actually like catching better than fishing),  hunting, shooting, the gym, prayer and meditation,  dating a beautiful woman, and a simpler life of presence, love and connection. And helping others find their way.  Which is super rewarding.

Plus I like just being Andy. Not some freak who can see the future.  When people around me find out I can see the future??!!! They trip the fuck out and dont wanna hang out anymore. Look at me wierd as shit. I like being just a regular fella. Its lonely when everyone osctisizes ya for being able to see the future.  Or they call ya some clever name or look at ya like your some kinda Demi God or they look for ways to trip ya up to keep ya humble. Like dude just because I’m gifted doesnt mean I’m not humble. Lol stop trying to fuck me up because you feel insecure. Lol

My heart got broken again. Ugh. So fuck it! I quit! I’d rather find love and connection and presence than see the future in ultra 4k with 100% accuracy. What good is it if all it does is make me lonely.  Fuck that! I wanna have some fun. Lol

I have millions of stories like the ones I wrote on here.

They will be between ~THE DUDE ~ the person I helped and me. I talked to HIM today a few moments ago and HE said, ok. Let’s go a new direction.

It has been a pleasure to talk to all of yo . It is my greatest hope you all do the great work and be the answer to someone’s prayer In someone else’s life. To be their miracle like I have millions of times.  And that you find that unique relationship with ~THE DUDE ~ I have found.  Which gets more and  more wonderfully Amazing each and every day.  I’m always put of bed excited to see what HE has in store for me that day.

On the other side then.

Clique 116!

Infinitely NOW!


Just Andy

8 thoughts on “Game Over.”

  1. And now you know why Nostradamus wrote in riddles. I understand your pain and fears. It’s a shame… you will be missed. Perhaps you could write your visions of the future anonymously, and drop them under a pseudonym someplace like GLP, with no clue who they come from. Your accuracy would be something for someone else to discover in the future. You would need to completely disassociate yourself from the writings, to protect yourself. Whatever your path, Godspeed, spirit-walker!

    • Thanks brother. this is my last comment for a while. I will leave it here, turn off the box, pack it up and put it in a bigger box and stow it away.

      With regards to Posting on a venue like GLP? been there and done that for a while now. most know me as 0 on many platforms. Although I do have many different handles. Most know me as 0. it is the one i used most often. Im not going to continue with this anymore. I am moving in a different direction.

      i honestly was heart broken to find out the girl i loved has some mental health issues. placed herself in a bad situation after i did so much to love her, care for her and help her grow… its not over yet… however i do understand it is her life to live and she has to make her own choices… and live with them. I will not be with someone who will risk their own life and place their children in the path of Bat Shit crazy psychopaths. I would never trust them to hold up saftey, security and protect my own child. let alone anything sacred we shared. very sad yesterday to hear that and i had to block her, on all fronts and get on my knees and pray she finds the help she needs. I am most certainly not getting involved in any of that. I told her that nobody in their correct thinking, that is healthy and of sound mind, goes over and makes date plans with as she told me several times this fella threatened to burn her house down and kill her if she left. she chose to go into something with him knowing that after i told her not to play the game. not only that she brought her daughter around the same guy who made those threats… and man that really really breaks my heart.. not because i want to be with her… just after doing so much healing with her, pouring my energy into her that she would choose that…. risk her life and her Childs well being to be around a person like that, to play games with a psychopath. so very sad.

      nor shall i play that game with the psychopaths of this world. has nothing to do with fear. i can create things on a grand scale. i can do many many things most cannot. in an honest assesment with The DUDE, i am reminded this is not my world, it is not my job here to dominate it or make it mine. it is not my position to dethrone the powers that be, although, we have had our rounds and give each others a wide berth. i dont care if you believe me or not The DUDE knows… that is all that matters and HE is way above them on the food chain. lol they are bound to the material plane, having been born of flesh.

      i sent a message to George, i will provide the other readers and you an excerpt, this is why im walking away. and im am right at the precipice of massive success and riches and fame with this site. as the story of Darby learned later he quit 3 feet from Gold in his mining expedition. Except darby didnt know he was 3 feet from gold. I do. who in their right mind would?

      this is why, I just want what I had before. A couple acres, nice house, beautiful woman, bonfires, dogs, cats kids and chickens. It was the best time of my life.

      for 3 years, I have traveled around. Saw many things and met so many people. All walks of life. Some so wealthy and rich I couldn’t even imagine having that much money. Alot of them lonely and miserable as fuck. And everyone tells each other pretty lies in that arena. Lots of famous rock stars and all that. But they don’t even like themselves let alone anyone else. Have no self respect or dignity. there is a few people that I met that are the exception but most of them are like that.

      Most money I have ever had in my life was $58,000 in savings and $15,000 in checking. Newer lifted truck on 38’s, newer luxury car, and a 2800 square foot home on the hill in lake Stevens with a view of the sound on a couple acres of land with 19 various fruit trees, 16 chickens, 3 big garden beds, lawn tractor, and ugly primer grey hot rod to wrench on in the garage for Sunday Man time. I made enough to put away $1500 a month into savings. And it was the best times in life. Cooking hot dogs on the bonfire with a kid on my lap, listening to country music and making eyes at my Beautiful girlfriend in rubber boots and a sun dress from feeding the chickens before making some s’mores. Funny how she was so fucking beautiful in rubber boots and a pretty little yellow sun dress. Going to the gym and working out with the fellas. And going to the races on Saturday in the monster truck.

      Now, if I became famous and all that. would be fun for a while….. but I sure miss sitting around the bonfire with that kid on my lap, and that girl in the yellow sun dress and rubber boots.

      She is ex wife number 2. I dont ever want to see her again as long as I live. That is a fact. She hurt me and crucified me like no other. But maybe with some diligence?? God give me something like that again. Seems much the better. And also be about THE DUDEs work. Done a lot of that back then as well.

      I wasnt the richest man in the world. But it was “heaven” compared to where I am at now. So I’m going to go find “heaven again. Seems the better. now, If I release that 100% as accurate report??I may never see “heaven” again.

      Not worth the risk. “Heaven” or as we called it back then my little hobbie farm, “Narnia” is the better path.

      i can not release a report knowing i purposely placed in errors in accuracy, other than grammar and spelling. I have said many many many times, Integrity is HUGE for me. If i released a report with errors on it in accuracy with purposeful intent? That would make me no different than all the other propaganda machines on the net. That would make me dishonest. That would mean my word wasn’t worth shit. that would make me no less full of shit then the CNN Broadcaster right now or Facebook pumping that Vaccine and getting paid by the Pharma Companies and our Tax dollars to do so. Selling their souls! uhmmm no! I wont do that. FUCK THAT SHIT! my word means something. I have Value, I have worth. Someone said, nobody would even know if you did put some purposeful inaccurate predictions in. I WOULD KNOW! And I refuse to let myself be that way. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that i purposefully mislead others for finalcial profits. I don’t know how they do that??? I am just not that kind of person. and on top of that, Don’t they know that one day there will be a Reckoning an audit of the work you did here???? And they will receive many many blows and if they are lucky they will reincarnate here as a fucking rat turd.
      id rather build a ratrod. lol

      with that, this is the final comment. I will give you 3 things i didn’t mention on Urban Survival.

      • I have May 2, for the Market contraction. It will be a 27 % correction on the DOW, the Fed needs to do this to stop runaway inflation. The news will say it is a natural thing for stocks to go into correction.
      • There is a “Turf” war going on behind the scenes as it relates to the top 1% Richest People on the Planet. This 3 Facet Scale “Turf War”.
      o Facet 1, between Old Money and Rivals.
      o Facet 2, Wall Street power players and a sacrificial “Bear Sterns”. All indicators that the Probable Investment Bank Sacrifice is Wells Fargo.
      o Facet 3, Relating to 1% MC’s and protesters for Antifa and BLM in a bloody and deadly clash. Original Locality Unknown. However, this sparks 1%MC taking to the streets during several protests in other Cities. This is also what is considered an “Opportunity” to advance one’s territory while the US is in Civil Unrest due to Economic Conditions, Broken Promises by the Biden Administration to Help the Poor, continued burning and looting of small business by the Organizations of BLM and Antifa. NNote: This is the beginning of the “Mad Max” scenario where gangs begin to control the roads, not the police.
      • I have been seeing this for a while, Covid will mutate and effect pigs and rodents first. This will happen really soon. There will be a massive shortage of pork and there will be a great slaughter of many many many pigs to stop it from spreading to people. Same with Rodents. For People will start to contract a new strain of Covid through eating first pork products. This strain is much much more deadly. Coincidently this goes hand in hand with Religious Beliefs of both Judaism and Islam.

      i will not release the rest of it. I am taking a different path. if you are paying attention the world around you, I haven’t seen a bee in 4 days and im always looking for them and i noticed the ants are making haste at stocking up like i have never seen in my life in the spring. The world around us is preparing for the winter. so should we. no bees means that nothing is getting pollinated and that means… there will be less food soon. ya catch my drift.

      this is not my world. i am here for other reasons. not to make it my world. so for now. im walking away. no further comment will be provided. even by others who comment after this. the website will be up for a year. its already paid for the year. other than that.. no new stuff will be added or detracted. let it be what it is.

      take care brother. and nobody will be receiving the report i wrote. i am going to delete it entirely after this posts. its all in my head. i don’t need to review it. lol i wrote it. shutting the computer down and putting it away.

      Have you ever read the lyrics to Knock Em Dead Kid by Motley Crue? boy howdy they are prophetic as F.
      What’s gonna happen when all those peace loving white Christians have had enough. all them looters and the propaganda press forget, there is over 230 million white Christians who own guns in this country and at some point!!!!!!!!! they will have had enough of the bullshit coming out of DC and all the burning down of peoples small businesses around the country and when they do????? its gonna be a fucking bloody massacre of those who kept poking them with a sick. Same goes for China.

      Keep poking with that stick, as they say in eastern Washington and northern Idaho, FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT!

      Motley Crue, Lyrics to Knock em dead kid.
      In the heat of the night
      You went and blackened my eyes
      Well now I’m back
      I’m back
      I’m back
      And I’m coming your way
      Well now I’m supercharged
      Might just explode in your face
      I’m black
      I’m black
      I’m black
      And I’m primed for hate
      Knock ’em dead, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!)
      Knock ’em dead, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!)
      The blade is red, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!)
      Knock ’em dead, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!) A star-spangled fight
      Heard a steel-belted scream
      Now I’m black, I’m black, I’m black
      Another sidewalk’s bloody dream
      I heard the sirens whine
      My blood turned to freeze
      You’ll see the red in my eyes
      As you take my disease
      Knock ’em dead, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!)
      Knock ’em dead, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!)
      The blade is red, kid
      (Knock ’em dead!)
      Knock ’em… More

      now i need to go see about a beautiful woman in a yellow sun dress.


      One last song: The one playing when i woke up after my last trip to the Super Infinity 8 Convivence Store and Gas Station at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy,

      Seems a good way to start out the day.

      Que: ~Pickup Man~
      Joe Diffe

      Tips Hat

  2. I enjoyed the website Andy, do what you gotta do. I do look forward to DoorFore being “cranked” back up at some point . However , I hope you find heaven again

    • Thanks Bro. I’m right sized again and I was stepping out in front of THE DUDE instead of HIM leading me. There I found my powerlessness. And I discovered that I can actually change things. I could all along. I just didn’t know I could. Just by changing the environment around me.. nd lertomg others find their own way by helping them along. I just needed some encouragement and I got that from George and dtd and my favorite person in the world. Today is a new day and we are on a new Trajectory.

  3. Hi, Andy,

    I, am sorry, and sad to see you go. It has been a blessing to read your comments these last few years on George’s website. I did look up some of your comments as ‘O’ when you shared that site a year or more back. The sad thing about you living, as a forerunner, is the rest of us that were looking forward to your guidance. The many of us that you have touched yet you don’t know about us.

    I am sorry about your woman; you know that you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink. You also know that millions of us cannot even save our own family members because their minds are shut, and their eyes roll, and their laughter follows us out of the room.

    Still, for me, I can say, I don’t give up, gently, persistently, softly, I stay abreast and focused and tip, tip, tip them as I don’t want them to be left behind. I love them to much, yet, I leave them to God, yet I am still here.

    You full well know the pull of addiction, if it’s that, and the pull of a psychopath; really, until classes are held about them, many people fall for that kind of predator, but once bitten, should be twice shy, and never let one into the inner sanctum ever again.

    It’s only a reflection of the leadership in this country, all around us, as we watch the psychopaths play in all endeavors, religion, government, education, entertainment, etc.

    I think there is a man who wrote a good book about them recently; I can’t remember the author at this minute, though. All people need to be warned about them because they are on the loose.

    I know that you are still here, somewhere, for all of us that you have touched.

    I will be praying for you. This mantle is hard; think of Moses, Jesus, Nostradamus, George Ure, GA Stewart, Mary Summer Rain, Edgar Cayce, and many many more over the centuries and years, the pain and suffering they endured and fear some of them lived with, and yet, they kept on. Don’t you just know that TPTB have George’s and GA Stewart’s number, and can flip the switch at any time and make them obsolete?

    You have protection because your knowledge is further along and you have maneuvered from the bottom to the top of society, and have associated with them; which takes a great deal of courage and charm.

    Your place, that beautiful place that you remember in your heart, mind and soul can be alive again, it is not over, that place is waiting for you to discover it again.

    You haven’t found that place to make it work yet, but you will.

    Sometimes, it is right there, and you will know it when you find it, and see it.

    Stick with this place inside of you so you will not give up.

    Remember, the biggest rescue mission of all, has to be ourselves.

    We have to start here, so we can help there.

    The Greatest Commandments:

    Matthew 22:36-40
    King James Version

    36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

    38 This is the first and great commandment.

    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    May God be with you, Andy.

    All the Best and Blessings.

    • Shit. You made me cry and all that. Every time I read your words. It makes me cry and be soft inside. Thank you. You are a large part of the reason for me to move forward, along with Goerge and a few others. Thank you for your prayers. And the heart that sent them.

      Much love!

  4. Get some cash flow going. Then set your priorities with your Advisor. It is easier to plan and procure supplies when you aren’t dependent on barter, BS, and Divine intervention. You still got that CDL?
    You may want to set up some up free private email accounts if you are serious about getting off the radar, and use an offshore VPN to access the web. Maybe switch to the Brave Browser & add some privacy extensions. Stay away from Tor.
    Be wary of hushmail.
    Take care.


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