Intuitive “preasure” points data

This is something that I discovered a while back. When I read certain stuff on my phone as I am scrolling my thumbs highlight certain words.

Unintentional Changes in pressure different on the touch screen by thumbs. I blew it off as nothing for a while then one day on a website because I was keeping track of the words “highlight” on my head caused by shifts in pressure started forming a sentence. So i decided to put them in note pad to see if it said anything. See if my body was changi g pressure points as a form of sub-consciousness intuition?

The first time I did it was when I won all those  jackpots. I had unintentionally highlighted win slot  when dragon wolf tomorrow.  So I went to the casino the next day and sure as shit I won jackpots on a bunch of dragon and wolf slot machines.


While reviewing the New report this are the *again ‘unintentionally highlighted” words.



Now I dont know exactly what it means. However,  this time and only this time, I’m going to present them. As it is a new form of Intuition? A new skill I have developed? Cant say for certain.

Again, it may be nothing and it may be everything.  I dont honestly know.  Sometimes it happens with reading peoples text messages  or emails as I scroll etc.


Felt it was important enough to mention.

One of things is separating world events and my own personal data and everyone else’s that I see. The reports are strictly world level data. I have gotten very proficient separating it from my persona l read of events in my personal life.

Thank God for that!


Ok, time to hit the gym and all that.  Have a wonderful day. I am Blessed and Highly Favored!


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