Life changing Moment. How we affect others. Blog entry.

Last night I was at the Safeway, I sat for a minute then go out to go get a few items  and I ran into an old friend in the parking lot.  We got to talking about life stuff.  Then I went into the store and my old friend went their way.

When I got out to the car I was sending another friend an email. In the middle of typing my email about The Zero Report Edition  (I) a fella came up to my car.

He said excuse me, you have a minute. I said sure I have a few bucks. He said no no no that is not why I came to your car.

I said how can I help you? He said you already did.  I said how so?

He said you were talking to that other guy about him leaving his place of employment he had been at for 20 years on the promis of a new job.  I overheard all that. I said oh I didn’t even see ya. He said I was in the car next to ya with the window down having a cigarette.

He said do you remember what you said. You used an analogy and it was like you were talking right too me. He said you just saved my marriage and stopped me from doing something stupid. I wanted to say thank you.

What I had said to my friend who was considering a job change after 20 years was, “it’s like throwing away a beautiful 20 year marriage to go bang a 23 year old stripper at a coffee stand. What a tragic thing to do, what a selfish thing to do. No matter how hot that stripper is? She has no real value compared to someone who loved you through thick and thin, doesn’t care how much money you have, what you drive and loves you inspite of your shit stains in your undies which she washes out for you without complaining. A woman like that is worth a million bikini strippers at coffees stands. How stupid of a decision would that be? But it’s your life. If you have to have that stripper? Go get it. If I was you? Id stay where your at. The world is pretty topsy turvy right now. 20 years invested in you and your family a long with your 20 years invested in them is going to carry much more weight if the economy spirals down the shitter. ”  My buddy said your right your right. Thanks Andy. We talked about going fishing for a while and then parted ways.

This fella I didnt know at my car says,

I was smoking in my car and it was like you were talking straight to me. And you didnt even know I was there. I have 4 kids and I been married to the same woman for 22 years. I almost threw that away. I was gonna file for divorce tomorrow. I already have uhaul truck and was going to get an appartment tomorrow.  And run off with some girl I been flirting with on Facebook and met for coffee a few times.
Now I’m going home to beg my wife to forgive me for being an asshole the last 6 months. She has no idea I was going to divorce her and doesnt even know why I was being an ashole. So thank you! You are an Angel! I almost made the biggest mistake in my life!”
I said, oh your welcome. Got out of the car and went to shake his hand and said I’m just Andy. He gave a big ackward kind of Hug. Then said sorry, I’m just really glad you were right there and said what ya said. Shook my hand and then I said I gotta finish this email and get home . I’m really tired and I need to go to bed.  I’m glad I could help you. Good luck to you and your family.  He said thanks! I will never forget you. I hope what ever you want in life that it is yours. Good luck to you Andy? I said yeah, Andy. Not an Angel. Just Andy.  He said Andy! Very nice to meet you. Thanks for changing my mind about that. Good luck to you Andy.  I said thanks. I could use some of that right now.
Ya see ya never know who is listening.  You never know how you affect the world around you.  We are so powerful a and we dont even know it. I think that is a large reason for all that nefarious shit  is happening in the world right now.
The awesome power to win!
Que: ~I’ll do it myself~
Infinitely NOW!
Just Andy.

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