Love potion number 9.

Love this!

My weed pulling gig brought about a series of doors opening. We shall see what THE DUDE says.

I’m taking action today. I may have stumbled upon my dream job. Which I can incorporate this gig and that gig together. Which would be amazing.  Sooooooo we shall see what THE DUDE says.  Thy will not mine be done. I got a plan and God has a plan. God has the best plan. I’m going with Gods plan. I cant mess up HIS plan. HE is smarter than me. Hahah. Ya can’t out think GOD. Hahah only foolish pride think’s so.


I am Blesssed and Highly Fortunate! I hope you are as well.

Cue: ~ Me and You and a dog named boo~


Infinitely NOW!


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