Master peace theater

The remaining two puzzle peaces. As it all relates to the demise if the Children of God, and its cover media image of “love and light.” But secretly a Santatic Pedofile cult and the anniversary of one of its top leaders confession lining up with the death of David Bowie.

As the data around me is a macro scale of world events and anniversaries such as the 7 year anniversary of “The Bat shit crazy thread on glp” marking the entry of a story of a man in china contracting a virus from eating a bat.  Which i created the exact date of October 19, 2012. 7 years to the date prior to the china man eating a bad bat as the “official media narrative” says on 19 October 2019..

Remember: we are spiraling out.

These two align with larger scale events

‘God is an American”

David Bowie, I’m afraid of America.

If you watch this video, you will see a man at the end with a race car helmet, sunglasses with bunny ears attached to it. Ahhh the cosmic chicken bunny. There I am. Ot a representative in art. 🤣🤣

It was the only song I posted on Zen gardener right before his confession and 3 days prior to David Bowies death.

This is a tribute to that moment.

Q or Cue: ~ David fuckin Bowie~

Powerman 5000

Until we meet again. About the time of the new edition to the report is due. Edition II, or aye aye, eye eye. When we move from the old real to the entirely new real.

Always best to the flush the bad shit out first. Most people want the The bad news first then…. the good news.

All lines converging into one. Time lines are lines.  There many kinds of lines.

Speaking of lines,  *

Hint: There is a line in the movie “The Devils Advocate” at the start of the movie said by an older christian lady to her son, it is a reference to Babylon and Revelations mentioning a city.  It would be prudent to review that portion of the movie. Very inciteful information the chrisrian lady conveys to her son.  He repeats the scripture. “In one hour.

You can do your own research.

We are right on schedule. 

I have others to attend to. I must be about THE DUDEs work.

Infinitely NOW!


7 thoughts on “Master peace theater”

  1. Andy you still are and i believe always will be a phenomenal being. You helped me at a time in my life when i had really given up cuz i thought all was lost, and i really am living that cinderella story…so far. ya know, nothings perfect. LOL. But i really need to talk with you for awhile about quite a few things, so if and when you would have a moment for me please reach out. I love you always and forever my angel named Andy

    • Hey Aimee! Thank you! I will call you today. Have you talked to the Shaman? I lost contact with him a while back.

      I have to get a new number. I got a phone call from Perumph Nevada yesterday and only 43 people have this phone number. Someone gave it to someone in Perumph Nevada.

      Now I used to know a fella who loved in Perumph Nevada, he was a 33 defeee Master Mason. He got me out of a scrape once. Always wanted me to join. He worked for IBM for 35 years and did alot of stuff for the CIA and had lots of friends who worked at Area 51. With really good computer skills. Made me think of him and that pre-ban HK that he gave me in his will. I never went and got it tho. Probably one of the coolest dudes I ever met. Spoke 11 different languages. Started working at IBM in 65. Super big on cryptography. Gave me some puzzles and I solved them in like 15 minuts and he said most people it takes a month to solve those. Some never solve them. Took me to the lodge to introduce me around. Really cool dude. I never wanted to join the masons tho. He died a few years back.

      So how did someone get my cell phone number down in Perumph Nevada and make a lame ass call about some collections stuff? I dont know. This a track phone I paid cash for and and it was loaded with credits that were paid cash for, unless they have a sniffer on my website to get that info. He once told me that everything you see and do the internet is one box and they hav another box that shows them everything about the person while they are surfing the web. Trippy stuff.

      Call ya later. I need to wipe this phone and get rid of it.

  2. Pharump, NV located in the Kingdom on Nye was the home of the late Art Bell, founder of the radio show Coast to Coast AM, now hosted by George Noory. This may be a prelude to your pending appearance on the show. George has been on the show several times promoting his books. You could promote Doorfore & your writings. You have the gift of gab, a good radio voice, & a mind that would appeal to the Coast audience. Talk to George on how to get booked as a guest on Coast. They would probably crash your website because of the incoming volume.

    Cue Alicia Keyes – Fallin

    • No shit! I did not know that. Art Bell did his show there? WOW! that is cool. Sometimes, I listen to his old shows.

      Seems like the kinda place for those ‘out there’ type fellas. The late great Al Mosure, was a mentor for a long time before I ever met George. I have some crazy stories but that dude has some crazy stories about all kinds of shit. Tromping around doing “field IT” work in Cambodia during Veitnam. Hahaa. All kinds of crazy shit. Haha. He was one of my professors. One I day I asked a question and he raised his eye brows and then said lets go have a smoke. I wont mention the question. We sat out there and chatted about the question I had asked. Then he kind took me under his wings and was a friend and mentor to me. He is the one I called when I hacked into “man trap” bout haliburten projects GPS and they fried my router so bad it caught the firm were on fire. I unplugged it and put it out with water. The comcast guys where scratching their heads when i took it in to get a new one. Hahahahah. Then I had a black hawk helicopter fly really low over my house and my wife at the time was freaking the f out. I called him he laughed said damn it boy! Ya didnt get anything, you got in what is called a “man trap” some info to keep ya busy until they find ya. He said let me make a call. About the time a black Suburban showed up in my driveway and couple guys that looked like Mr Smith from the matrix came to the front door. One of then on the phone. Guys says, I dont know who you know? But if you ever do that again? You ass in hot water. Have a good day. Al called me after they left and said, hey let’s get some coffee I have a few puzzles I want see if ya can figure out. I said said thanks man! He said oh for what? Then laughed. So I met him for coffee and he showed me some new cryptography puzzles and I got 3 of then right and one I didnt know. So he said close your eyes and guess. So I did and got it right. He said that is the kinda puzzle you cant solve with your eyes. You just know it or you dont. Really cool dude. I was really sad when he passed. Taught alot about Cisco language. Still remember most of it. Write/erase. Lol

      Ya, I’m trying to get an job man. I’m tired putting so much of me into this and not making any money. I gotta do something. Once I get that rolling maybe I will continue with Doorfore. I’m so far behind on bills I’m about to start selling my ass on the blade. *joking hahahahahah. I got some opportunities. I still have my CDL but my driving record is messed up since had my 2 year party. No tickets since I got sober tho. But I cant drive truck for a while. Another year.

    • George ain’t really talking to me right now. Which means one of 3 things. A) busy. B) Busy thinking. C) Got nothing to say.

      He did tell me in not so many words. Just fuckin write it! Do something dangerous. So I did.

      As it is now, I am hoping the “Jimmy hoffa” incident isnt related to me. I know so much about pain and misery in this world. All it does is make me stronger and think quicker and develop new skills to overcome. I’m honestly burned out on it. Be nice to happy for a while. And all that.

      I talked to some long time friends last night got some closure with some stuff. Which is good. And I’m just try to be a “normal” person for a while. When I detach sometimes it all works out better. I only read the report 4 times. Once to check spelling. Once to look at the colors around the words, one as someone looking objectively and once to see what words my hands intuitively highlight.

      So, I’m going to be a normal fella for a while. That’s the plan. Sometimes what your holding on to, is keeping ya from what God has for ya. And I been holding onto this site for 8 months now and after donating ove 43% to the fees the hungry and shelter the homeless and site expenses and the $60 on donations. I think I have made $0.19 cents an hour after expenses. Maybe. I think I made $900.00 total in 8 months now.

      It’s not all about the money. But I need to find a new path to economic security. because this ain’t it so far.

    • And I ain’t really down with wearing burlap and eating bugs and wild honey.

      I’m not cut from the same cloth as John. As it is today, rents paid, they coming to take my car any day now, I got $12, a pack of smokes, a cup of coffee, a half tank of gas and I’m going go spend my entire $12 on a daddy daughter date. Which I will just tell her, I’m full I already ate. You get something to eat. Because that is what Daddys do.
      And I’m still doing all the works you find I the stories on my page. Always doing that stuff. Being everyones angel.. but I had it out with THE DUDE, last night about my finances. IF he want me to continue with this site and all that. HE has to give me enough keep rolling on it. I tried manifesting for a while. I’m usually a money magnet. However, not in a while. Like someone turned off the spicket.

      So. I’m get job and shit. Unless that changes. I dont have time for this anymore. I need put my energy into finding a job besides driving truck because nobody can insure me on their rig because I was a dumb ass and got a bunch of tickets in 2019. Sometimes I’m a dummy. No doubt about that too. Hahahahahah! I’m learning.

      Cue: mud on the tires
      Brad Paisley.


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