This was posted on my previous site before this new Amazing Website my good friend helped me with. It is one of the first Articles I have ever written. I wanted to incorporate it into this site here.  A very simple tool that I discovered  and has helped and  many other people, quiet the mind and enter in to a meditative state.  I do not start my day without first Praying and Second Meditating. It doesn’t matter where I am at who I am with. This always comes first. I hope this helps you discover what I have through using this simple every day tool.

Everyone knows, Prayer is the act of Talking to God and Meditation is the Act of listening. Throughout my life, many people have asked me about how I meditate for so long.  “How do you quiet your mind” to mediate.  A lot of people say to me, “my mind always wanders to errands I have to get done today, work, chores, my spouse or thoughts about yesterday.”  I have been practicing Meditation for over 20 year and can quiet my mind up to as long as 4 hours at a time if I should so choose.   In fact, I meditate all day long for shorter durations.  In a fast-paced world of constant information flow and stimulus is any wonder that we all have a hard time quieting the mind so that we can hear that still inner voice.  For me what God has to tell me is far more important than what I have to tell Him. He already knows what I am going to say anyway.

I know lots of people who pray the serenity prayer daily. “God grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference. The first request in this famous prayer is for Serenity from God.  The prayer is written in a direction for a reason.  Serenity leads to Acceptance. Acceptance leads to Courage.  Courage leads to Wisdom.

Yet, How does one find Serenity in a seemingly Chaotic world full of turmoil while being inundated and bombarded by high frequency information daily?   In this world where we all have cell phones which keeps at the ready, phone calls, text messages, the internet, Email, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat a million shopping apps and the list goes on and on.  Not mention Political turmoil the new version of the plague, the economy in rough condition and the possibility of civil war etcetra etcetra.

I usually follow those questions about quieting the mind with a few of my own. The first one I ask is, “Do you know what still, level, balanced and centered looks like?” I hear all kinds of examples, but nobody thus far has answered that question.  Then I ask, “Have you ever hung a picture in your house?” Usually their eyes light up and yes, of course. Tell me, “what does do to the entire room if it hung crooked?”  everyone says, “I become an eye sore for the the whole room or it throws off the flow of the room.” That is right. It does. Same thing happens in your life and how you are are off balance and out of flow with teh world around you. When you are not Centered, Still, Balanced and Level.

In order to quiet the mind, the mind must have something to focus on. Take a Level in your hand. You can get a “Torpedo Level” from the Hardware Store for about a $2.00. You can also download a free application.  Hold it your hand, and hold the little bubble centered for 2 minutes a day. While holding it in your hand, as you inhale think “Serenity.” As you exhale think, “Fear.” Do this for a few breaths.  Deeply Inhaling or (Drawing into your being) Serenity and exhaling (or pushing expelling) fear. Stare at the bubble in your hands, still, level, balanced and centered. After a few more breaths, close your eyes, still breathing and out I want you to think only “Serenity” and “Serenity out. Fear is no longer in you.  Opening your eyes every so often to ensure that you are holding in your hand the level, still, level, balanced and centered.   After a few moments of in and out “Serenity” I want you to think about whatever is bothering you, be it health issues, relationship issues, finances etc. etc. I want you to now incorporate positive thoughts about one of those things. For example: IF you are struggling with your finances? Breathing in think “Abundance” or “Prosperity” and exhaling think “fear” a few breaths in a row returning to opening and closing your eyes and breathing in “Prosperity” and exhaling “Prosperity”. This will fill the body with Prosperity, Health and other such wonderful things. In many ways this simple tool is the Key to The Serenity to accept the things we cant change.

Practice working with the Level for 2 minutes every morning. Every day for 30 days. You can spend the next 23 hours and 58 minutes a day doing whatever you want.  While doing this you will notice that it is “Subtle movements” that take the level off stillness, level, balanced and centered and it is “Subtle movements that bring you back to still, level, balanced and centered.  Here you will discover the Courage to Change the things you can.

As you go throughout your day, you will notice personalities, events, circumstances and situations pulling on your emotional, mental and spiritual level and be reminded that it is “Subtle movements” that bring you back to still, level, balanced and centered.

We are all faced with circumstances, situations, events and personalities like a driver in traffic or a temptation for an impulse buy at the store for example and any a number of temptations to take you off still, level, balanced and centered emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  We live in a world of constant “knee jerk” reactions. Most would agree that today’s society is in constant state of causality, effect and reactionary responses.

In Psalm 46:10 commands to “Be still and know that I am God.” Both the TAO and Buddhism teaches centeredness as pathway to peace.  Is it any wonder one of the oldest universal symbols for the metal Gold is resembles a Level?   Serenity and peace of mind is the most profitable thing that Meditation offers. One gains Clarity and Vision after one first learns to be Still, Level, Balanced and Centered. Ahhh and last but not least here is the The Wisdom to know the Difference.




Hope  to see ya tomorrow. Please do,  have a wonderful day. Be sure to pick up your copy of ~The Zero Report. ~ A Detailed Transcript of the Future.


Cue: ~ Enigma, Return to Innocence. ~


Andy M. Steenberg


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  1. Thank you, simply thank you. Great explanation. Now I understand why a little torpedo level at the dollar store drew my eye and why the word wisdom has been brought to my attention three times in a short span. Guess I’m making a trip back to that dollar store. Blessings.


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