Miracle pine tree.

I saw this picture in the most random place on the net. It was in an article that had nothing to do with the picture at all. So I screen shot it.

About 3 weeks ago. Note the Palm trees and exotic beaches and a simple pine tree on the left in the image. 

It reminds me of what the Japanese call the “miracle pine tree”. When the Tsunami hit the coast of Japan it wiped out everything in its path.

After all was done and the wave retreated. Only thing remained fully intact not even a single branch broke. The only tree that remained on the beach that wasn’t killed. A simple pine tree.

The Japanese call it the “miracle pine tree” and people travel from all over just to touch it.

Pretty interesting, this picture found reading a totally different type of article on the net was found in the bottom corner. It reminds me of that “miracle tree”. When I went back to look at the article some time later. I got a 404 error code on the website it was found at. The website, the article I was reading  and picture was gone.

So I noted it as a message to me as I’m passing it on to you.


Ok, I really gotta get. Lol

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  1. Read the book “Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars Series, Book 1)” by Vladimir Megre when you get a chance. It is the first in a series of 9 books, by a young lady raised in the forest in Siberia. She is incredibly gifted, and of course Vlad drops everything to hang with her and write the books – which she narrates.

    Very interesting story about the Ringing Cedars, which are trees that when they get about 500 years old the start ringing, at least for certain people. When they ring, the trees are ready to be harvested and they provide near miraculous healing.

    When you get through all the ever so interesting details, you’ll discover that the “Ringing Cedar” trees are actually a Pine tree as we know ’em here in the USA. I highly recommend the book. I especially liked the Chapter “The Seed as Physician.”


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