Mr Peepers.

First I’m  back up and running.  All new passwords and all that.  Thanks God.


I was talking last night to my good buddy William.

15 or so years ago one of other good buddy talked me into taking his bunny when my cat died. Came with hutch and everything.  That bunny shit more than any critter I ever met

My Cat got mangled by a cyote and I had to put it down with a 9mm in the back yard. He was Good cat. I couldn’t watch him suffer.. Had him 10 years. His pelvis was crushed, one leg half chewed off and well, I had a few acres and I grew up in Alaska. He didn’t feel anything after I pulled the trigger. It was peaceful ending to a lot of pain.

Burried him and planted a blue berry bush there as was custom until the kids all had the ephany that every time a pet ran away we planted a new blue berry bush on my small hobby farm.

The bunny that buddy gave me (we named him Mr peepers) was a pain in the ass. My convinced me you could put a harness on it and it was like a dog and cat combo pack. The kids will love him and you can take him where ever go. He will ride shotgun with ya in your truck. He didn’t bunny shit everywhere and it is impossible to potty train a bunny. Damm thing shit in my truck three time.

Well,  one day, one of the kids left a little plastic army man in the hutch for it to play with the damn bunny swallowed it and it got stuck in his throat and couldn’t eat food anymore. Couldn’t swallow it. I came out there to look at him because the kids said he was sick and was super skinny.

So I sent them all in the house and my other Buddy and I took out back of the garage and put a 22 rim in back of his noggin.  One of the little girls snuck out and  saw me. The 4 year old related to the ex wife. I caught hell for that for a month.  She Wouldnt talk to me. Which is fin . Every night at the dinner table she  sit across the table and cry when she looked at me. I was in the dog house for putting down Mr Peepers.

Ohhh couple years later,  my buddy W. was looking for an extra box freezer and I had one in storage. So I told him he could just have it. Dont buy one. You will  have to come get it at the storage unit.

Then I got an idea.  So, I ran down to the storage unit, opened it up and dropped a big 16 lb butter ball Turkey in it. Then closed the freezer which wasn’t plugged into power. I put a master combo lock on it.

I kept putting him off almost 3 months, on busy work work can’t do it today.  One day he calls and he says, look dude,  I need to get that freezer  or I will just go buy one. My wife’s all over me about getting that done.

I said ok, ok. Let meet there tomorrow. He came and I helped him load it and said, you probably have to dusche it out when ya get home. I said the combo to the lock is in my garage. I will text ya it when I get home. He said thanks man you are a good friend and gave me a hearty hand shake. I said you bet.

Then he started laughing while we had a smoke about when he gave me that bunny and how I was in the dog house with one of the kids for a month after I had to put it down. He said, im glad you are out of the doghouse now. I said, ya me too funny guy.  Damn bunny was a pain in the ass. Where ya putting the freezer? He said out in the wife’s canning room. Its for her. The boy will unload it with me. I said ok, perfect. Glad I could help.

I texted him and said everything ok?

He said we got it in there. It was tight and we had to rearrange who canning room but we got it in there and the wife is super happy. What’s the combo?

So I texted it to him. A few hours went by and then he texted me and said Holy shit! DUDE!  How long has that rotten turkey been in there??? My wife hopping mad. Her whole canning room stinks like hell! And are having a hell of a time getting that fckn freezer back out!

I said ohhh about 3 months. Thanks for the damn bunny! Figured I owed ya a turkey! Hope you get out of the dog house soon! (With a smiley face just like this) 😀

So he gave me the stuffed bunny that smells like chocolate when we celebrated an award together couple weeks ago.  Its scented and smells like Chocolate.

we had a good laugh about all that a couple weeks ago.  He said I gave the boy the combo and said go open the freezer and let it air out. It was in the canning room we built in the garage for her. All the way in the back stacks of crap all around it.   We were all in the house watching the football game on the TV. So my boy did the combo and flipped it open walked out and shut the door to her canning room real fast as not to miss the game. About 2 hours later snuggled up on the couch she says you smell that? Something smells rotten.  I said ya ya I smell it to.  So i took out the trash and as I’m standin out in the garage I had the profound revelation that its not the trash that is stinkin. About the same time my wife came out having the same profound discovery.  I had to sleep on the couch for a week dude. Then started laughing. I said at least ya didn’t have a 4 year old looking at ya like your Hitler for a month.

Took his wife a year before she would talk to me. Silent treatment doesn’t work on me tho. Im just glad she wasnt yelling and bitchin. I applaud that sorta behavior. Hahaha.


Have a good day.  I got a few good story’s for this week.  Lined up.  And the Union Hall just called me, so I should be back grabbing gears maybe as soon as Tomorrow.


Cue: Wanted Dead or Alive

Bon Jovi

Clique 116!


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