New Pocast is available.

first there is one error. She is having a baby not just had one.  I have been nothing but happy since yesterday morning.  There is the suprise but nothing else has really changed except my attitude. I’m still drowing in debt and have no money but that doesnt seem to bother me at all anymore. At all. All that fear is gone.

“And the light dispels the darkness.”

I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!  It is my hope, that you are as well.

Cue: ~Rather Be ~

Clean Bandit.

This was the song played on the most beautiful day of my life so far. My wedding song with Ex wife number 2. Spared no expense. If you could have seen her walk down that isle. I never have seen anything more beautiful in all my life except the day my daughter was born. But my life isnt over, yet! I have a long way to go. I couldn’t listen to this song for the last 4 years. And it came on the radio yesterday and I listened to the whole thing without crying for the first time since that day. I simply,  sat in my car and smiled full of gratitude. Remembering what a wonderful experience it was to be soo in love and everything was so beautiful. So To honor that day, release it, and move forward into a new beautiful life.  I chose it for this post.

Note to self: do not have a band named “clean bandit” play at the next wedding if there is one.  A year later I was financially devastated. Wouldnt change a damn thing tho. That day was worth it. Hahahahahahahhah!

Infinitely NOW!

just andy.

2 thoughts on “New Pocast is available.”

  1. Whoo Hoo! I didnt get the Job! That means THE DUDE has something better for me! I’m super excited to see what God has. Yay! I’m so grateful that THE DUDE is looking put for me. THY WILL not mine be done!

    How exciting to know that is not the place for me. Now I get to see THE DUDE open the door He wants for me. I mean 4 days ago I didn’t know this new lady I just started talking to existed. I’m excited to se where that goes too. One things for sure. I will learn and grow. Hopefully she will too. And it’s a super good opportunity to be a blessing in someone else’s life. Nothing better than that!

    Seek ye first! And all that will be added unto thee. God what a great day to be alive! So Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

  2. Time to sit back & take a few deep breaths. Your 3 comments started out good & went downhill from there. In everything in life, you are either WILLING to do it or NOT WILLING to do it. Which ever one you select, willing, or, not willing (like the COVID shot), you need to own the consequences and move on. Our actions define us as a person, not our thoughts. People judge us by our actions because they do not know our thoughts (as you mentioned, sometimes our thoughts probably would scare people). Keep on knocking on doors & concentrate on your action plan & not your thoughts…”I am not my thoughts, I am my actions.

    And…enjoy your new girlfriend, a gift from the Dude.


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