New Podcast

Is available in the drop down menu under podcasts.  This will be my last podcast for a while. It takes so much out of my personal energy to write ~The Zero Report ~ and Editions

It’s really hard on my physical body and consumes vast personal biological resources to maintain that state of meditation/awareness for extended periods of time. Tethering my physical presence to the now and casting  my conscious  mind into the future and navigating through millions and millions of abstract cascading data and vectors.

I honestly think I lost 10 lbs of physical body weight last night in 15 hours.

So I’m going on a vacation. Hopefully….. a  tropical one.

One last thing concerning Editon (I)

This is  very important!

Due note: The Divine that can change the rules and has absolute athority to shift directions without any prior notice.

Until Then,

Q: Be well.

Iinfinitely NOW!

Andrew M.  Steenberg




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