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Is it better to be right or good? Had a good talk with a friend who has known me since he was 15 years old last night.


He reminded me of one of my many Andy wisdoms last night. ~To change the wold one need only change their mind. ~

And do what I do best. Which isnt see the future btw. What I do best is love people who are cast away like garbage and the world tells them they are nothing. Help them to become all they never knew they could be, have the life they never knew they could dream possible. believe in them until they believe enough in themselves to unlock the chains they were shackled to.


Love is my greatest ability.  I’m going to get busy about THE DUDES work and forget about the world and all its problems for a while.  That is my life purpose. THE DUDES work. Not selling reports. Not telling eveyone the future. Even tho I can see it pretty clearly.

My job and purpose is to be about THE DUDES work.  I’m glad he turned the spicket back on again last night.

It’s better to be Good. Than right. I’d rather be a good man and die  than an rich immortal ashole. If I had to make a Choice between the too.

Who knows maybe the Good guys get rich too? Only God can cast lasting favor. THE DUDE has the final say in all things and non things.

Who knows,  maybe the Good Guys win in the end.  Everyones been saying you have to be an ashole to get anywhere in this world.  I dont think that is true. To be in this world but not be conformed by it. To overcome the world not to be overcome by it.  That is true Victory! That is true winning!

With that. Hope you all the best in life. I have others to attend too. I don’t know who they are, but I’m assured they will present themselves as they always do and I trudge the road to happy destiny.

Good day!

Just Andy

Good Andy.

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  1. Is it better to be Right or Good? How would John the Baptist answer that? I don’t think that question would have even crossed his mind. He had a single focus & never wavered. When John died, Jesus wept. Jesus wept for a man of great faith. Both John & Jesus knew that their rewards were not of the world. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Go forth, you have great gifts to give.

    • Yes. very true. I appreciate your thoughts. I’m not motivated by the stick or carrot. Everyone wants crowns and trophies in heaven. I probably have a hundred titles of honor. They speak more about the person who gave them than me. From out of their heart came such names and titles.

      I do good because God is good. If God wants to reward me on the other side that is His Buisness. I am only doing my duty. That doesnt mean I dont struggle because I am human I live here in this place.

      My friend said, I know you dont believe in karma but (and I been told this by many people) you have more good karma coming than anyone I ever met. I always say, I do Good because it is good to do so. Its who I am. I dont do good for treasures in this life or in heaven. If I do so than my good submits to trinkets not to GOD who gives them. My good works is not dictated by trinkets. I do Good because God is good. I’m Gods friend. I call Him ~THE DUDE ~.

      My m doing good is not dictated by pain or threat of hell. My doing good is not dictated by earning rewards, titles, crowns, treasures or anything else. My Doing good is because that is who I am.

      I dont worship Hell and I dont worship Heaven. I dont worship creation. I dont even worship THE Creator of all three. I have a healthy respect for my Senior Partner. For THE DUDE, and marvel at HIS work. HE is my friend. I dont worship my friends. GOD doesn’t desire thousands of mouths screaming praise to HIM. He already has heaven full of them. GOD needs people to do The Great Work. I’m pretty sure GOD knows HE is awesome! I think h
      HE appreciates Honesty and action more than lip service. HE is funny too. HE loves playing with HIS kids. HE does me.

      Do you know the story of Aleph? When God went to start writing His HOLY WORD, he asked all the Angel’s to submit their presents to be considered in the Alphabet of creation. All the Angel’s brought their best gifts before God. Aleph seeing their presents to God were great and his was small. When everyone was done giving there gifts to God. God noticed one was missing. God then said, Aleph come forward, why are you silent? Have you know present for the language of Creation? Aleph said all these presents are much better than mine so I didnt want to give mine. God said, awwww Aleph, tell me your present. Aleph looking down softly said, I was going to just give you me. I dont have any great shiney jeweled treasure or harp or flute. God marveled at Alephs humility and honored him by making him the greatest letter in the language of creation.

      I’m with Aleph on this. All I have belongs to THE DUDE, I have no fancy gifts. I expect no reward now or in heaven. I only give myself. I do good works because its who I am.

      All you read on my site is less than 1% maybe of the things I have done with THE DUDE. Too many to count. I dont do my work alone. THE DUDE watches over me. Walks with me and is working with me.

      I only ask for the resources to complete the work I’m doing here. That is all. I’m not here to be famous or all that. I’m here to do the work I been doing all along. That is all.

      Take care.

    • You want to know an interesting little known group of facts Mr Mason.

      The first recorded case of Covid 19 in the United states was in the City of Snohomish, Wa. Exactly 3 blocks down the road from a lady I was seeing 1 week prior named Ms Love. That Love coffee cup in some of my pictures was hers. She gave it to me to remember her when I broke it off with her. Exactly 7 days before the first case of Covid 19 in Snohomish, Wa.

      I went on a wild drug and drink adventure where I got into scrape and big fight with 3 dudes in Portland who tied to rob me at a gas statio. That was closed. I knocked out the first two fellas. Each of them First hit, out cold. Then one his motorcycle I front kicked in the chest and flew over the back of his motorcycle and didnt move. I even screamed welcome to Sparta! When I kicked him in the chest. Lol
      I been alot of physcial fights in my life. Not much scares me. I grew up fighting Giants. When I was 8 years old, I used to get my ass whipped by my roughneck and logger uncle’s and step father. They were all 200lb men and I was 3.4 70lbs. But if i figured if i was gonna get my ass whipped anyway? I atleadt hit them back so they go something for it. If I didnt I got whipped worse. And called yellow and a puss. So I fought back.

      I ended up at the Betty Ford in Rancho Mirage, Ca exactly 3 days before Trump Visited there.
      This 2 days After my 12 NDE in Santa Maria, Ca. A violent drug and alcohol over dose. My body just shook violently. It was pretty epic to watch as I floated above it before the tunnel opened.

      4 months later. Huge riots in Portland.

      This is the really weird part. In my travels up and down the west coast and Washington state later that year. The entire path I took had forest fires. The exact path I drove. Worst forest fires ever recorded in History on the west coast. Exactly 45 days after I drove that path. The exact path I drove with only one exception Shasta Mountains and Hippy commune. They didnt have forest fires.

      I went to Anchorage Alaska to help my mother after her stroke. First trip Biden took after becoming president was to Anchorage, AK.

      Right after less than 2 weeks after I came back to Everett, Wa. Vice President Harris landed at Everett Boeing Field.

      Now, if it was one thing like say the Covid thing happening exactly 3 blocks away and 7 days after I broke up with Ms. Love (short 3 week thing) then it would just be a strange coincidence. Or let’s add Trump landing in Plam Springs and going to see someone in Rancho Mirage the same time I arrived there. 3 days later. Then you could dismiss it as just a couple of oddities. But all those????

      All those events occurring exactly in synch step?

      Well, I dont know what to tell ya about that. I’m not even sure what to think about it honestly. Lol. It is irrelevant to me doing the Great Work. Which is right on my path in front of me.

      Fyi: I’m not in the loop about president and Vice president schedules. Let alone had no idea about Covid until I got put of the Betty Ford. I certainly didnt start any fires. Or riots.

      Interesting Mr Mason. Is it not?

      There has been a big push to get me to move back to Alaska. I wonder if I do, what will happen later. If I file bankruptcy this year? Will the United States File Bankruptcy next year? One has to wonder. It is mind boggling that is for sure.

      Did you notice when I posted the “Dance like David Fucking Bowie” song, it starts out with “i heard it’s a god awful small afair”. 4 days later Bill Gates and Melinda are getting Divorced. Rumor has it that it was over a small afair that Bill had with an interpreter lady. “A God Aweful small afair.” Same sorta thing as the Zen Gardner, where the Media playing out that Bill is all about helping people when we both know that not the case. All those trips to epstiens island on Bill’s own jet.

      THE DUDE knows the shit I dont. I don’t really worry about it.

      As I sit here in poverty on the edge of bankruptcy. I’m sure THE DUDE is taking account of everyone thoughts. Even the ones they dont know about.

      Ya, I been told I can talk the Panties off a Nun more than a few time. I had a day dream of running into Melinda and I started laughing so hard and I heard THE DUDE Chuckle then say, just kidding Andy. I wouldnt put it past ya DUDE. He said, nah you dont want that. I got something your going to really like. So, I said ok, will do.

      Of course, I’m sure it’s all just some series of coincidences. nothing to loose sleep over. Not to worry. Just some strange oddities.

      Now I must bid you farewell. I have a path to travel. The Great Work.

      Right now,

      I will take a bottle of anything and a glazed doughnut. TO GO!

      Cue: ~Yankee Rose ~

      David Lee Roth

      (Love this song)

      • I was up reading an article on Bill Gates the night before they announced their divorce, it had a picture of him, very odd angle. I said to myself that I didn’t see their marriage lasting and the next morning, there it was all over the news.

        • Ya, you are very gifted. Thank you. I had plans this morning but my friend got super sunburned in the tanning bed. She sent me a picture of her but and it’s super red and that is no fun. Really Nice but tho. hahah. We are just friends. I’m desked the whole relationship stuff for a couple months to focus on other stuff. I’m trying to get my ass in gear about getting a job and shit. So I can make some money. Right now I have a 1/16 of a tank of gas and a pack of smokes. The gym is my only luxury item. Its therapy for me. Not just to be healthy. Thanks for the comments

    • Oh and Someone I changed their entire world, who went from living in their car for 10 years on the streets to living in a $5 million dollar mansion 8 months later did offer me an all expenses paid vacation for 10 days to stay where they are now. Sun and Palm Trees. Around septemebrt 11th this year. I said yes. Thank you so much. They said they missed me and it was the least they could do. I loved them when nobody not even themselves loved them.

      So there is that. Something to look forward too. 🙂

      Do yourself a favor Mr Mason. Go look at the Shroud if Turin. The cloth that Christ was wrapped in. If you look closely you will see the OM symbol on Chtists Fore-head. Now you may or may not know this however, there is 29 mountains mentioned in the bible and 29 different words for Heaven. The Highest Mountain in the world is Mount Ever-Rest at 29,029 feet above sea level.

      No more than the ones l listed about my life in the other comment.

      Now ya remember the ship that got stuck in the Suez? The Ever-Given? What is its measurement Mr Mason? Notice it said Ever-Green on the side? The reason Seattle is called the Emerald City is because of all the rain and Ever-Green Trees.. that is where I live. The Emerald City, where the yellow brick road takes you.

      Now, I have to git, I have others to attend to, they already started lining up. Ran into a lady I know last night struggling with things. She had on a T-shirt that said “Good” with a rainbow underneath it. Now a Rainbow is the original Symbol of GOD PROMISE. The First Promis GOD Ever made to his Creations. Which was to never flood the earth again.

      So no more comments or emails or any of that for a while.

      last song so ya Dont forget Mr Mason:


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