New Podcast is available. And bing 50 aint so bad.

Thank you Mr Choices for you thoughts and wisdom. Different perspective doesnt mean its wrong. Its healthy to look at life through another set of eyes.  I try to learn as much as I can from others experiences.

I took this this morning at 6am. Just woke up and I thought,  eh. Being 50 years old ain’t so bad.

When I go to the park I did my podcast at, I saw abundance in front of me.

May be my ship has finally came in.

I meditated on the wooden Elephant I found 2 days ago.  An elephant never forgets? The elephant in the room? The only way to eat an Elephant is one bite at a time? Republican come back? Elephants are gentle giants.

Then I thought about how baby elephants at the circus have a large metal chain put on their foot. So they learn they cant escape. Then when they are adults they only have to put a rope around it and the Elephant won’t try to escape. Even though it now has the power to brake the chain and shackle it doesnt budge because of what it learns as a baby elephant.

Maybe I have a rope around my ankle but because I tried so long to break it when I was a baby I dont know it’s just a rope and I’m much much stronger now.

And then I thought it could be something entirely different.

One I prayed for wisdom before spealong at a big speaking event in front of 1200 people and after the event, I met a girl and as I walked her out to her car. Her license plate said wisdom on it. Hahahahhahahh! And I thought. Oh very funny DUDE!  Very Funny.

Serenity comes when we stop trying to change the past.

Love that! ^^^^^


I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. I hope you are as well.

Cue:  ~ Fire and Rain ~

James Taylor.

Infinitely NOW!



3 thoughts on “New Podcast is available. And bing 50 aint so bad.”

  1. Your PODCAST reminded me of Luke 18:22 – On hearing this, Jesus told him, “You still lack one thing: Sell everything you own and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.” 23 But when the ruler heard this, he became very sad, because he was extremely wealthy.

    My business partner use to say, “A person has as much integrity as he can afford” The wealthy man above had integrity, but he could afford it. He was not willing to leave the material world & lead a humble life. He had integrity given to him by man, not Jesus. Bye the bye, we were in the insurance business.

    Luke 18:22 is a tough one. You really need faith.

    • Whoa dude. I didnt even think about it like that. She has 2 small children and when I got home after being at her place with just a lawn chair and a mattress on the floor. I loaded up some blankets and pillows and a few cups and brought it back to her that night.

      Then when I sat at home in that Lazy Boy recliner having a thought and praying for her. I had 30 days left on the house I was renting. I could stay and renew my lease. Then I just sat and waited to hear what God thought. I had the Epiphany to just give her everything i owned and Go find what God had for me. You should have seen her face when I showed up with a load of stuff and told her, I’m going to give you everything I own. Priceless. She wouldnt take it at first. She just cried. I said I made up my mind. I’m getting a uhaul and you gotta come pack the dishes and cups and stuff.

      Funny, I hadn’t seen her in ohhh 9 months until a couple days ago I stopped by her new place to say hi. It was sunday I stopped by and saw her. I went and used the bathroom and in the hall there is this Giant beautiful mirror. I was standing there straightening out my shirt and I said, God this is just a beautiful mirror. she laughed and said, ya, you gave it to me dude. I said oh yeah. I had totally forgot I gave it to her. Hahahhaha. I think I paid $1200 for it? Something like that.

      Petty funny I forgot all about that. Then she said everything in my house you gave me. Did ya forget. I said yeah I guess I did. Kinda embarrassing. Her son came and gave me a hug around the leg. He is 5 now.

      She has a good job and has been single for a while. I suppose that’s good too. We chatted for a little bit and I gave her a hug said I love ya and all that.

      Kinda funny how I forget all this stuff. I dont forget much. I remember the weirdest shit. Lol. But I always forget stuff like that. That is why I cant write every story I have. For one there is just too many like that. And for two, I dont remember all of them. It’s not like I’m keeping track. Lol that is THE DUDES buisness not mine.

      Thanks man. I like that. Yes. I guess you are right. Luke 18:22. Good stuff.

    • That is cool you had your own company and all that. I like that. Very much so. I’m looking at getting lucky this week. Looking into the whole insurance license thing. Along with some other stuff. Very cool. Thanks for your comment.


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