New Podcast is available dedicated to commenter Mr Mason.

Thank you Mr Mason for your comments. You helped me a ton. I appreciate you shedding new light and a fresh perspective.

It’s always one step past where I run out of faith that THE DUDE shows up. Everytime it gets a little longer.  THE DUDE is the character building buisness. The only way to have greater faith and endurance is pushing harder longer.

So I’m growing.  It’s just growing pains.

The Character of THE DUDE, is the spiritual principles  perfected.

love, hope, faith, charity,  trust, truth, honor, grace, dignity,  integrity,  curiosity, kindness, gentlenes etc. Etc. 

And sometimes Kicking ass. When warranted.

Because my life belongs to THE DUDE, HE is making me to be like HIM over time. Molding me.

Same principle found at the gym.

Have a wonderful day.

No song today.

Just Andy



4 thoughts on “New Podcast is available dedicated to commenter Mr Mason.”

  1. “Circumstances don’t make the man; they only reveal him to himself.” – Epictetus

    As Epictetus points out, the true measure of who you are won’t be found in your circumstances but rather the way in which you respond to them.

    Andy, you are responding well.

    Loved the Podcast.

    • Thanks dude. I am a little less spastic today. Sometime we go through these seasons of temptation I think. Like my ex calling me, I know we have chemistry and all that. But after i took a shower and thought about it. I had to tell her no. And when I got on Facebook today I was entertaining talking to my recent ex who chose the psycho path verse the Divine path. It is completely her human rite to chose as she feels she must. I sent her a friend request, thought about it, sent her a message saying I hope you the best but I have to block ya.

      I have been getting ton of data to not look backwards and stop looking in the rearview mirror. You are not going that way.

      You ever heard the saying. “Let go or be dragged.” One my favorites. Surrender means turning to the winning side. Surrender is probably the most unaccepted and misunderstood spiritual principle there is. To me the whole idea of ascension is bullshit. Jacob’s ladder and all that, climbing or buying the stairway to heaven. Only by surrendering fear not battling it do we find acceptance and serenity.

      I read the other day on someone’s T-Shirt it said. “Serenity comes when we stop trying to change the past.”

      Love that.

      Buda found Nirvana sitting on his fat ass under a tree. Not on the stairmaster down at worlds gym. Prayer and ritual is more about the person praying than it is about The Creator or THE DUDE. THE DUDE speaks rythem and beats to the drumming Shaman and Pigme to the Amazon Pigmes, Mandrin to the Chinese and my own little language to me.

      And the Devil never shows up all scary and like a monster in the movies. I seen him show up in daisy dukes and cow girl boots. Pig tails and a seductive grin. Many a time. LMAO!

      Love it. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your comments. You remind me of someone. I will figure it out. Lol

      I kinda have an “Andyism” that is similar. “Circumstances and Events dont change the fact that God is still Good.”

      I’m trying to walk through this period with as much Grace as I can muster. Helping others helps me not look at my problems. So I do that alot too. Maybe if I can get out of the way long enough? THE DUDE will fix it all. If I can stop messing with it long enough.

  2. Andy, you just wrote a great verse of a beautiful song….:and the Devil never shows up all scary and like a monster in the movies. I seen him show up in daisy dukes and cow girl boots. Pig tails and a seductive grin. Many a time.”

    Keep writing….

    • Thanks Darling. I don’t date scorpios no more. Hahahahahahha. You know that saying? Even the Devil runs and hides when a scorpio woman gets pissed. Hahahahahh

      Both scorpio I dated showed up just like that to go wheeling in my old truck. Hahahahah. The last one we never made it wheeling that day. Haha. We did have some fun times. Good memories.

      Thanks. Will do.


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