New Podcast , THE ZIPPER.

Χ Podcast is available in the drop down menu at the podcast link.

note: of error in the podcast I had said 65 ut (micro tesla units) i meant 650 ut.

I miss spoke. The Vote will not take place it occured to me after recording the podcast that ~The VOTE~  and what is known as “the gathering” by those in the future, does not take place fore another 3 years.  

My expressed apology,  I had gotten ahead of myself. 

It is at rare times,  difficult to for me to discern circumstances and events having great weight in impact in a wonderful way, and misinterpretation through sensation “excitement”  confusing  definition of an event or circumstances between “impact” and “immediacy value”. I misinterpreted the “impact” of THE VOTE to mean “immediacy ” and “urgency”.

I’m glad I calculated that correct today.

I confused the pre-echo of “THE VOTE” with the event. As always,  if I make a mistake. I will point it out. Most of the time before anyone else sees it.

The Edition for “The Vote” will be free but it will not take place for if my understanding is correct, 3 more years.

Hopefully by then I will have better audio recording equipment.for podcasts. Hahaha.

Have a wonderful day! I am going for a walk on the Bellingham board walk see what I see.  Report hopefully will be available by midnight tonight.

Infinitely NOW!



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