New Podcast. And a few items of interest.

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Supporting data and refrences:

Image #1.

Closer look to see the data within. Mind you the sun is shining in my physical eyes, so it would not recognize it as it is too bright for my physical eyes to detect and most everyones. so I see the information using the mind of my soul. This is one facet of how I get data from the world around me.

Image #2.

Here you clearly see the outline of two hearts and the outline of the Om Symbol. Remember the sun is in movement so it is constantly changing patterns or glyphs. I see them all the time, everywhere. And other data in other ways. Trust me, ~ THE DUDE ~ is always talking.  Most people just forgot how to listen.

Other refrences:

04/16/2016  at 10:05pm
” A choice was given. A choice was made. It was to “buy time”. Everything has been postponed.”

“I was asked to give the angel in “the garden” a choice. He chose to give it 4 more years. In order for others to have more time to prepare. As the Elite know, it is The Divine that can change the rules and has absolute athority to shift directions without prior notice.


And Angel who was given the choice I found here the day that Zen confessed to being the front man of a Satanic Pedo Cult. was taken off line shortly after by “white hat” hackers.

Article Found here:

This is but one example of many that I have taken down when lead too.


Deagle removed their forecast of 287 million population of the US reduction from their website.  That is confirmation out Trajectory has changed. I will not directly link deagles website because it is an Arms/and CIA dealer affiliate. You can choose to go there if you wish. I’d rather keep your ip address off their radar unless you choose to on your own of your own free will.

Here is the confirmation link:

Found here

It does no good for me to hide. Honestly.  If they were gonna come after me? They would have long ago.  You cant tell the world the next two presidents in advance and take down satanic pedo cults and make now 41 predictions on my last report that have come true along with the thousands of other things I have predicted to come true and not go unnoticed.  Lol. So why bother hiding.

World Trajectory has changed.

WMI water mark that the a new time line projection has started running.

It’s a smiley face. I take that as a good sign. “The road to happy destiny.”

There us much more covered in the podcast.  I have to shower and a new report to right.

Cue: ~ Mercury Blues ~

Alan Jackson.

I bid you good day.

Infinitely NOW

Just Andy.

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