So i have been back on Facebook for a week. Now I hadn’t been on there in almost 6 months.


This is how my news feed flows:

Happy shit, funny shit, sad shit, happy shit, sad shit, vaccine shit,  men suck shit, more men suck shit, sad shit, funny shit, sad shit, funny shit, happy shit, praise God, angy shit, happy shit, sad shit, sad shit, budah shit, happy shit, advertisement shit, more men suck! shit, funny shit, sad shit, more sad shit, spiritual shit, sad shit, political shit, funny shit, more funny shit, add shit, happy shit, angy shit, spiritual shit, covid shit, political shit, happy shit, sad shit, zen shit, sad shit, angy shit, political shit, vaccine shit,  happy shit, more happy shit, more men suck shit, angy shit, happy shit, more political shit, sad shit, happy shit, funny shit, sad shit, angry shit, love shit, more men suck shit, funny shit, funny shit and last but not least sad shit.

Total time scrolling. 3 minutes 22 seconds.

This is what people scroll through every day several times a day on Facebook.  It’s no wonder we as a race of beings are loosing the battle against sanity in this world when many people several times a day scroll through the Facebook “news feed” and have so many wild emotional swings. And has a hard time focusing on anything for very long.

I never noticed it before. It is so bizarre and nobody even thinks about it.

Just an observation.

Fyi; interview went well. We shall see. I will know by monday. May shave the beard off. It makes me look 10-15 years younger.  I definitely looked like the oldest candidate. I have zero grey or white hair on my head. But my beard is white. Both the other candidates didnt have a speck of grey or white and were alot younger.

But I think I did very well.

11 thoughts on “Observation.”

  1. That’s the way. Action breeds success. I wouldn’t worry about the beard or age, they are buying you, & how many out there are like you.

    • Thanks! I only have the beard because where I live “lumber Jack sexy” is a real thing. Hahahaha. Most of the beautiful women I know up here have a “no beard no booty” policy. That means you have super small chance of getting a date as a clean shaven fella. And having a beard is less shaving and free up more time for “thinking”. Lol

      Plus my daughter loves it. When she was a little girl I shaved it off and she ran and told her mother a stranger was in house. Finally she figured out it was me. When I gave her some kisses. She looked at me strange and said, it doesnt tickle when you kiss me anymore. Please grow your beard back. So I did. That was a long time ago. I will tell you one thing. My children taught me more about life than anyone. They way they look at life and how they think. Is so honest and pure. it’s just wonderful.

      And yes! You are right. I’m pretty sure I got the job. I was being considered for a higher position than what i applied for that is why I’m waiting to hear back. I’m qualified for 2 positions higher than what I applied for. But in commission sales you make your own salary. So I applied for the personal trainer/sales position. we shall see.

  2. I learned over the years that if you are good looking, it doesn’t matter how you are groomed or dressed, their panties are wet. The next best avenue is being a smooth talker.

    • I am both. Good looking and a smooth talker. I am also genuine, authentic and honest. Loving and kind. Helpful, Trustworthy and Good.

      It’s funny, I am taking g a brake from dating woman. I’m focusing on finding work, paying off my debts, being a good father and and helpful to others and spending some time on personal growth in a few areas. Unclogging the filter. Letting go etc. Etc.

      When I’m not looking for a relationship, when I state I’m talking a brake from them. Opportunities to date pop up all over. Like I started building this website on my phone in my buddies basement that is when I met SHG. Not even remotely looking. And lately they coming through the woodwork. I did meet a super nice lady the other day. Well two actually. Really beautiful and wonderful. I recently turned down atleast 30 advances.

      They both know and were very respectful of my position and where I’m at. I dont have the time to put energy into anything. I’m putting all my effort and energy into growing in other ways. And I think that must be attractive.

      I don’t push. Like I said of they push I let them, the harder they push against me, the less I am resistant. In doing so they come to me. I dont hold grudges and I dont speak ill about my ex’s. Only good. Grateful. I think most women find that attractive as well. One I was talking to went on a long negative rant about her ex. When she asked me. I went on a long positive rant. She said why aren’t you with her then. I said well I’m going this way and she is choosing another way and so I wish her well. It’s her life, it’s none of my business and who am I to say what is best for her. There was a long pause and she said, Geeze, I really needed to hear that. I guess that is what really happend between me and my ex. I said I choose to be grateful not bitter. Both choices is there. I’d rather be happy than angy. She said thank you. And I never heard from her again. Lol

      I will write later. I have to look at a few things before I do.

  3. Thank you for reminding me why I don’t do farcebook at all. I worked in TV news for decades, and you have one observation correct: It’s all ‘shit’. I don’t watch TV anymore, either.

    • I think Trump would look at Facebook like this:

      “Stay out of the swamp of mediocrity and drama, reach for your greatest self, your greatest potential, and challenge yourself to live that life every single day of it.”

      • Good morning. I’m using it to network for a job and for sales. Lol

        I used to listen to this before I ever talked one word to anyone every morning. Until I made my own version. One morning I woke up at 4am and was out on my friends deck in Rancho Mirage, Ca and the sun was coming up in the background and I saw Orions Belt perfectly vertical lines up in front of me with the trunk of a palm tree. I took a picture of it.

        Listening to this always reminds me of that day. I’m going to listen to it this morning. This fella voice is so relaxed.


        I will delete my other comments. They have served their purpose. Albeit they are true. They need not be posted anymore.

        • At the very end of that youtube audio he says one of the best things in the world. “Today, I Smile and make people feel good about being themselves. I will live this day to the fullest.”

          I try to remember that every day. It’s one of the best things anyone can do.

  4. I have an old greeting card that I have kept since I was a teen. An ancient Sanskrit poem I look at every morning:
    Look to this day
    for it is life
    the very life of life
    In its brief course lie all
    the realities and truths of existence
    the joy of growth
    the splendor of action
    the glory of power
    For yesterday is but a memory
    And tomorrow is only a vision
    But today well lived
    makes every yesterday a memory of happiness
    and every tomorrow a vision of hope
    Look well, therefore, to this day!


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