Oscillating Quintisential Omniessence

Out of The Darkness and into The Light.

*picture courtesy of Cheyenneslippert Photography. A long time friend.

Cue: ~ Happy ~

Pharrel Williams


Infinitely Now!


3 thoughts on “Oscillating Quintisential Omniessence”

    • Hey thanks! I try to create the pictures with words that you take. You are an amazing photographer. I always love seeing the world through your lense.

      I started it because a million times I have been told to write, write a book or do radio. Lol. So I started by writing. My buddy George always says, “Write when you get rich.” I’m already rich in many ways. I give over 40% of the money I make on my website to the Spokane Union Gospel for the Homeless.

      I had committed to 20% but I have doubled that and then some. I was hoping it would be a new career for me but it hasn’t taken off yet liked I’d hoped. I could market the shit out of it but I feel if God wants it to go Viral? That is up to Him. I just do my part and the results are God’s to do the results.

      Thank you for sharing with me and everyone your photography. It helps us all see the world in a new light. The picture I used reminds me of A Course in Miracles book, it reminds me of Shangrlah and it reminds me of Playtos Cave and the great promise land beyond this dim lit world. 🙂

    • I’m all about the law of attraction verses the Law of Promotion.

      Promotion is self, Ego drivin and image projection and self centered and not magnetic.

      Attraction is a Spirit driven, humble and God appointed and magnetic.

      So I’m not going to run around promoting this site. If others do it. That is of God. I got the word out. “The work” stands on its own or it doesn’t. my part is to write it, record it and tell the storys. God job is to do with it what He sees fit.

      If God wants to promote it? That is His doing not mine. There is 900 billion website on the internet. This is just one. Lol. It will be whatever God wants it to be. I owe Him my life many times over. So I make no bones about who is really running the show. Lol


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