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Podcast #13, 18 May 2021, Ridilen verses Mom’s wooden spoon.

Podcast 12, 17 May 2021. Other psychic abilities and a very pleasant suprise.


#11 11 May 2021. Letting go and exchange. Material attachment.

Podcast #10. 10 May 2021, Dedicated to commenter Mr Mason, from Parumph, NV. 10×10= 100%

Podcast 05 May, 2021. Good talk with a good friend. Is it better to be right or good?

Podcast 01 May 2021, ~Nothing says I love you like a .45 ~

Podcast 30 April 2021,  Lucky #7, Safe places?

Podcast 29 April 2021.

Podcast 28 April 2021, THE ZIPPER,  Trajectory convergence in the timeline.

Offical podcast #4. 27 April 2021. ~The Zero Report ~ Edition I. THE VOTE!

Podcast: 26 April, 2021 new Trajectory.

Podcast: 04/14/2021 A prayer for you!

Podcast 04/10/2021: 4th and 5th worlds


Original trial for download. Doesnt work on apple products. Found at link.

first trial podcast, 04/06/2021

Thanks to all my supporters to help me figure this out. I will post a new one today to ensure it can be played on Apple Products. Should be able to do that on MP4 format.



8 thoughts on “Podcasts”

  1. Andy , it would not play for me . Don’t know how to make it work ,- would like tom hear it though .
    get well&God Bless

    • Ok thanks bro! It worked for a couple people. I got a few private emails. I think I need to get on wifi to get it to load like the last time I had streamed something from my website.

      I got it to play through a moble app. Lol
      One of my comments about the AC isnt directed at anyone. I see it alot and I get asked alot. So I just wanted to clarify that.

      I will work on it to see if I can get a more palatable audio file. Tha is for letting me know. God bless

  2. Nice sounding voice Andy. mmmAudio worked great for me.

    I stopped watching the tv news of “Murder, Madness and Mayhem” about 15 yrs. ago. Watched for one hour and wrote down every commercial and was horrified that I was being brain washed by the quantity. Returned Comcast modem the next morning. Never missed TV. Can see all I need on internet.

    • Wonderful! Thank you for your continued support. 🙂

      I think because of the audio format it doesnt play well with Apple Products.

      I will record tomorrow in MP4 and see if that helps. Right now I’m out on a date with my Favotire person in the whole world. My daughter. We are going to see Godzilla Verses King Kong.

      She wants me to interview her. A 14 year old girls perspective of politics and the Corona virus would probably be most enlightening! She is very bright and knows how to shoot straight. Bullets, Arrows and knives. Hahahah

      Thanks Again

        • Hey, thank you! I will do it in Mp.4. I think that will play on Apple products.

          I’m going go make some changes to how the site is arranged. Make it more user friendly. Just wrapping up my morning meditation, then the gym and then I will get a new podcast done and start the report cars and rearrange the site to make it more palatable.

          Thanks for your continued support!


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