I spent the first half of my day talking with the Light.. it had dawned on me this Morning the first thing God said was,

Genesis 1:3 (KJV)

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And it was so.”

And how that lines up with this scripture.

Ephesians 5:13, (KJV) “But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.”

It’s no secret that I write a Gratitude list daily. I write a whole page. Some are aware of a little bit of what I say and only 2 people have ever seen a page or what is inside the cover of my gratitude Journal.

I am of the Idea that there are 7 Forms of Communication; Reading, writing, thinking, speaking, listening, singing and pictorial or pictogram. I corporate all of these in my daily routine.  It has been some months since I read out loud what wrote in my “Gratitude book” or “spell book” or  my personal “manifest”.

In my meditation this morning. It occured to me the first thing God said was, “Let there be light.” And it was so, I set a candle exactly due East, and read my manifest into it per Ephesians 5:13 instructions.

Now, God could have said a lot of different stuff in the beginning. He could have said, Let there be Time. Ore Let their be Gravity. Ore Let there be  Love. Ore Let there really good Coffee. Ore Let there be Banjo’s. Ore let there be healthy Chakras Ore Let there be Om Chanting Ore let there be Rock and Roll! Ore Let there be a Ferrari 488. Ore Let there be beautiful beach houses.  Ore let there be Miracles, Let there be Sound ore Let there be Beauty ore Let there be 10 Commandments Ore let there be Math.  Ore Let there be Millions of Dollars!  Ore  Let there be  Spirituality.  Let there be Science. ore let there be Curiosity Ore Let there be Joy and SerenityOre Let there be security.  Ore Let there be English Mastif Puppies. Ore Let there be Justice. Ore Let there be Saftey.  Ore Let there be Abundance and Prosperity. Ore Let their be lawn Chairs on the beach in Bora Bora and big fruity umbrella drinks! Ore Let there be a Big House with a wrap around porch. Ore Let there be Intelligence,  Ore Let there be wisdom. Ore let there be magic!

However, What God said first was, Let there Be Light. And it was so, And by that Light all these other things were made manifest.

The last half of the day besides taking to my SHG and meeting up with an old friend named Bob, I spent listing to Tibetan Bowls at 953 mhz and I listened to Binary Beats we 532 Mhz and reading the AENEID, by Vergil. And I drank 3 cups Yogi Tea out of the “Love Cup.”

I actually Have 5 differnt cups I drink out of. One is Wisdom, One is Love, One is Family, one is Riches and Wealth and one is an open hand to recieve and to give. The Letter K is the Egyptian symbol of an open Hand.  My favorite cup is the Love Cup and second is the Wisdom cup. I use them the most.

My favorite part from AENEID is this paragraph in Book IV

“Some move with Grace may mould the breathing Brass, And draw from stone, I Trow, The Living Form, Plead causes better, Map the Heavenly Paths and tell the Rising Stars!”


I hope all of you have an amazing week.

Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Favored.




Cue: https://youtu.be/HzvDofigTKQ


Clique 116!





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