I saw two otters this morning playing in the sound down by the Mulketeo ferry docks. Watching the Sun rise in the foggy puget sound. The smell of salty ocean air and the sound of ducks and seagulls saying good morning. An occasional Ferry bell durring my morning ritual of Prayer and Meditation, Gratitude list, reading and listening to Positive Affirmations.

Before that I spent 4 months on South Hill in Spokane, Wa over looking the Valley warchi g the sun come over the mountains through the Knotty Pine Trees and Evergreens while  a Murder of Crows  fought over something to eat left on the ground  and occasionally a jogger or dog walker passkng by.


Before that I spent my morning ritual of Prayer and Meditation, reading, writing a Gratitude list and listing to positive stuff on my headphones for a little while and then atleast 30 minutes in silence listening to the world around me as the golden sun light broke through the Forest of Black Spruce trees in front of me with an occasional Moose or a Brown Bear  coming to say hi. An occasional Eagle circling above or a Big giant Barn owl. On my mom’s covered back porch in sticks of alaska.   

Before that I spent a few days on my buddies front porch on the back roads of Tulalip Indian Reservation, watching an occasional car, jogger or person on a bicycle with the Bees buzzing around and with The Brother and Sisterhood of the Sun, The Dandilions.

Before that I spent a week on the o’regan coast with the waves crashing in and a few days with the Great Red woods and their wonderful fragrance and rich history. The song of red tail hawks circling and a host of other unknown birds singing.

Before that I spent a week in North Hollywood with all the cars and busy city life with an occasional dragon fly or butter fly smiling as it went about it’s busy day.

Before that I spent months sitting in the center of the Rose Atrium at the Palm Desert Civic park with the wonderful fragrant smell of Beautiful roses all around me and buzzing bumble bees and humming birds. The occasional swau of the palms on a Palm Tree with the breeze.

Occasionally going over to sit in the center of 144 giant King Royal Palm Trees. Oh the stories they could tell if I could only  understand their language.

Before that I sat out on my friends deck on his second floor condo we affectionatky called the Turret,  with the buzzing of humming birds, smell of daisies and daphadils and occasionally a gecko or other small lizards would greet me in the morning.

Even though the tapestry of life  has changed around me many times. All quite beautiful and fill of life. What I read has changed, what I prayed has changed, who I prayed for, what I wrote in my gratitude manifest, even the manifest itself has changed. What I listen too on my head phones has changed, what I listened to in the world around me has changed. The visions I saw in my meditations have changed   The only constant is, I spent every morning getting close to My God, and I was always Honest with Him. He has never changed and my connection has never changed.  No matter where I was at, what I was reading, praying or listing to or writing. My connection in the Infinite Now to an All Powerful Guiding Creative Force has remained Constant.

That is alchemy or Opulence Prime of our being. 

Its my favorite part of the day. I jump out of bed every morining hit my knees and am grateful,  I pray for others, I invite things like Serenity, hope, love, abundance and prosperity, wealth, health, vitality, generosity, Kindness and beauty into my life every morning to have a relationship with me and that I extend that to everyone I meet that day.  Always excited like a little child to see what God has in store for the day. I love it when he suprizes me. I’m really intuitive but no match for God’s surprises and 🎁.

I thank my God,  I’m alive, I’m sober, I woke up in a warm safe bed, that I have no regrets from the day before or any regrets from anything in my whole life at all. All is forgiven and I hold no grudges. I sleep like a baby most of the time and as soon as my head hits the pillow after I tell my God I love Him, and I whisper I Love my children’s names and my sweet honey girls name. The I fall right asleep and have not a worry to think about. ( Usually for 4 hours. Maybe 5 hours because I don’t really need much sleep.)  Every morning I asked God where I can be useful to help someone else.

When I make my daily list of stuff to do for the day, Its always number two on my list.

#1. prayer and meditation

#2. Help someone have a better day and be better for knowning me or meeting me.

I rarely rememerber my dream but there is always a song playing in my head when I wake up. It’s a different song every day. Sometimes it’s one I’ve heard before and sometimes it’s just some silly child song I made myself that I sing to myself like a little child. Even tho I’m 50 years old. I still make little songs to myself like I did when I was a little boy of 5. Lol. I don’t think I will ever out grow that. Lol I hope I never do.

One day, I hope to have my favorite part of the day here with someone I love very much.

Who is the other set of 👣👣 next to mine.



Cue: ~Fat Bottom Girls ~


It always reminds me of my good friend who is a PGA master that had brain cancer and was always in a lot of pain. It came on the radio in the car one time and he lit up like a Christmas tree and smiled and laughed and sang it at the top of his lungs. The only time I saw him totally forget he even had cancer and was in a lot of pain and facing certain death. He just smiled and sang and for a little while, he was just a dude in the car being a boy and nothing else mattered. I love him and miss him very much. I am so honored to meet him and know him even if for a brief moment in life. Dude had one amazing story and life.


Ephesians 5:13!

Infinitly NOW!































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