Proud Papa Moment.

Funny Story,

You know those moments, when you say. Damn! Thats my kid! I made that one.

I had the pleasure of going to see my daughters  very first Vollyball game this last weekend.

The volleyball game was between 12-15 year old girls. Funny how they all hit their growth spurts different. My daughter looked like a Qtip with a pony tail out there. Little string bean.

Now, you may have not noticed this about me, this may come as a suprize. but Im actually super competitive in life especially in playing sports and so is her Momma. So she got a double dose of that gene.

She gets up to the center infront of the net. And on the other team this Amazon girl oh about 6 foot 1 gets up to serve. She is a big and mean looking girl. As she is walking up to her spot to serve and is slapping the ball up and down off the ground grunting. Reminiscent of them fellas in the movie 300 beating their spears on their shields.

Hell, even as grown ass man, i was intimidated.

The whole place is silent. Boom! Boom! As the ball bounced off the floor. Boom! Boom! Its gonna be a massacre. Everyone is Looking at Amazon.

Then Out of the silence my daughter, the Q-tip with a pony tail, in first ever volleyball game, screams accross the court at the top of her lungs, with that fierce look of determination on her face.

“You couldn’t serve a wet pair of panties to a pride parade Bitch! Bring it!”

The whole place erupts in laughter. I damn near fell out of my seat.
Her mother jumped up and sceamed her first, middle and last name. That is a call to attention all mothers do.

My daughter looked down at the floor. Because she knows better to mess with Momma. My ex wife looks over at me. I spit my coffee on the ground and was laughing so hard as im falling out of my chair, I had tears streaming out of my eyes. She says, don’t encourage her! She gets her mouth from you!

I said yes mam and im gasping fot breath. Because I know better than to mess with momma too.

The Amazon waffles the serve and bounced it off the net on her side. And everyone on my daughters team gave my daughter a high five.

Very proud papa moment. One I will never forget.

I’m back to grabbing gears starting Thursday, will do a new Zero Report by next Friday with an update list the 17 or so predictions that have already come to fruition,  plus I have a copy of an older report that I gave out for free in the comments of a good buddy’s website. That a fella there called “Andy’s prophecy”  which most of that has come true too.

Y’all come back now ya hear!



Cue: ~ Mud on the Tires ~

Brad Paisley.


Clique 116!

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