Pure Gold!

This stuff was developed by DARPA for US Special Forces. It is my understanding that a couple Navy Seals bought the pattons from the government.

What it does is when you drink it your body goes into a state of Ketosis within an hour.  Which stabilizes your insulin levels. By doing so your body feels safe and a by product is rapid fat loss without any sacrifice in lean mass.

This is a brand new product. They are already starting to use it in drug rehabs because it takes away sugar cravings and stablizes addicts and alcoholics faster and natrally than any other medicine often times reducing the time of recovery by half.

It also has gotten people of anti depresents they have been on for years. I personally know people who have lost 100lbs of fat in 5 months. All by just drinking this twice a day. You can literally eat a giant greasy fat cheese burger and fries and drink one of those packets and start going into Ketosis an hour later.

I also know people who’s insulin levels stableized where they didn’t need injections anymore. At all.

In my personal study I lost 15lbs of fat in one week. Although I work out two hours a day 6 days a week. You don’t have to work out to lose weight. Loosing weight is a by-product of the natural state of Ketosis. This product just produces it for you.

I ate a whole large pizza and lost 2 lbs over night. My experience is that I sweat quite a bit and I drink a lot of water because my body is shedding fat like no diet or any supplimmet I have ever used. I actually have paid $300 for a diet plan by a world known body builder and didn’t get half the results this product does on 1/4 of the time.

If you want to try the product. You can here:

My store

You can sing up to do the business here and they will give you your own website free and you can sell it yourself and advertise it on your own website here


This stuff really works. I dont give medical advice. Everyone is different. That being said I met a 75 year old lady yesterday that was 80lb overweight and she lost all that weight in 6 months and said she feels like she is 30 years younger and she said 80 % of the meds she was on from the doctors she no longer needs. That is a PURE GOLD!

This product will be in every county and everywhere in the workd. It just started. So if you are interested? I highly recommend it. I cut 15lbs of fat in one week. Not even joking. I feel like I’m 20 years old again and im only drinking one cup of coffee a day.  In 25 years of being a gym and fitness freak. I have never recommend anything before. But this shit really works. At the rate I’m dropping fat? I will have a 6 pack of abs in 2 months and no matter how hard I diet and work out? I haven’t had a 6 pack of abs since I was 35. Since I was 40, i haven’t been able to get that chizziled look. I’m strong as F. No doubt about that. But I’m honestly telling you.  My muscles look like granite in one week.

All natural and all organic. Like I said. This was developed by DARPA for special forces so they could survive extreme conditions and extreme stress and their bodies would operate at an optimal condition for extended periods of time and not go into shock.

PURE GOLD. Like fountain of youth stuff. 

There is people who signed up for the business model that are making over $24,000 a month in less than 3 months because NOBODY has a product like this.

I’m going to be 51 in 3 months. Do I look like I’m going to be 51?

Remember I work out hard. You will get different results of you don’t train as hard as me. But if a 75 year old lady can drop 80lbs in 6 months of just fat and not loose any lean muscle without working out? Where her joint are not hurting her anymore due to the pressure of all that weight? I’d recommend you try it for 30 days.

Ya, I do have a grey beard. Lol. I only have it because the chicks dig it. Hahaha

This is the opertunity mining for out of the future. I wasn’t sure what it was. Fountain of youth in a company that just started and like I said it’s flying off the shelves because it works.

Just Andy.

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  1. Last thing I have to say is for Mr. Mason.. you are correct sir. Haha. I had to check 3 customers for Keytones last night because they were someone else’s leads. All 3 women were supposed to try the product with a lady friend who is in the business but persued to buy from me then went to flirt with me and invite me over for dinner. LMAO!

    Per your statement of “when you are good looking and smooth talker”. 😉

    I got them back to who introduced them to Keytones. And I declined all three dinner invitations. I don’t need to steal Customers, im dating someone and I am loyal as F. I don’t care how pretty they are or how much money they have. Its not even about them. I don’t cheat because that is not who I am. And I can get money. I was even faithful to the SHG after I broke up with her for 3 months incase it turned around and she decided she couldn’t live without me. But that wasn’t the case. She was with some one else and that was my Q to move on.

    And now I have. I will tell ya what. I signed up 30 women and 2 dudes for this product in the first week. I’m good at selling me and if I have to use my being handsome to sell? So they can better their lives in the long run? I’m willing. Hahahaha. I honestly don’t know why they like me. I have a great body, (but that’s not why I go to the gym) but i am asshole. Hahahh

    My female friend says, because your real. most in touch with reality and who you are person I ever met. Sexy and confident and bit arrogant. So a woman knows she can’t munipulate you or walk on you and all women want the Alpha. Andy you are an Alpha. So I said, well dont I see myself that way at all. I just feel like a curious little kid all the time. Ohh ahhhh what is that? Cooool. How does it work? Can we make it better or faster? Haahah my mind is always like that. Hahahaha. And I don’t put up with dumb shit. Haha.

    Any way. I just wanted to tell you, you are right. Wet panties buy. Hahahaha yes sir.

    Cue: ~Ice Creme Man~
    Van Halen

    Hahahahahahaha! Nice to meet you. You reminded me of “forever blessed” who’s tag line was, “only one person can fuck with your head”. Dilligaf?

    One of the best things I have ever read. Always mindful of that. 🙂

  2. Remember Mr Mason. “In God we Trust, everyone else is suspect. Especially, that fella in the mirror. He’s got me into more trouble than anyone else.”

    On the other side then. I have other to attend to. My life is not my own. I gave my soul to its maker in 2000 when I willed my life through mortal death back to HIM to do as HE wished. So even that doesn’t belong to me. *tips hat.

  3. May the journey begin. I wish you abundant success in this endeavor. I had a good friend who made a $200k annual income with Amway. The money is there to be taken. Your outgoing personality is perfect fit for this business. Market 24/7 & pile the gold high. Win gifts & trips…the perks of being a top salesperson.

    • Ya I have done it before. I was young tho and once I was making $5000 a month I met my friend Cocaine and well. Cocaine is expensive. Hahahaha. No more of that shit.

      The important thing about MLM, is getting in right at the start. Which where I am at. This is a brand new company. Like Brand New. There product is sound and works super good. I’m a believer. I wouldn’t sell it if I knew it didn’t work. And it works amazing!

      Thanks Dude. I told George when I started this website. He asked me my goals. I said well I was just told to do this in meditation. I said who knows what it will be? I mean Columbus was looking for a faster route to India and discovered two Continents and a whole new world. Clif High was selling future reports and discovered Bitcoin when it was $50 a coin and got Filthy Rich. So I leave the fate of it’s destiny In THE DUDES hands. I’m mining for that future Golden opertunity and I believe KEYTONES, is it. Just the name strikes me as a winner. 🙂

      Thank you.

      • I’m also going to work at that place for $14.94 an hour. It’s a big facility, over 170 patients, rotating in and out, fresh off the streets willing to change their lives. That is $29 an hour pay cut from driving Truck and Pup for the Teamsters. However, the opertunity for spiritual Gold, is abundant. And what better way to use my GOD given abilities than there.

        So I will have to trust THE DUDE, with my finances and not worry about provision. Which HE always comes through. I don’t need much. Good bed, warm safe place to sleep, food, the gym, wonderful beautiful woman who doesn’t care about my wallet but loves me for me, and good transportation to and from work.

        Thanks for reminding me, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” I wouldn’t have considered working for $14.94 an hour before you said that. Without a doubt, GOD will provide if I preform HIS work well.

        • Go forth to serve and do your best
          With no thought of reward;
          Then you shall know the boundless joy
          Of serving Christ, the Lord.

          • Even when I’m doing Everything wrong! My GOD is with me! Someone asked me couple days ago. How do you know “God” isn’t just something you made up in your head. Then another person said “G.O.D. Good Orderly Direction.” I laughed and said, now GOD is a Real Entity.

            They said Oh, if you good stuff good stuff happens. I said nope! GOD is good all the time. Even when I’m really screwing up. GOD is good to the sinner long before even come to repentance. GOD is good to you even when your screwing up. My relationship with GODs grace isn’t dependant upon how bad or good I am. They said give me an example.

            I said, 16 months ago I was on a bender. I was on probably 9 different drugs and alcohol, I just smoked a joint laced with PCP, doing 120mph through Los Angeles at 3am. I had been up for 8 or 9 days straight. I’m an alcoholic that makes most alcoholics look like amature hour. I had Pabst blue ribbon bear next to me and about $3000 verrious narcotics, tranquilizers and barbiturates scattered all over my car. Damn near every drug you could think of, Cocaine, Heroine, Xanax, amphetamines etc etc. I got pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. I thought ohh fuck! I drove all the way from Seattle to LA to go to San Quentin for 10+ years. As soon as this cop asks for my registration and insurance a half oz of Cocaine is going to fall out of the glove box and I’m going to prison.

            The cop comes up to my passenger door and says, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” I’m think umm maybe because I High as F! I’m Drunk as F! I haven’t slept in 8 or 9 days and I been up to no good. I have guns in the car and I’m doing 120mph on the freeway at 3am in LA.

            I looked over him and said No sir. Hahhhahahahhahahhahhah He said well I noticed ya out of state plates. Washington plates. I said I’m moving to LA. I just figured driving at night, less traffic ya know? He said well you tossed a cigarette out your window and you probably don’t know this but we get really bad brush fires here. I said ohhh yeah I didn’t know that. He said it’s a thousand dollar fine. Then he paused and said. Just use that can next to you. Don’t throw your butt out the window. I said oh the can. Yes sir I will use the can pointing at my open beer can. He said good idea. Tapped on the roof of my car said welcome to LA, have a good night. Went back to his cruiser and sped off. Good Orderly Direction? Hahahahahhaha! I was doing every fucking thing wrong. Absolutely deserved to go to prison Mr Mason. All he had to do was ask me for my registration and insurance and you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. THAT is my GOD.

            I could not drive for 10 minutes. I just sat There on the side of the road. I thought shit I need get to the Betty Ford and get sober again..2 days later I had an NDE at a rest area. Called a friend in Palm Desert, him and another friend drove 6 hours to come get me and put me in the Betty Ford.

            Now some of these stories on my page wouldn’t have happened if that cop asked me for my registration.

            Reward? Hahahahahahaha! Dude Im just grateful to be here. All them stories and the countless others I never told, well it’s the least I can do. Only by the Grace of THE DUDE, goes me. I don’t mix up who is running the show. I don’t care about titles or prestige of any of that shit.

            I’m not a saint. I’m not looking for missionary’s. Lol

            I’m just grateful to be here. I do good. Because it is good to do so.

            Take care.

            P.S. I found some new trinkets from the Angels last night. An Eric Church case, picture of a dude with a guitar on stage in front of thousands upon thousands of people with the rain pooring down on him, one hand up pointing at the sky. I walked over to a light post to lean agaisnt it and have a smoke, in an abandoned store parking lot all by myself not a soul around. Then a weird little coupon book that said, “Get the Treats you desire” from Halloween last year. Laying on the ground Next to a friends car I went out to dinner with. And I didn’t have my phone on me and I wasn’t even in my car. So nobody could follow me and leave these trinkets. Or symbols artificialy. Nobody knew where I was at. Lol. But the Angels or who ever leaves these little weird things for me to find? They always know where to find me.. I find the weirdest shit in the most peculiar places. Hahahahahah

            Cue: ~Smoke a little Smoke~


            Eric Church.

          • Mr Mason, I thought you may enjoy this. I read this, this morning.

            “Intelligence is not incompatible with humility, as long as I place my humility first. To seek prestige, power and wealth is the ultimate goal of many in the modern world. To be fashioned and better than I really am is a form of spiritual illness. When I seek God and His perfect will for me, He fashions me in the kindness and gentleness of His perfect presence and it is there I’m more powerful, beautiful, prestigious, wealthy and glorious than all the Kings who ever lived. ”

            Simply wonderful.

  4. Hi, Andy,

    Just ordered the Pure Gold. My left knee is just about gone, and I am scheduled for a knee replacement surgery in mid July. I have put on weight I did not need, even though I work out at a gym and watch what I eat. Hard to walk and even harder to hike, but that will change after the surgery. Looking forward to trying out your product. I have tried many products and none have worked. Thanks.

    • I know this stuff works. I haven’t had a 6 pack abs since I was mid 30’s. In 10 years (unless I was on a bender) I have not dropped below 240lbs and XXL shirt. No matter how strict my diet, no matter how much cardio I did. I could run for an hour straight with a 25lb weighted vest on tread mill and do 500 crunches a day and still could not cut my belly fat, and could not get below 240lbs
      at 6’1″. I’m just a tank. A big dude. Now im really really strong. However, as I get older just the weight on my frame makes my knees hurt and I’m starting to get some joint issues. And I’m not very flexible at that size. When I started I weighed 255lbs and last night I weighed 229lbs. In just a short while. It takes away all sugar cravings. And my belly is almost gone.

      One of things I used to do when I was personal trainer is, when someone showed up after hitting their goals of losing 40lbs is I would take them to the grocery store, pull off the shelf four ten pound bags of sugar and set them on the floor in front of them and say, you were walking around carting that everywhere you went. From bed to the bathroom, to the kitchen to the mail box, to the store. No wonder you were tired all the time, no wonder your joints hurt all the time. When you see it for what it is? There is absolutely nothing I can say that motivates a person to keep at it and stay healthy more than that.

      I was more interested in the helping people who are borderline diabetic. The fat loss is a by product. I drink a ton of water while taking this. I’d start slow, I took a half a packet a day for 3 days then went to a packet. It takes an hour to start working. So I take it right before the gym, I do 2 hours in the gym and it extends that fat burning for 5 past my gym time. Like I said tho. You don’t even have to workout. When your insulin levels are stable, you go into a natural state of Ketosis, and your body feels safe and will start dumping fat.

      Insulin regulates fat storage. When it’s up and down all day it feels in danger and says store fat. When it’s stable, it says to the body, I’m safe, get rid of fat. Usually in the form of natural energy. I have seen so many products come and go in health and fitness industry. This is the first one I have ever recommended. Because it really works. Have a wonderful day!


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