Quick Note:

I am unsure what to name my podcast. Each show will have it’s own name. But the podcast has to have a regular name. Once I get 30 shows under my belt, I eil look at listing it on other venues and I’m looking at selling ball caps with the name of the show for cheap on my site as well.

Go big or go home. Hahah

I am open to suggestions. I am very fond of naming it Infinitely NOW! Show or naming it “WTF did he just say? Show. Hahahah . Or “Hookers and Cocaine.” Get your daily dose of Hookers and Cocaine. But I’m not looking to be a shock jock. Hahah and My mother would probably kill me. And what she thinks still matters greatly to me. I think when people get older they forget that. she had me and raised me, loved me and took care of me. I still greatly value her opinion and I try my best to honor her. She is hella funny too. 🙂

Any suggestions,  please leave a comment. I dont want to name it the Cosmic Chickenbunny, because I’m writing some Adventue Novels using that name.

I am changing some of the format of doorfore.com, there will be a podcast section with special guests and their picture when I have guests. There will also be added a section The Zero Report and a section for books when they become available. And a section for written blogs.

I had to tie up alot of loose ends today and I’m working on the Score card and a new Report At The Moment. After I go help someone I just met. Trying nail down a workable schedule with dedicated time to each of the many projects I have going on.

Any suggestions for the name of my podcast are welcome. Could just call it Doorfore. Lol



6 thoughts on “Quick Note:”

  1. Hookers and Cocaine! Lol Interviews with hookers jacked on cocaine??

    How about:
    ‘Just Andy’
    ‘ The Dude & Andy Show’

    • Hahahahahh! It’s an old joke. Remember when that TV station was live and asked that dude buying a Powerball ticket what he was gonna do if he won the $400 million. He looked the lady in the eye and said, well to be honest I’m going to get some hookers and cocaine. ROFL

      so the last time I was married, I would ask my ex wife if we were doing anything that weekend fun and how much money we had. If we were poor she would say, “Strippers and Redbull” this weekend and if we had some good spending money she would say “Hookers and Cocain.” Hahahahahahhahaha!

      So I thought about naming my podcast Hookers and Cocaine because that means Big Win and Big Money. Plus it’s kinda catchy. Hahahahaha

      And anyone who has been around trucking for any length of time knows old truckers who pave asphalt are called Hookers. Because you are hooking and unhooking your wagon all day for money. Old skool CB lingo. Lol

  2. You may as well call it Hunter Biden! He stands out for hookers and cocaine!!! A rose by any other name, dontcha know! 🙂

    • Yes dear. I am going to call it Doorfore podcast. Since this is doorfore. Hopefully! I will get my buisness license tomorrow and I will name my buisness Doorfore productions. Soul proprietor one Andy M. Steenberg.

      Then I will try to get a Covid relief small buisness loan (that one you dont have to pay back) and see if I can caught up on all the bills I’m behind on.

      Be a new podcast today.

      • The title is wonderful, the Soul Proprietor is wonderful, too.

        Your bank can help you with filing a PPE loan, however, you would have had to be in business earlier than today, however, there are Small Business Loans available through the Small Business Association to help you get started. This is the thing (speaking like Biden) IF we undergo another lockdown and the economy is stricken once again, the Fed Gov may pass more stimulus in the form of dollars to the SBA to help small businesses. But, right now, you have an opportunity, if you have been in business prior to today, to file for help through May 31st for a forgivable loan. You would have to use 2019/2020 tax information, that’s how they know what amount you are eligible for. All of this info is on the SBA website. Hope that helps.


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