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did you know they minted a US quarter in 2020 with a Bat holding a baby bat? No state of origin. Just a normal US Quarter and instead of the official US Seal as the “tails” it has a Bat Holding a Baby Bat. Om the other side is George Washington.

Look for your self.

They removed the Eagle seal of the United States of America and replaced it with a Blind Bat holding a blind baby bat.

Now the thing about eagles they are known for their site. I was out fishing on the sound once all day couldnt catch shit. I seen a bald eagle fly from its perch on shore a mile away and catch a humpie salmon 10 feet from my boat. And there I was fishing and not catching shit all day.  Shortly after I caught my limit. So I take it as a good sign now.

When I was going threw my divorce I had a bald eagle land 2 feet in front of my old srt8  charger when I was at a stop sign after work.  It was huge! Spread its wings fully and screeched at it looked right at me. Dropped 2 feathers then flew off.  Quite the experience.  I got out of the car and went and got the 2 wing feathers. One from each wing.  I have them in a box somewhere. I seen lots of cool stuff like this in my life. THE DUDE, ya know?

Now at the end of 2019  because my life emulates the world scale in advance. I woke up one day and I couldnt see past 2 feet in front of me. Somehow when I was sleeping the part of my brain was swollen. I went to get an MRI and they just said IRS swolen so you cant see. They gave me some meds to help with the swelling. 3 weeks later my eye site returned.

Now I can see without my eyes. Part of having so many NDEs I suppose. As you float above your body looking at it, seeing it, smelling everything in the room and hearing everything,  you are using no physical eyes. So I didnt say anything. I just dependended on the mind of my soul to see which isnt dependent on physical eyes. Anyone who has astral traveled can use their souls eyes while leaing their physical eyes on their body.. I even broke my glasses for 4 months and bought some cheap readers because I was being lazy. I don’t need my glasses to see. I just use them because I’m lazy. Lol

Now as I said, I see a great blindness from the Vaccine. Didnt a china man eat a bat and that is how the Rona came to be? The official story. One thing about bats besides they are creatures of the night is they are blind. even their offspring are born physically blind..

Two other quick items of interest. Last year I saw no rain, not a single drop, in all my travels. For 9 months. It was like the eternal sunshine. Where I was it was sunny for 9 months. First time in my life I went that long without seeing a single drop of rain. It rained places I was. But where ever I traveled no rain. I realized that last night as it was just pouring out in front of my house as I saw 2 cops slowly drive by at 2am. Kinda eerily drove by. One sat out in front if my place at the stop sign for 5 minutes. I ain’t doing shit wrong, just having a late smoke soo I dont care  I just waved. The second cruise waved back and then drove off.

Why do you think they would replace the US Seal that has an eagle with a bat and its baby on a regular quarter minted in 2020? Hmmmm.

Funny story, when my oldest boy was 12 and just started dating my first wife (not the one I married in New York in a black out after discovering jello shooters at age 21,  by a  midget Irish catholic priest at the China Club in Manhattan,  with eddy Murphy as my best man in the polaroids, I dont count that one) I was out on the porch and something came flying at me fast. I had a badmitten racket in my hand and I swatted it not knowing what it was and smashed it into the slider door on the porch. It was a little fruit bat. My the girlfriend later to be my first wife. Said what is it? I said it’s a little bat! My son said what are we going to do? My then girlfriend said Dont bring it in the house! I looked at my son and said we are going to do what your supposed to do with dead critters. Poke it with a stick.  He laughed with glee. So we went and got a stick and poked at it. I thought it was dead. It stuck to my stick and my now ex wife yelled down from the loft of the A frame, is it dead???! I went in the house with it stuck to the end of my stick and said I think so! Seee!!! Sure as shit as soon as I said, See that little bastard came back to life and took off flying all over the house. My then girlfriend screamed and ran into the bedroom and stated listing off a bunch of names I also have that I dont care to list today. My son starts laughing so hard he is on the ground holding his belly.   I got the badminton net and a full sized tennis racket and caught the little bastard and punted him out the front door with the tennis racket. I swatted him pretty good. We went and looked in the morning after I ended up having to sleep on the couch that night. Because the bedroom door was locked and she wasnt coming out or letting anyone in but we never found that that little fruit bat. Havent seen one since. Lol

The other thing is, my website is being slowed to a crawl. I can barely log in anymore. Which I’m fine with. Just thought you aught to know.  I ain’t afraid. My GOD resurrected me from death 12 times. Lol. That kinda power, ain’t the one to fight against. I wouldnt mess with my GOD. I’m just glad HE is my friend and not my enemy.

A new opportunity just fell in my lap. See what GOD has to say about it. One things forsure. I’m not a Saint. Lol


Cue:  ~ I can see clearly now ~

Now that the rain is gone.

Just Andy

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  1. I noticed very slow to no load to reach your website from straight Google. Went to another search engine and your page loaded quickly. Now, I will be on the lookout for one of those quarters. More signs, Andy, that this Crap-19 wasn’t an accident. All planned out well in advance.

    • Ya, I found that quater walking to the store on the sidewalk. I thought whoohooo a quarter! Hahaha. Then when I looked at it. I thought this has to be a fake quater. It has a bat on it not the Official Seal of the United Stated.

      Ya even my gmail is slow as F. Thinking about getting back on Facebook. just because I can network on there to find a job. I had to do a resume the other day. First time in 20+ years. I havent even filled out a job application in over 20 years. I just call someone and I network really well and they say come to work. Because they know im a workaholic will always be early and stay late. And will work my ass off the whole time.

      Last time I filled out a job application was when I started as a Casino Regulator. Even then, I knew I had the job before I even filled out the application and did the interview. my boss was my studdy partner at college. There was 100 candidates and he said dont worry about it. I make the decision and you got the job. Just dress nice as a formality and I will give you softball questions. You start in a week. So I went in and 10 minutes after the last guy interviewed he called me and said you got the job.
      I worked there for 8 years and I was union for 12 driving truck. Even when I worked non union, I had guys offer me jobs all the time. Because I have a good name.

      Ya I hate FB. But it’s easier to find a job that way. I worked for one company 60+ hours a week for 8 years. Never was late, always worked OT, never complained or had any drama. Never made one mistake on my paperwork, was teachable and I ended up training all the new guys. Lol. He nick named me IceMan from top gun because the Ice man never makes a mistake. Lol. I Never called in sick. Not one time. Never missed one day of work. He sent me home sick 3 times in that 8 years but I showed up and he made me go home. Lol I didnt even take a vacation in 8 years. My boss was sad when I left. He said, shit dude you are the best employee I have ever had even better than me. Hahaha.

      I got to find something to do. Lol
      So, I’m going away from this thing for a while so I can put energy into that. I ain’t making shit on the website. It’s not like I’m a retired old dude with a paid off house and hardly any bills. I still pay child support. Lol which I got a letter from them saying I over paid them last year. Uhhh what? $182. I said wow, I never had the department of child support say they owed me money. Hahahahha. I didn’t realize I was rounding up $13.00 every month for a while.

      So, I hope to get something going soon. Plus I have the DUDEs work to do. It’s right in front of me. I sure Miss that SHG. But I ain’t talking to her anymore either. I need to get my own place, one with a 2 bedrooms one for one of my kids. I’m pretty much over this living with 5 dudes and 127 ghosts and a female cat that that hates everyone but me buisness. Lol

      • I had 4 people in the last few days that I helped doing the THE DUDES work call me and say, Holy COW man. I just got my dream job! Which I’m genuinely happy for everyone when they are successful. Super happy. One was was a washed up wall street fella that just super high pay job for am 85 year old firm, one level below VP with room for advancement. Being groomed for VP because the guy above him is retiring soon. Super happy for him. He was living in his car when I met him. I’m super happy for him.

        It dawned on me. I dont have a dream job. Lol I think that is weird. I dont have a dream job. I just been going and working ever I ended up at. I did leave a super good job and I fuckd that one up. Try not to be to hard on myself about that. I didnt burn the bridge but they won’t hire me back. I still talk to the boss there every now and then. I messed up my driving record so they cant hire me because I cant get insured on their big rigs because of my dumb ass getting some tickets on my personal driving record. Good job too. Over $100k + benefits and pension. I worked my ass off tho.

        This is the longest i have gone in my life without a job. Since I was 12. Lol 15 months. I been working 60-90 hours a week since I was 12. Lol.

        So, wish me luck. I need to get something going. May even apply at Costco. lol it’s a $23 pay cut from what I was doing. And less than I make on unemployment but atleast I’m doing something besides telling stories on the web. And $20 an hour pays better than this gig by about $19.85 an hour.

        Maybe I should have a dream job. I dont know why I dont have one. I guess doing THE DUDES work is my dream job. Lately that doesn’t pay very well either. Hahahahahahha. But It doesnt keep me from doing it anyway. I got stacks of bills to pay tho. So I need to figure out something.

        Have a good day.

  2. The quarter is the American Somoa 2020 America the Beautiful National Park quarter. This National Parks series started when the State Quarters Series ended.

    The reverse (tails) design depicts a Samoan fruit bat mother hanging in a tree with her pup. The image evokes the remarkable care and energy that this species puts into their offspring. The design is intended to promote awareness to the species’ threatened status due to habitat loss and commercial hunting. The National Park of American Samoa is the only park in the United States that is home to the Samoan fruit bat.

    Sorry fellas, no conspiracy here. I have no Google delay using a tablet.

    Cue – Midnight in the Desert by Crystal Gayle. She wrote & Sang this song as a gift to Art Bell & hand delivered it to him in Pharump, NV.

    • I got an idea I’m tinkering with. I need to find a regulae source of economic security. However, I have an idea I’m going to try to produce more income. It was developed by DARPA. I’m looking at potential buisness models to incorporate with Doorfore to raise revenue generated and maybe at some point I can do this for a living. It’s a fitness thing. I have 35 years experience in nutrician, body building and power lifting.

      At the moment my ego was checked and I put myself behind. So I’m looking for an immediate source of income that legal. Sales seems the fastest way to generate income legally. Lol.

      So we will see.

      • You are a people person & present yourself well. Sell insurance…life, medical, funeral expense, fixed & indexed annuities, etc. All you need to do is pass a simple insurance exam to get your license. Talk to a local insurance agency & they will get you up to speed. Pays well & fast. If you do well, you can rise fast in this industry. Big house & fast cars, & your own business. Invest a few hours to check it out.

        • Thanks Man. Will do.

          You ever read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? I have probably 100 times. maybe more. I read the same 3 books daily. The Bible, The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) and Think and Grow Rich. I add different books to the mix as they present themselves. Sometimes I add old favorites like Sun TzI Art of War, The Book of Enoch, or throw in the Writings of The Koran, Buda, Zen Fables or Krisnas writings. However, those 3 books are the staple of what I read every day.

          Sometimes, I put those 3 books up on a shelf and dont read anything for a months. I just took all 3 of them down off the shelf this morning. So your comment aligns with the Karios Moment. Synchs.

          Now you mentioned selling insurance. in Think and Grow Rich there is a True Story about a man named Darby who was Mining Gold. He got all his friends to invest and he spent everything he had. He eventually gave up Mining Gold and sold the mine and all his equipment and went home broke and humiliated. The person who bought Dabrys Gold mine. Started Drilling where Darby left off and found a large vein of Gold after drilling 3 more feet. The mine that Darby sold ended up being one of the largest Gold strikes in California. producing millions of ounces of Gold. (If memory serves)

          Not all was lost for Darby. He went on to become a millionaire many times over selling insurance. Never forgetting the lesson of stopping 3 feet from Gold.

          Since this is Doorfore, mining the future highlighted in Gold. What I hear you saying is I’m 3 feet from stiking Gold. The thing is, I’m not Darby. I have the knowledge of his story and the advantage of seeing.

          I can keep mining and striking Gold and go sell insurance potentially making millions in both.

          My brother is in the insurance industry. He does quite well. I will talk to him. He lives in Anchorage, Ak. So it may be different in a different state. Thanks for your words. I will consider them. I have to go help someone. It’s the second thing on my list every day. Then I have a lead on a car sales job. I will also look into the insurance thing today. After the gym. Working out clears my mind and is good for my body.

          Thank you. I bid you good day

        • Funny that kitty that loves the shit out of me and doesnt like anyone or let anyone touch her without getting the claws. She is a calico kitty. She doesnt have any orange on her. Her fur is golden with just a few speckled with black fur. Big Bright blue eyes. Not the regular cat eyes.

          If she needs fed, she comes and meows at me. If she wants out? She comes and meows at me. There could be 20 people in the living room and they will even open the door to let her outside to go potty. She wont budge until I let her out. They will put a scoop of food in her bowl but she wont eat it until I sprinkle some on it.

          One roommates trie to let her In the house the other day. It was just pouring down rain. She wouldnt budge. So he grabbed her and got the claws and threw her in the house. She ran real quick and waited for me to get home. When I got home. She meowed at me as soon as she saw me, rubbed between my legs just soak and wet and went in the house with me. Climbed on my bed, so I got a towel and dried her off. My roommate says, dude i tried to put her on the house and she clawed the shit out of me and would not come in until you got home.

          Last I woke up and she was sitting on my chest cleaning my beard with with her tongue. I said damn it. Get off me. she curled up next to me and started purring and fell asleep.

          I mean she is so mean she killed the other house cat and left it dead next to the food bowl. Why the hell she loves me? I honestly dont know. She only sleeps in my room. And if its getting late and I’m messing around she will come meow at me and then go get on the bed. If I dont come to bed she will come back out and meow at me then get back on the bed to let me know its time to go to bed.

          It’s the damndest thing. So, I’m having a relationship with a kitty that hates everyone but loves me. I’m not sure what to think about it.

          I will tell ya one thing Mr Mason. When she is in my room. Its peaceful and there are no ghosts or other entities. For some reason. They dont come in my room when she is in there. Kinda weird.

          I’m looking for relationship, love and connection with human woman not a damn cat. Hahahahhaha. Well I’m not trying that hard to find a human woman. Actually making zero effort. But I guess God gives us what we need for a while sometimes instead of what we want.

          Pretty funny. Earth! What a strange world sometimes. Hahahahah

          I’m sure there is some kind of lesson in it. I don’t mind. It’s pretty cool she feels safe enough to have a relationship with me. Without getting out the claws. It’s a beautiful thing.

          All my house mates said when you move out, you are taking her with ya. I said yeah probably. she is 6 years old and alot of men have come and gone from the house and not dude has she ever liked until me. They said you have to take her with ya. She chose you and we want a cat that likes everyone and is nice to everyone not just you. Hahahaha

  3. Andy, most of your writings show a ridiculously exaggerated “NEED for love” (like most of us have!! ;-)), but you heap it on way too much. Your extra need for LOVE even a cat can feel.

    Ever wonder why the DUDE shortchanges you ??

    Best to you and your endeavours, live is tough!!

    • Nah man. I been alone except a few girlfriends for less than 6 months for a while. I honestly think its because I give so much of myself to help other people I feel empty alot. I speak all the love languages. And my love tank gets empty. I love hard as I can and I dont ask for anything in return.

      because if I ask for payment from the people I help change their life by loving them when nobody and in most cases they dont even love themselves? Then it’s not real love.

      Now, If they want to do something nice for me in return out of the goodness in their own heart. I dont say no to that. however, I dont demand payment for doing good works.

      And every now and then someone suprises me and donates to my cause without being asked. I have also had some people in my life be extremely generous on rare occasions just because they were moved to do so. But I dont ask for it. I don’t demand it because my loving people and helping them change their lives isnt for a payment. As I said, I’m good because that is who Iam. I do good works because it’s good to do so. I’m good because THE DUDE is Good. HE is running the show not me.

      Most of the time, they just say thank you and pay it forward.

      I honestly dont think that is why the golden kitty loves me at all. Lol. I think she feels safe with me. That is why she comes in my room and hangs out. Kitties work of instinct. One that fights everyone is scared. She isnt afraid of me. She knows I will only love her and be kind. That is probably why she hangs out with me. It certainly ain’t all about me. But I can see how you view it that way. I try to see everyones perspective.

      I just do better in healthy relationships. That’s all and I want that again. I took a 9 months off from dating anyone. I havent dated anyone since since the end of January. not even slept with anyone and I have had offers. Lots of them.

      I’m a hopeless romantic. Ugh it Saint easy being a big scary man with a big soft juicy heart. Hahahaha!

      THE DUDE never short changes me. Lol. Never not once. I strongly disagree with that. I piss and moan sometimes. Most of the time I dont. I’m sure I’m Blessed and Highly fortunate. Listen to today’s podcast. It will explain a few things. Thanks for stopping by.

      • “But I can see how your view it that way. I try to see everyone’s perspective.”

        A(ndy) I do know you only by what you’ve published. B) I respect your perspective.

        The reason I’ve posted is that I see much of you reflected in my own son; Though, he’s successful as an entrepreneur much else applies to him as well.

        May the “DUDE” be with you ;-).

        Sorry, I have different views of the world.

        • All good dude. Thanks for giving a shit about me enough to make a comment. I really do appreciate it.

          I mean I originally started my website in the basement of a dilapidated house that I rented a room out of for $300 a month on my cell- phone. All after I turned my back on a hella high paying jov to go see about a damn woman I didnt even know her name because of s stupid sticky emoji that flew in my car window on south hill in spokane. And now she doesnt even want to be with me or me with her.

          Hahahahahahhahaha! Until George Ure took pitty on me and helped me a shit ton to get it up and running on word press.

          I wanted to try to do something creative and fun instead of driving circles in a dump truck like a good little drone worker slave.

          I mean record my podcasts on my phone in my car over blue tooth, that I am now 5 months behind on, has no plate on it because my tabs are expired and my insurance lapsed the day I drove from Montana in the snow with bald tires and the brake pads toast, mostly on in the parking lot of a Convient store while drinking a $0.99 coffee.

          So, I think my attitude is pretty good mister. Hahahahhahahahhah! I mean I got no where to go but up from here!


          Ya feel me? I may just need a Hug. Hahhahhahahas But what I want is a blow job and big sandwich. Hahahahahh. Throw in a 2020 Hellcat Charger Daytona, a couple Million Dollars and 5’4, 130lb blond with a nice rack and great legs in heels while your at it. Hahahahahha





          Sometimes the measure of a man isnt how much money and stuff he has. Although I like money and cool stuff. Sometimes the true measure of a Man is well, eating dried top romin out of the bag (they call tr when ghetto chips) while hitting a wall of snow at 70 mph in a car with no insurance, sketchy brakes and bald tires and thinking well Jesus’s I guess you guys were wrong about me living until 2088. This has to be the end of me! Turning up the stereo to max volume while it screams Sweet Home Alabama by skynyrd, Firing up a cigarette and hanging one arm out the window in the snow and flying the bird and screaming fuck the world! And I tokyo drift through the corner into Idaho. Hahahahahahhahaha

          But I’m still here. I got tires and brakes now. So that is good. Sometimes I don’t like Gods Jokes. Hahahahaha. He asks me all the time. Aren’t you having fun yet? I scream Fish or Cut Bait DUDE. quit fing with me. He just laughs. Then says what are ya worried about. I got you little dude. HE is the only one who calls me little. Hahaha nobody ever calls me little but HIM. Hahahaha

          I dont hold anything back from HIM. I am always honest with HIM.

          So thanks man. We may have different views. That doesnt mean I dont value yours. I appreciate your thoughts. Truly.

          • I’ll check in again some time but no promise, because my heart left me a message this morning. ;-(

            I’m already > 90 and I’m aware of that fact. You stay well, and if I ever meet that DUDE we’ll chat about Andy. 😉

          • May you recieve more than you ever hoped for and beyond your wildest imaginations old dude. 90 years is long long life. It is my hope that you have a wonderful “spiritual experience”.

            You’re not dead yet. So live this day as best as you are able. I appreciate all the wisdom you have shared with me these last few years I have got to know you on the interwebs. I value it greatly and I value you greatly for taking the time to share it. I only know what I know. Thank you for teaching me somethings that I didnt. I will carry that wisdom with me and freely give it to others.

            In doing so, no matter if you die today or in 10 years you will still be alive in the minds who remain here. And that wisdom you shared with me and others carrys on to help this world become a better place. They may not remember your name or where they go it. But a part of you will live and thrive in this world for a long long time after you are gone. Immortalized in the minds who live on and how they live their lives.

            Ya, please tell DAD, I need money. Hahahha! Thanks old dude.


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