Report card for ~ The Zero report.~ The Hits.

I have a long list of “hits” backed up by links for ~The Zero Report ~ issue #0.

First Edition, #0 released on 29 November, 2020,

  1. Prediction: The Dow
    hitting 32,214 points is a “Temporal Mile Marker.” * A
    temporal mile marker is defined: as a signpost along theroad of the future that also indicates the happening ofother events in simultaneous juxtaposition. At exactly Midnight (Zero hours)  on On march 25th, 2021 I missed that mile marker by 80 points. , LINK: Found here   NOTE: The Zero Report predicted at the  Dow would go up.  At time of prediction: Dow High on 26, October, 2020, was  26,659.11 and went to 32,214  on 25 March 2021,   The important thing is:   Temporal Mile marker is present.  
  2. Prediction: There will be a 11% decline in Initial report of Christmas
    sales.  On 12 December, 2020, Shoppers spent an average of $312, a 14 percent drop from $362 in 2019. Found here
  3. Prediction: I had place Joe Biden above him in that
    prediction as it relates to this election, or “coming out
    on top”.  On November 22, 2020,  after much controversy, Joe Biden did come up on top and is now the sitting President of the United States.
  4. Prediction: I see a great diaspora from social platforms such as
    Facebook due entirely to an invasion of privacy leak as it
    relates to a massive data breach at Facebook including
    credit and debit card information stored.  On / AP, Details from more than 500 million Facebook accounts have been found available on a website for hackers. Found here
  5. Prediction: In abstract unfolding potential of there much data
    supporting a Black out of the PowerGrid failure in the
    Northeast states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire,
    Connecticut, Rhode Island and some parts of New Jersey as
    due to a massive Ice and Snowstorm. The National Guard will
    be deployed and Fema to help US citizens by mid-February.
    Similar in nature as the Hurricane of 1804. Note: The Storms location, is inaccurate, The Storm Hit Texas and the southern states:  On February 13–17, 2021, Massive power grid failure accounts all 236 counties in Texas, New Mexico, and other southern states:  Found here
  6. Also Note that the Date I had stated that could signal the  the stock market, and Bitcoin, correction lines up perfectly with the Date that The Texas Storm Hit. as was stated in the report:  “as early as ( stated Date)”  Which has yet to unfold. ** Please know, sometimes I am off by entire year. Originally I thought the “blackouts” around the globe (posted in Urban Survival comment section)would have happened in 2020, however they started happening in 2021. 
  7. Prediction: The price of silver will rapidly move up in value of 180%
    its current price by the end of march.  On 19 March, 2021 – A group from the Forum Reddit, Sub forum Wallstreet Bets, pushed silver from 22.00 an ounce on Kitco to 29.94 with contracts going as high as $32 an ounce for delivery. That is a 60% increase. Pretty good increase and very exciting event, predicted 5 months in advance I got the percentage wrong. However the event was there.Found Here
  8. Prediction: Gold will move toward $2,690 by the end of April. On 05 Janruary, 2021, Gold hit $1950 and double topped from its high of $1950 on 06 November, 2020. As of today it is currently $1750 at 1205am PCT, 04/09/2021.  The Prediction is at the End of April, so the jury is still out on this one. I could be wrong about this, Double top usually indicates correction in price and the Dollar is getting stronger last few days. We shall see.
  9. Prediction: The Vaccine will be mandatory. On See Green Pass in Israel, UK,  New York state has implemented its “Excelsior Pass” to facilitate entry to sports arenas and other large venues for those who have been vaccinated. etc. Note: After the next wave of the “Virus” we shall see this more prevalent and mandatory
  10. Prediction: The Annual report of loss revenue for The Boeing will
    exceed 20 Billion US dollars. On Feb 22, 2021, Boeing reported a 18.4 Billion dollar loss of revenue from 2020
  11.  Prediction: In the unfolding Abstract Potential there will be a
    “Poisoning” of the water supply located outside of San
    Francisco? I am unsure to its exact location. I am unsure
    to the exact date and this will be addressed also in the
    next report.   On 30, March 2021, Hazardous water leaking from retention pond in Manatee County might impact Southwest Florida Found Here  also Japan decides to dump 1 million tons of radioactive waist into the Pacific ocean  Found here
  12.  Prediction: Mexico, I do see a mass reverse migration back to Mexico of
    migrant workers due loss of jobs, social instability in the
    United States and discrimination issues. NOTE: This Prediction is absolutely in wrong.  There actually has been a massive build up at the boarder. 100% Inverted,  I was 100% inaccurate in my assessment and own it. 
  13. Prediction: Ice Road trucking in the north
    where there appears to be an truck falling through the Ice.  On Jan. 1, 2021, The Company that works behind the scenes for the Show Ice Road Trucking, pulled a Chevy Silverado from the  Alberta’s frigid Slave River 
  14. Prediction: From my vantage point, one such person’s name is or
    relating to or in relation to a person named “Merrik” all
    indicators say this person is from Detroit. Could be a
    musician. I have no idea when this person takes the world
    stage or how. However, this name has come up several times
    as plausibility in the Unfolding abstract potential as a
    rising star to the world stage and a voice representing a
    conglomerate of people. I did research it and there is a
    bank in Utah named Merrick however, I am unsure if it is
    related.  On 11 March, 2021, Merrick Garland became the 86th General Attorney of the United States of America.  (NOTE: I had no idea who this dude was.  Certainly “Represents a Conglomerate of people” which is kind of funny)
  15. Prediction: Another person who will rise to be a voice is a person name
    Alice or relating to the name Alice. (This has to do with me being the “Doorman”  And Alice in wonderland, which I was unaware of at the time of writing the report. hahahha.
  16. Prediction: There is also a very strong from my assessment that a “must
    have” new gadget will be introduced into the world. Similar
    in nature to Virtual Reality, symphony music and 3D
    printing. I am unsure how it relates to both those
    technologies at this time; however, it seems related. It
    will take the world by storm as much as the Polaroid
    Camera, Rubix Cube, VCR, Cell Phone, DVD Player, personal
    computer, etc have in the past. Will be more popular than
    Fortnite with childrenOn 11 March, 2021, PG File Sells for $69 Million, as ‘NFT Mania’ Gathers Pace. That is a jpeg that sold for $69 million, Tons of Musicians and other artists are joining the NFT Mania Found Here.
  17. Prediction: there is a strong resurgence of Vinal rising and
    record players. On 11 March, 2021, Vinyl sales overtake CDs for first time in 34 years. Found here
  18. Prediction: There is wide supporting data that says Villanova will win
    the NCAA Basketball Championship. An underdog story that will bring a lot of hope to the people in the United States.  NOTE: Absolutely Wrong. I misinterpreted the data. Nevertheless, It is a wrong prediction. I will explain how I miss read the data. I sent a note to George Ure on 04 December, 2020, about this prediction via Email, As I sat outside a Gonzaga Fraternity in Spokane Washington. I Honestly don’t know much about NCAA College Basketball. I saw a basketball roll in front of  my car as I was thinking about the night before while in bed with a Beautiful woman talking about Wildcats having  Sex.  Honestly, When I wrote the report, I just looked up basketball teams that had Cat Logos.  Now the NCAA Women’s Basketball Team the Arizona Wildcats made it to the Championship Game and The NCAA Men’s Basketball Team Gonzaga University made it to the Championship Game after both defeated all the teams except one in the Championship. Both Teams went on to loose in the Championship, Hopefully, not because I misinterpreted the data. See Screen shot of my Note to George Ure on 04 December 2020 about my prediction and the data. Which clearly verifies my story. LOL However, I was wrong. I will own that.
  19. Prediction: For now the data and language behind of Civil War has
    subsided in the United States.  Since the Capitol storming the Language behind Civil war has subsided, for now.  
  20. Prediction: Italy’s economy is collapsing. Italy is on track to have a negative 17% GDP. On 8 April, 2021, [Ratios being Ratios, this should be in the ballpark of negative 17% ]   The International Monetary Fund estimates Italian debt surged from 135 percent of GDP pre-pandemic to 156 percent at the end of 2020. Found here
  21. Prediction: Spain is on track to have a negative 13% in Gdp. On 29, January, 2021The Spanish government, led by a center-left coalition of the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos, had estimated a GDP contraction of 11.2% in”   Found Here
  22. Prediction: It is my assessment that there is a there is a perfect storm brewing for Europe this Winter. On 03 April, 2021,Food price spikes ahead! Incoming major Arctic cold blast across Europe is a new threat for global food supply chain. Found Here
  23. Prediction: to complete its Nord Stream Pipeline. Having reference to Russia and Ukraine, On 26 March, 2021, Gazprom chairman says Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to be finished this year despite U.S. pressure – TASS Found Here, Note: (The language in the report reflected Russian and Ukraine involvement, I had ignored stating a conflict due to my understanding that I actually thought that Russia was already occupying the Ukraine. Apparently they are attempting that now)
  24. Prediction: The Nation of Great Brittan will stop all entry though its borders. No one goes in and no one goes out unless by expressed written permission from the Parliament under the guise of protecting its borders from the Pandemic.  On 15 January, 2021,Britons are currently banned by law from going on holiday abroad under the extraordinary powers Parliament has given the government to fight the pandemic. Nobody is allowed to travel to or from the UK without  expressed written authorization by Parliament. Found Here
  25. Prediction: UK  will be in lock down for 4 months due to an explosion of reported COVID-19 cases. Britain has recorded almost 127,000 coronavirus deaths, the highest toll in Europe. See above link. 
  26. Prediction: I see a resurgence of the IRA and Acts of Violence against Parliament. On 08 April, 2021, A wave of protests lasted for six consecutive days in Northern Ireland, with cars set on fire and the use of Molotov cocktails by protesters. The escalation of tension peaked in the early hours of Thursday (8), the most violent to date, Dissatisfaction with Brexit in Northern Ireland leads to chaos and nights of violence – 04/08/2021 – Worldwide Found here
  27. Prediction: Great Britain’s GDP will be -9%,  On 12 February, 2021, Britain’s economy shrank by a record-breaking 9.9% in 2020 Found Here
  28. Prediction: France will continue to escalate in protests and riots. There is
    plausibility in the unfolding abstract potential a spark of massive
    outrage from a video of a Young French girl being lit on fire by 2
    Muslim immigrants in a park in Paris. This could be a reference to
    Alice? It is unclear currently as to the name of the girl.  On 02 April, 2021, in Paris TEXAS (not France my mistake)Mayor Candidate Uses Images of French Riots to Promote “Strong Public Safety” in Fort Worth, The image of a flaming SUV is certainly striking. The implication of the flyer paid for by the Brian Byrd campaign for mayor, aimed directly at the race’s most prominent Black candidate, Deborah Peoples. NOTE: The data I had was reference to Paris, Fire, Muslims and Female. The Image of the SUV on Fire in the Flyer, is from a Riot in Paris France against Muslims, however it was used in a campaign for Paris, Texas, The Female wasn’t on Fire it was a female Candidate running for mayor in Paris Texas. Again, this is a misinterpretation of the data presented by me, because I was unaware of a Paris Texas, and the image used on the flyer is from Paris France Protests against the Muslims. Found Here
  29. Prediction: China, There are strong indicators in the current trajectory there
    will be magnified and more violent recurrence of the Tiananmen square incident as it relates to a group called the Twelve. I am unsure who the 12 are. Same magnitude of outrage as the George Floyd incident in the United States earlier this year. On 14 March,  2021 Myanmar security forces fired on pro-democracy demonstrators on Monday killing five people, media and witnesses said. Comes a day after dozens of protesters were shot dead and attackers in the city of Yangon China. Found Here 
  30. Prediction: The Chinese Yuan currency going into Super Inflation due to
    years of Currency Manipulation and the massive reduction in exports due to the Pandemic. It my assessment that the Chinese Yuan has been suppressed for so long that its current Value is 1/20 of its accepted Value. NOTE:It was my assessment that there would be a fleeing from the Yuan to the crypto currency NEO, this was a misinterpretation of the data and wrong. China created a Crypto Yuan. Again this is a misinterpretation on my part of the data i saw in the Unfolding Abstract Potential. On 12 February, 2021 China Announced a Crypto Version of the Chinese Yuan was being instituted. Found Here 
  31. Prediction: The Moex Russian Index has begone its 3rd wave Extension according to my read of Elliot Wave theory, it should rise to as much as 362%. On 29 November, 2020 The Moex Russian Index high was 2691, On 16 March, 2021 the Moex Russian Index High was 3596 An increase of 397%.  *********Big Shout out to George Ure at Urban Survival for teaching me Eliot Wave Theory! I learned that from Him. SO George is as responsible for this prediction as much as me. Thanks George, You taught me well!  Found here 
  32. Prediction: Australia, Kangaroo Storm? I am unsure what Kangaroo storm means. On 23 March, 2021, Kangaroo trapped during the horrific once-in-a-century rainstorm and flooding was rescued. Found Here
  33. Prediction: It is my assessment that there will be a coup attempt in Yemen, and it will ignite instability in the region with Yemen going into a Revolution. On 16 March, 2021 Hundreds of angry Yemenis stormed the presidential palace in Aden Tuesday “Revolution, revolution in the south, Found Here
  34. Prediction: I do see a major earthquake in the Ring of fire with great impact on Malborne area. 7.2 or greater  On 05 March, 2021, A 7.4 Earthquake Hit Kermadec Islands then 2 hours later there was an 8.1 EQ.  Right Event, Wrong Locality but same region .Found Here
  35. Prediction: I still see a Tsunami wave hitting Brazil, but this could be a reference to the Pandemic. On 17, January 2021,  A new Covid Mutation was Discovered in Brazil,  Which is two and a half times more transmittable and affects Children. the country recorded 2,286 Covid deaths a day. The chance of reinfection is put at between 25% and 60%. as a “Tsunami” of new deaths and infections hit Brazil. Found Here



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