Spiralling out.

Remember I am using the creation model and template. Complexity is simplicity inverting within itself and exploding out word in spiral form using itself as a template to know its self.  This is the modal of creation in the Milky Way Galaxy. There is two spirals present. The Krystal Spiral and the Fibonacci Spiral.

The Fibonacci spiral draws inward.

The Krystal Spiral propels outward.

Remember it is emotion that accelerates the swing of the Arch. Negative charged emotion draws in and Positive charged E-motion or “energy in motion” propels outward.

Also remember we live in a phenomenon environment that is grid like in function and form. All Chess pieces move in spiral formation. The arch of the  Knight is more prominent than that of the pawn however all chess peace’s move in spiral form. It is the Mind that Spirals in response.

As it relates to the Grid of Phenomenal Realty we can clearly see the presence of Teslas 3,6,9 model of the Universes in Present lattice matrice of “time”.

3: past past, past present,  past future.

6: present past, present present, present future.

9: future past, future present, future future.

It is within the lattice matrice of “time” that the proto-Gstalt develops the Archetypes that Create Phenomenal Reality as experiences though sensory in organic material by the soulular vehicle.

Aka the Body encopasing the soul.

Remember the magnetic friction is highest at presuppose if switching from negative charged emotions (drawing in or  imploding) and Positive Charged emotions (propelling outward or exploding).  I have been drawing in for some time or deconstructing.  Now is the time to switching to creating.

This is the current model of creation in material reality. We don’t need to “re-invent the wheel” we need only work within the “time tested” model to produce the desired effects. Atleast I work with it instead of against it.

In 2008 Hiden Hand said they needed a “negative charged” harvest. I’m not willing to be part of that harvest. I will merely create with THE DUDE who is above all in this Relm what this world was created to be in the first place. A place to over come duality not to be bound by it.

There is a bit more to it than that but that is enough for most to grasp.

I create my own good signs as well.

Just Andy

3 thoughts on “Spiralling out.”

  1. I remember zero from TB2000 or the LT forums. That was so long ago and so many things, thoughts and ideas have changed since then.

    You mentioned Ever Given, Evergreen ( Seattle – Emerald City) and Ever-est but what about Ever-ett? And then there’s Tacoma (known as City of Destiny) and Mt Rainier, aka, Tacoma? The 13 year old boy in the exorcist “story” lived in Mt Rainier, MD (named for the Mountain.) If any of this rings your bell, please share.

    Your take on the DC events back in January was interesting to me.

    I’m not grasping the above easily but I’m thinking of a pendulum moving back and forth. Another lesson?

    Be well -k

    • God if you remember me on Timebomb 2k. That was a long time ago. There was this dude who went by “Forever Blessed” on the Tree of Liberty Forum. He was probably the smartest and most articulate person I have ever met anywhere on the web. He is the one who taught me to look at different dimensional angles. I cant even tell you how much this dude taught me. Just the way he thought just blew my mind. He was always ranting about “a course of Miracles”. Which I dont subscribe too. He did teach me to think a certain way and i discovered a whole way of thinking and it opened my mind to a reality I had not considered. He was very hard on me because of my abilities and how I was using them. I caught his attention when I predicted several earthquakes to the date weeks in advance.

      I never met anyone remotely like him. He spoke like 20 differnent languages and was always at the library. If you ever read the Hiden Hand dialog done in 2008, on what wa sthat forum.. some alien form ATF? Cant remember anyway. This dude talked and thought exactly how the dude who said he was part of Hidden Hand. I mean, I’m pretty smart. I’m pretty gifted. But that dude was off the charts intelligent and he used words in flow that I would have to look up 4 or 5 in a row to understand what he meant. One of the best teachers I have ever had. He was hard on me. Pushed me to places I didnt know my mind could go. Pushed me to think way outside the box. I’m forever grateful for meeting him.

      Thanks for stopping by. Be back to writing and podcasting tomorrow. Thanks for the walk down memory isle.

    • I never considered the Ever ett. Wonderful. thank you. The pendulum. the plumb Bob and the square. Many spiritual applications as the Level and the compass. Amazing good thinking Kate. Good for you! I’m sure you will figure it out. 🙂

      You know the area code for this area is 425, however the area code I use the most, which is also in this area.

      360. A perfect circle as it relates to meditation with a compass. 🙂 good insight. Perhaps a blog tomorrow. A story about the mountain that an old friend taught me once.


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