Spirit Walker.

My good buddy Hank nicknamed me that. He is the first person who has ever called me that and I had never heard of it before that.  Which is odd because I have spent the last 20 years devouring vast quantities of information all things spiritual, estoic, reading every know and mostly unknown religions that has ever existed.

I have read over 138 different stories of creation. Everything from Ancient Greek Mythology,  Tao, Zen, thousand of old Tibetan Scholls, celtic books of Magic from the 1100’s considered back then by the church heresies. The Cloud upon the Sanctuary, paganism, zoroastrian, confucianism,  the Chtistian Bible 27 times on many different translations, the Koran 4 times, translated the Torah by teaching my self Hebrew, The Talmud, over 90% of the Library at Theosphy. Org,  all Hermetic stuff,  knights templars stuff, All Crowlys books to The Law of One several times, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Elf Transmissions, Seth Speaks, Edgar Cayse, thousand thousands of old Books on every religion including the Kaballa,  Jewish Mysticism,  Norse Poems and Mythology,  Cherokee,  Myan, Aztec mythology,  Hopi indian and Navaho and Native Alaksan stories. I collected old books, Unitatian Church, I even had an Origal First Print Scientology Bible and a King James Bible that was printed in 1702. Hymilahan Masters Teachings to ancient Basque to African Tribal folklore. Hundreds of old Sansktit Cune writing tablets All Gnostic Writings, all the known Apocryphal,  a ton of Eptian stuff, Tons and tons of King Solomon’s writings and the Oracle of Delphi.  You nameit, I probably read it. And many many more to many times count.   Thousands of fictional books too. Tons of old westerns and Clive Burton is always a favorite with Steven King. Even read some ancient Mongolian Tribal stuff and the ancient practice of scream praying. Which banned by the government. Because it was horrific to listen too.  I heard some old tapes of it and it sounded like the person was dying.  Lots of Amazon Tribal stuff. And The Book Of Enoch, The Way (a translation of tibetan scrolls from when Jesus went to see the Wise men in Tebet in his 20s. Very rare on the web and usually scrubbed off as fast as it gets on it.) The Book of Morman a few times and  tons of ancient mystasism. And Carlos Costinada, tons Terrance McKenna stuff and Shaminsm and Druid stuf .  Even the Hawian, Fiji,  and South Asian Gods and tons of Aberiginal stuff.   In my surches.  I probably have a unofficial double PHD in symbolism and ancient religious ceremonies and beliefs. Hahahaha.

I have a photo graphic memory and sometimes i forget where my car keys are when they are in my hand. Hahahah.  Ring pass not. Hahaahha

To the point!

I had an interesting “visit” last night. I have insomnia really bad lately. I’m not the only one I know experiencing this. I mentioned it to a couple people like me who are very energy sensitive and all of them. Over 50 of us are experiencing insomnia.

Some one mentioned last night, As OB1 Ken Nobi once said, Sencing a disturbance in the Force.

When I fell asleep some pushed up against me last night. I wasnt awake and I felt a hand touching my hip and a voice whisper. ‘I feel so comfortable and safe with you my love. ‘ I was not awake and it dawned on me I was sleeping alone I opend my eyes and i turned from laying on my side and saw a blond woman in her late 20s. Short sandy blonde hair. She was wearing a can can dress from the 20s. I left out of bed and said what the hell and stepped on a cat’s tail it hissed and jumped up in the air vanished. As it vanished I heard the same woman say Clara bell! And she vanished too.

I thought insomnia shit is kicking my ass! It was 5am.  I fell asleep at 3am. I grabbed my smokes, threw on some clothes and went out to the deck to smoke.  I thought the cat I stepped on was the House Cat named Vivian.

While I’m out smoking Vivian was outside and came up a few minutes later she is a calico cat not a black cat. But the room was pretty dark. I had a night light on.  I petted her and she mowed to go  . the house.

As I went to the door to let her in, as I grabbed the handle o saw in the reflection of the window on the door the sandy blonde girl, in the 1920’s dress and full outfit for a night on the town. She walked right through me as I opend the door. She reached up and kissed my ear and I felt something touch it.

Now I’m weird.  Weirder than most. I see lots of weird shit and I done copious amounts if drugs in my life, plus I have died 12 times. So i see all kinds of weird shit all the time. Lol. I just dont say anything about it.

I went back into my room and went to bed. And something knocked my coat off the hanger and on the floor. I said not now! I need sleep.  Then it was quiet.

I live in really really old house.  It’s a 6 bedroom.  I rent the master bedroom. a men’s house. We can anyone over to spend the night and come and go as we please. Lots of good dudes here.  We only have one cat. Vivian the Calico.

I needed a place to land when I moved back and it’s a good place. Decent rent for a Giant bedroom for around here.

I asked my roommate this morning. Hey dude! Did we get another cat? He said no.  I said I swear to God I stepped on a black cats tail last night. He said Recovery or Clarabell? I said what? He said we have ghosts here. I said how did ya know it was Clarabell? He said she comes in sits on my bed and purrs some times. He has been living there a few years.

I said we have Ghosts? He said nobody told you this? I said no. Nobody has and laughed! Would have been nice to know.

He said Oh does that freak ya out? I said I’m cool with it.  I’m kinda weird like that. He said all of us in the house have had NDEs and all the ghosts are pretty friendly.  I told Him I had 12 NDEs. He said one of the other guys has had 7 who lives downstairs.  He said everyone in the house has had multiple NDEs. Its always like that here. It’s like the draws men like that here.

I said you said Ghosts. Plural.  How many are there. He said I think I’ve seen 19 different ones and 3 different animals. 2 cats and a dog.  I said WOW! YOU SEEN 19 DIFFERENT GHOSTS IN THIS HOUSE!

He laughd and said, I suspect you will be moving out soon.  Its alot for most people. I said how many are there. He said he house manager before Him said had told him he researched the house once at the Library and said it was built in 1809 on a old indian burial gound.

I said What?!!!! He said yeah it was old army barracks in 1809 when the settlers moved here to much protest of the Natives. I said like the fing! Movie the Poltergeist!!!! Really!

He said you haven’t met the Cheif yet? He is always playing with the microwave. I see him every now and then out of the corner of my eye. Every blue moon he turns the microwave on for 27 minutes with nothing in it between 2 and 3 in the morning.  I said that funny! My ex girlfriend the Sweet Honey Girl has a thing about that number.

He said its harmless stuff. He said the old House Manager said he found out 127 people have died in this house since it was built. I said that is my mail box number at the post office. He laughed and said ya, that totally makes sense.

Alot of the fellas have seen the Captian running around the house with an arrow in His head mumbling about someone named Muffy or Buffy.  He is turns on the TV when he walks by.

I said are fcking kidding me???!!!!  This has to he a joke! He said I seriouse dude. This house is one of the original houses here. It’s been through 2 world wars. Just in the last 30 years 20 people have died here.

The another roommate walked up who has lived there for 6 months. Said oh you met the Chief or the Captian? My other roommate said, he Met Calra bell and I think Gretchen is crushing on him. I said Gretchin?? He said sandy blonde hair, wearing a 1920’s dress. She was murdered in this house by a jealous boyfriend is was what I was told. She is really nice and very flirty and affectionat. I said yes she is  and you described her perfectly! I didnt even mention her! How did ya know? He said she is always with Clara Bell.

I started hilariously laughing.  They both told me some crazy stories about the Ghosts like leaving the kitchen late at night and the water starts running and micro kicks on for 27 minutes and they hear a little kids giggle and the light will go on.  Stuff like that.

He said ya giving notice??? I said why the hell would I want to leave??? I want to meet them all!! Hahahahahah. I want get an Ouija Board! Hahahahaha

They both said, let me know if ya see the Bishop. He is usually hanging with my Mom.  I said your Mom? Like a Catholic Bishop?! He said a real Catholic Bishop! I seen his reflection in the window once. Wearing a Bishop outfit. He was Dancing with my Mom.  I said Your Mother Died here? He said no no no. I have her Urn upstairs. I laughed and said. Are you guys messing with me??? He said do some research dude. The almost shut this place down 10 years ago because so many people have died here. It’s a historical land mark.

I said Wow!

Then He said please dont bring one of those Oiji boards in here. This house is already full. We dont want more here.  these ghosts are all friendly and mostly play little pranks and a few of the females just want love and comfort. It’s not you.  It’s like they think someone else they remember.  He said they all get along and dont bother us too much.

I said ok, cool.  This is good to know.  Hahahah

I headed to the gym I thought how funny.  Hank Called me a Spirit Walker and I live in Haunted House with over 127 ghosts which is same number as my mail box at the post office. I’m right where I’m suppose to be. Hahahahahahha!

I love to have a normal life one day! But how boring would that be??!!!  Hahahahahha. 127 ghosts?!!! Now that is fun! Hahahahah

I stopped and got Gas, as I got out of the car I looked up at the sky and said Dude! Really?!!!  I’m living in a Haunted house with 127 ghosts and 3 animal ghosts??? This is the Master fuckin Plan?!  Then a couple people at the gas pump next to me started Laughing Hysterically (about something else I think) and one of them said Yep! That’s the good shit right there!

I just shook my head and started laughing.

The pot thickens! hahahahahahha

Have a wonderful Day! I know I will!

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

Cue: ~River~

Bishop Briggs


A note:  about this song. This song always reminds me of Hands Down the wildest New Years Eve I ever had with a chick I met off Tinder. But that story my friends is for another time.


10 thoughts on “Spirit Walker.”

  1. Andy,

    I didn’t see Mary Summer Rain on your list.

    IF you have read her, then you would know what a Spirit Walker is.

    It’s time for you to acquaint yourself with her 24/25+/- books.


    You will notice one of the titles is Dream Walker and Phantoms Afoot (associated with helping ghosts cross over).

    Really, you would devour all of these books, star with Spirit Song, then Phoenix Rising, and this will pull together for you where some of your experiences are plying together like a web.

  2. It gets even weirder, Andy. I didn’t know what a spirit walker was either, just that it was a native name/descriptor. It just came to me out of the blue… way back when you started posting on George’s site. I told George in an email that I wanted to donate to get a Peoplenomics subscription … “for our ‘Spirit Walker’ friend, Andy”. That was way back before I told you the name. I just got that ‘spirit walker’ vibe from your first writings there. I’m kinda sensitive like that sometime, and like you, I always pay attention. I have never had an NDE, but I have ingested a fair amount of ‘white gold’ that I once made. It gave me an involuntary Kundalini and brief out-of-body experience. The spiritual sensitivity remains with me. I recognized that sensitivity in your writings, too. Synchronicity strikes… frequently… if we just listen. Most people don’t.
    Aloha, my friend!

    • Wow! That is the 3rd time this week I heard about “white gold’. I use colloidal silver every day. But white gold powered has come up 3 times this week on my radar. I read about monotomic gold yeeeearrrs ago. You can buy that shit on Amazon now. Hahahha

      Not sure if its the same thing as “white gold”. Actually the Term Gold has come up alot last few weeks. Not sure if it is a reference to a woman, the commodity or something else. Lol

      Thanks man! Yeah its kinda cool living in a haunted house. But the Beach beckons me to move. If I can get that place? I can afford it once I move in easily. I will take another year off and finish my main book (the green book) and write a couple scifi books about the adventures of the dude aka the cosmic chicken bunny. Haha. I went back to the super Infinity 8 gas station and I got a map of the galaxys. Hahabba. But I will save that for a book.

      • It sounds an awful lot like “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” from ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. 🙂 42

        • Oh I forgot all about the restaurant. and the man whose ego became so big that he became the Universe. hahahahahahhah!

          Ya, this was just the second continuation dream of another one where I fought the Hipppy in a sumo ring and he called me the Cosmic Chicken Bunny. That my friend is another story. Hahahah

          I went to the super Infinity 8 gas station and got a map to the universe. I will save that for the book. Funny having 3 dreams all link together like that. Pretty interesting stuff.

      • I can save you about 5 years of research, maybe more. The Amazon stuff is (IMHO) kind of grade school. Some of the finer ORMUS or MonoAtomic and High Spin State products can be bought in Canada, and no problem shipping to the USA.

        By far your best product (again IMHO) in North America is Sri Yantra, from Blue Emerald Alchemy in Colorado. A true Alchemist in every sense of the word. I have no commercial ties to anyone, I’m just sharing the finest salt based Elixir product on the Continent that I’ve found in decades of research:


        Otherwise the original and most authentic ancient remedy from 11,000 years ago is of course plant based. Probably not available now, and certainly not via a retail outfit. This is the Alchemy that many have died, trying to replicate the ancient and very hidden recipes. But when the time comes in 2022-23, THE Master Artisan (of planet Earth) in the Himalayas will probably visit North America. And show us or teach us the real Philosopher’s Stone. The Manna from Heaven at its highest level.

        Be ready!

        P. S. If you want to play with a biological version (with merit) of the Philosopher’s Stone and have a reasonably good historical perspective, try this:


  3. I should also mention that I have a small amount of native blood ancestry… Chippewa… and I am a Nemenhah medicine man. I enjoy the native spirituality much more than ‘organized religion’. And I thank dtd above for the Mary Summer Rain books recommendations! Win-win. I will enjoy.


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