Tap Tap Tap. is this thing on? Testing. Testing One, two, threeee, fore!

Ok, I’m in like Flynn. I set a deadline of 4am PST. I am getting used to  Set up and it is Frickin Amazing. I cant thank you enough George Ure (see the link in the menu) for helping me get this up and rolling Bitchin fast and Secure.

This will be a short introduction and a test to see how this new system works.

Some of this stuff posted on this site will come as a surprise to a few of my friends and some not so much. I have a deep spiritual side to me. I have been actively meditating for over 20 years. I love my children soooooo much. They own my heart.  Some people who known me a long time on the internet know I am a very gifted psychic. Having predicted the last Presidents from Obama to Trump and I even predicted that Joe Biden would run against Trump before Trump won the Republican  Nomination which lead to his being President now and this current situation. I predicted the Japanese quake, Tsunami,   and fukashima issue along with the Egyptian Revolution on Reinhardt’s site 6 months in advance to the date along with a thousand other earthquakes and events in the last 15 years including stock market corrections, bitcoin corrections, The George Floyd incident etc. etc. Along with The Pandemic which i wrote a thread on a fringe website forum entitled “Biolence and Contagion” back in 2012 predicting the pandemic along with another one called “Bat Shit Crazy the coming insanity” on another fringe site.

I am a spiritual Christian. I don’t really follow the normal every day shit that people think that a Christian should be like. I pretty rough around the edges.

I have studied and read thousands and thousands and even more books too many to count on every form of spirituality and religion that ever existed in the world.  I also have had 12 NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) where I hovered over my body and could see it laying there dead, as well as I Traveled a few times through the tunnel of light into the field of souls to the other side and I traveled a few times different ways. One was to the center star found on the belt of Orion.  I am well versed in reading  and understanding lots of different languages. Including but not limited to Aramaic, Sanskrit Cune form, Old English, Arabic, Hebrew, Egyptian Hieroglyph, Mayan Glyph, Some Navaho, Some Hopi Indian, Old Norse, Some Mandarin Chinese and quite a bit of old a few Babylon dialects.  I taught myself to learn to read these languages so I could understand and come up with my own translations of ancient writings Like the Mayan Story of Creation  PapVul   instead of someone else’s opinion of them.


I will give  3 small Examples;

Example #1,

It has been claimed for a long time that the Number Zero, originated from  Arabic  concept of Sifr which later was adopted by the greaks as Cypher, then as Zero in Latin, but pver 2000 years before the Arabic concept of Sifr was introduced the Mayans used the Symbol of the EYE to represent the concept and number Zero. Which is interesting because when the 2012 date  was calculated in the Gregorian Calendar (The Current calendrer we used today) it was decided as the End of the Mayan Grand Cycle was 12/21/2012 the people who came to that calculation were using the points on the Calendar not paying attention to the eyes on the figures present on the surface of the Mayan Calendar. Which represent the number Zero. not the points.  IF you aligned the eyes (Zero’s) on the Calendar instead of the points you would know the end of the grand Cycle was in the year 12/21/ 2021. Not 2012. Since it is a system of Cycles built on a 360 degree calculation in order to “zero” out the grand cycles completion date. It would seem prudent to look where the zeros are located not just the points on the top of the calendar.

There that big offset. I know the Mayan Priests like to bein in control of the masses and most people wouldn’t figure that out themselves. They would just think the movie was adventurous and John Cusack sure knows how to drive a Limo. Regardless The end of the Grand Cycle of the Mayan Calendar is 12/21/2021 which is interesting with what all is happening in the world today.


Example #2.

One of my Favorite. Jesus spoke Aramaic. It was the language for the region of Nazareth when he lived at the time. They also spoke Hebrew. However the most common language for trade and fishing villages  around the sea of galilee was Aramaic. Aramaic is one of the original languages spoke in Ancient Babylon.

3 words of interest.  One Abracadabra, Abracadabra is Aramaic. It means, From what I speak I create.  Most people use words every day and have no idea of what they are saying or where it originated from.  Funny that we still used day to day words and concepts that originated in Ancient Babylon.

Another word in Aramaic is the word  Sin.   We have all heard the Phrase “I am a slave to sin.” The original term for  “Sin” was the Babylonian name for the Moon who was considered the Goddess Of Unmatched Beauty.  Wife of the Creator, the Sun. Whom  later became the Goddess of Venus. The Ancient Babylonians Considered the Moon to be “Venus” the queen of creation and worshiped her.  So when we say, I am sinner in todays world, We are admitting we worship the Moon in the language of Aramaic. Most people don’t know that. They just say whatever anyone tells them to say. Which the Moon IS by far the most accurate calendar ever to exist in written history. Only loosing 17 seconds in the last 20,000 years. Measuring “Time” in tides. Since (another word with the word Sin in it) we are made of 90% water and the Moon affects the oceans and rivers, it make sence that were are all Sinners. Aka Lunatics.  lol

A third word is The Aramaic Term for “Forgivness” is the word Sha bag.   IT is quit different in definition and concept than the commonly accepted  definition  and understanding of  the word “Forgiveness.” Which most people understand is a  granting of mercy for a crime commited or a pardon for offence received.  The Aramaic Term Shabag means to  “Unlock your mind. Unhinge your soul. Loosen you spirit.”  Ya see in the Language that Jesus the Christ spoke it clearly says, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” and “Only God can judge right.” As well as “By the same measure you render unto others, you also shall be measured.” In order for a person to be granted mercy for a crime or pardon for offence one must judge them frist. Shabag says, unlock your mind. Not Judge.

Does that Mean we should not judge someone for the crimes of Pedophilia or violence towards women? That is crazy to think so. No not at all. We should hold them to the the letter of Gods law and they should reap the wrath of GOD as it is written according to the law, but we ourselves should not condemn them in our hearts.  God condemns them in the Law. Pedophilia isnt about sex, it is about Extreme violence towards innocent Children just like Rape isnt about sex, It is about Control and violence towards women. It should be punished to the extreme when it happens.

The point is, I taught myself in the last 15 years many things reading almost entire vast library’s with the curiosity of  a young boy I wanted to know how things really work and why they were the way they were.


Example # 3 

IS the common miss conception of Nostradamus predictions of the 3 Antichrists. The first one being Napolian, The Second Hitler and the Third to come known as “Mabus.” Marking the End of the World.

Nostradamus’ quatrains believed by his followers to refer to the final  Antichrist  A Mabus. In  quatrain 62, Nostradamus wrote:

“Mabus will then soon die, there will come

“A horrible undoing of people and animals:

“At once vengeance one will see vengeance,

“One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run.”


However Mabus isnt a person in this case. Mabus = Mapus or MAP US. The Map of the US. So ya see when Map of the USA dies, or The nation of the United State of America becomes no more. This will mark the End of the World.   These are scary times we live in with talk on social media of Civil war etc etc. Which I hope is not the case.

These are revelations that I have discovered that are mostly unknown. I didn’t discover them as a result of a Google search. I found them by reading vast quantities of books and exhauting some library’s on line.  It is kind of humorouse that people 10 years ago when I told them they needed to stalk up on supplies and be ready  they looked at me as if I was some crazy conspiracy nut or prepper.  Now everyone has 2 cases of TP in their closet. Seeds would be a really good idea to order and store. IF you don’t know anything about gardening? it would be a really good idea to learn. Friendly suggestion.

It is my greatest hope that My Amazing life, knowledge, research and all its facets will be beneficial to you the reader, the listener and the participant.  I know some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world to some of the most gifted people who live in the most humble of means. Everyone from Rockstar’s, Political Figures, Pro-sports athletes, Ivy League Professors, Billion Dollar Hedge fund wall street fellas, The 3rd highest producing woman on wall street at one point,  is a good friend,  Lunatic  inventors in Texas,  Royal Blood Princess,  to Opera singers on Broadway, TV stars, Playboy Centerfolds, Ruthless drug lords,  gang bangers, both bloods and crips, to Suzie home makers,  to homeless people down at the Mission. Everyone has taught me much. I have always been the same Andy with all of them. I never treated anyone any different if they had 500 million in the bank or they had their bedroll on top of their back pack.  I think being Authentic and Genuine is something that is a fading fashion these days. It is my hope that I can interview people all social and economic status on my podcast. Full spectrum of the Rich and Famous to the Nina home maker who is extremely gifted unknown.

With that,

I am accepting donations as things are very slim financially.  Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. I am what you would consider now a starving artist or writer. Big leap for me. please donate I’m hungry and Im needy.  Omms Omms Aums for the poor. Ok, I begged enough. lol

I will offer “Future” reports for purchase. Short term analysis and long term analysis and trajectory’s that I see. I still need to figure out how to ad advertisement etc. etc. so I can make some money. I also look forward to this become a grand new career for me and the next adventure.

I should be a little more organized by tomorrow.


Thanks for taking the time to read. You are Exceptional and I am grateful for you.







20 thoughts on “Tap Tap Tap. is this thing on? Testing. Testing One, two, threeee, fore!”

      • Yo Joe! George corrected my error. I don’t know what i would do without everyone’s help and my mothers unceasing prayers. Its Fixed now. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Much obliged.

        speaking of G, I just found his interview on Coast to Coast. So, im going to have a listen to it now… while taking a survey of the future.

  1. Good points all Andy. Like your perspective. Point though, as a 20 year student of Nosty, I never got that MABUS was an antichrist from any of those quatrains. An important person or thing, but not an antichrist. If anything, maybe “Blue Turban” or the “White Turban” (or both, as in the Beast – false prophet symbiosis of Revelation). I wrote up a minibook on this but never published it yet. https://survivingmidnight.webs.com/
    Someday maybe.
    Good stuff here, hope to come back often.

    • Thanks dude. Most people do not have your depth of expertise to nosty. I know literally hundreds of people who think Mabus is a person. If I remember right the History Channel episode actually says Mabus is rummored to be the next Anti Christ. See this is exactly what started me of on the path of learning languages and glyphs to come up with my own translations. Because the stuff on TV aint really telling the truth about things.

    • I wrote up a minibook on this but never published it yet.

      thanks for sharing that.. I am in the process of reading the book.. I totally love http://www.theageofdesolation.com .. stew has done a lot of work with the quatrains.. my favorite thing was to take different perspectives on the future prophecies.. and then compare them.. just like newspapers.. I read maybe fifty a day from all around the world.. the reason for that is the vast majority of those in the USA are owned by one corporation.. and all the news is the same spin.. ( depending on locale.. some area’s if they are Democrat spin the story to appeal to the democratic population .. and vise versa for Republican area’s.. ) in the end it is about making the dollar. Where some countries the papers are not owned by the money mongers and you get a spin completely different.. take the National inquirer and the Globe etc.. trash.. but surprisingly enough besides the celebrity gossip.. the news stories are the same ones you get in MSM news.. but they are not the front page news.. all real important news is buried on page six… or later depending on the paper.. and usually in an off corner.. by reading them all and then seeing the points that are accepted by all of them maps out the situation quite well.. except in the US newspapers.. I personally think most of that is all crap that is leading you the direction they want you to go..

  2. Good morning Andy . As of now and up to this point I have enjoyed all of your posts /stories . I think you are doing fine work with this web site . Very much enjoyed this mornings work – keep uo the good work and carry on .
    I look forward to being a subscriber to the premium content .

    • I think it is coming.. Grady.. the other thing I had read that some of the big box stores were being told to not sell anything but essential items to cut the crowds down…

    • Holy Cow Grady! Good to see ya stop by. I am honored. Probably one of only three Canuks, I trust.

      As per your comment, You are such an optimist. LMAO! We here just over the boarder in greater Spokane, Wa and Post Falls, Id are already in lock down. But you know how that goes for me. Last time they locked everyone down? I went to the Grand Canyon National Park in AZ. Nobody there but me and a Shaman. When is the last time you ever heard of anyone going in halvsies for the whole grand canyon? I still dont have the rona.

  3. “One Abracadabra, Abracadabra is Aramaic. It means, From what I speak I create.”

    I had always thought that the phrase abracadabra was a corruption of the Hebrew, ebrah k’dabri, meaning “I will create as I speak,” I didn’t have a clue that it was Aramaic to.. but then that does make sense since both the aramaic and Hebrew language have similar points of origin.. the Babylonians and Phoenician alphabet.. what I am curious about is the written language derived from tablets that are thousands of years old..the Sumerian, Hurrian, Hattic and Elamite language isolates, were some of the first ever found.. the sanskits.. yet English comes from Germanic and the celts.. which had a completely different language..that wasn’t derived from the old sumerian tablets..
    could there have been two different origins of written and spoken language.. language could be the tie to the stories and legends..
    Just curious.. what do you think Andy

    • “English comes from Germanic and the celts.”

      Ah, but not entirely. English is a derived language. It has some Germanic roots and (loosely) follows Germanic form, but is mainly a Romance language with most roots in Latin, and some also in Greek, Saxon, Jute, Angle, Celt, and Rus. English is an “open” language, which means it can adopt any word from any other language (think “couture” or “lasagna”), and also that new words can be made-up “on the fly.”

  4. Andy, have really enjoyed your comments over at George’s place. Deop me an email sometime please. I have a mental question/block maybe you would understand…

    Much success be upon you and your efforts!

    • Will do. Please know that, I very very rarely do “readings” at personal level. It can interfere with free will. I will send ya an email now though. maybe I will be able to help you answer your own question.

  5. “I am accepting donations as things are very slim financially.”

    So.. What happened young man.. the last time I knew you were getting ready to buy a house.. good lord knows I have had the rug pulled out from under me a few times..


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