The other side of the Coin


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Funny I ran into a fella last night I have know for 20 years. Totally unexpected. It was like old times. The first time I met this fella was when he was hitchhiking.  I stopped and gave him a ride.

He is probably the most gentle and kind people I have ever met in my life. BIG J. As most people call him. I met him before he met his wife and they have 17 year old daughter now. This fellas big dream was to be a Big Time WWE wrastler. He has aspergers and some other mental health issues. Has a Child like Mind.

Probably the most sweet and innocent man in have met. Ever in my life. And yet he is a Giant of a man at 6 foot 7 and 400 lbs. I only saw him ever get mad one time when some kids threw milk shake  out the window and it landed on the top of RX8 back 10 years ago and He got out, stood in front of their honda car, hulk smashed the hood and scared the shit of them and told them to clean it up! And to not ever do that again. Stop littering too!

They apologized profusely and a few of them wiped the milkshake off my car with their T-Shirts and said they would never be litter again.

You should have seen this dude cram into a tiny little Mazda RX8. It was an amazing feet  hahahaha. The look on those kids faces when he got out was of shock and horror. How the hell did he get in there??? Hahaha

He has been working at the same Job for 17 years. His wife for 6 years. At Walmart and McDonalds. They both have child like minds. They have paid their bills and lived in their humble apartment for almost 20 years. Never been late on rent and never their power turned off and never owned a car.

He has been hitch hiking for as long as I know him. When I picked him up the first time my friend in the car said are you out of your f-ing mind??? Look at the size of that dude! Wow!  He is hands are so big he would make a bowling ball look like a grape!

I said, look at His eyes dude. That man has the eyes of a child or an angel. So I stopped and he climbed in my car, He is so big he almost tipped over my little Probe GT.  I said are you gonna fit man?  Yes yeah I’m pretty good at this.  He said outloud thanks so much. It’s hard to get a ride because I’m kind big. I said Dude you aren’t kinda big, you are a giant!  He laughed and got in and then said, Thank you Jesus for sending these Kind men to get me home to see my Momma after a long day at work. I said where ya going? He said as far as you will take me. I live with my Momma and I love her so much. Just got off my new job at Walmart. All Proud of Himself, big toothy smile!  and pointed to his name badge and said see! I’m a big boy now! I have a Job!

I took him all the way to his Mommas house. I gave him my number and said if ya ever need a ride and ya can’t get one of I’m not busy, I will come get ya and take ya where ya need to go. He said thank you sir! I appreciate that. I have voucher for the bus but sometimes I get lost in thinking about stuff and miss my bus. So I thumb a ride.

A few months later I gave him another ride and he said Andy, can I tell you a secret? Ya can’t tell anyone and dont tell Momma. I said sure buddy.  I think this girl at work is cute and I think she likes me too. I dont know how to talk to girls. I dont know about girls other than my Momma who loves me very much.  So I gave him some pointers and told him to be himself.  He laughed and said who else could I be. I said yep! You got it.

About a year passes and I hadn’t heard from him or seen him hitchhiking. Then one day I saw him and I stopped to give him a ride. He was dating that girl and they were getting married. All excited and whispered over and said what if she wants to have, you know.. and spelled it out esss eeee exxxxx. Which was so damn adorable that this massive, Giant of Man is whispering about sex all innocent like in my car while we were the only two in it! Hahahahaha!

He eventually got married and they must have figured out the you know, esss eee exx part and had a perfectly normal and healthy daughter.

Last night he told me his daughter was 17 now.  My how time flys. I said you still at Walmart? He said yup! I’m a Man! I pay my own bills, got my family to support. They would never fire me because I move all the heavy stuff the little guys can’t move. and I think they like me there.  I said that or they are afraid that if they fired ya? You might come flying off the top turn buckle. Hahahah he said probably that too and laughed.

I said soo good to see ya man! How ya been? He same as always. The Good Lord provides and I can’t complain much. I even lost 50 lbs recently. Can ya tell? I said ya look good dude! He said thanks man! I’m down 375lb . I got up to 425lbs and I cracked the bath tub when I got in it to shower after work and my wife took away my secret candy stash. She is so mean to me.  Then laughed.  I looked down at his feet and said still wearing a size 16 boot? He said yep! Since I was 16 years old. Haha

He said he got a big flat screen and new playstation and asked me if I wanted to spend the night last night and have a sleep over. I said I think I’m gonna pass dude. Thank you so much for the offer thow. He said,  I got big giant bag of caramel corn and peanuts if ya like that stuff. I will share with ya and we can play video games all night and drink energy drinks. I said thank you so much for your generous offer and kindness, I am gonna head home and go to bed. He said ok. Another time ! Now, Get out of the car and give me a hug. So I did. Now I’m 6 foot 1, 225lbs right now. This dude is so big I look like a toddler next to him.

He gives the best hugs in the whole wide world.

I was kinda having some crummy feelings  last night and so I went for a drive. at 2am I saw Big J standing there when he got in the car he asked me to play a song for him on the radio. Seeing Him, Changed my whole perspective.

Ahhh the other side of the coin.

IF Angel’s are real?

Big J is one of them. No doubt about that.

Have a wonderful weekend. I know I will!

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy.

The song he asked me to play,

Cue: ~Smoking in the Boys Room

Motley Crue remake

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