A new podcast is available.  As it relates a new turn of events at this juncture in “time” to ~The Zero Report ~ Edition I.

The first Edition will become available no later than tomorrow. Each Person who purchases the report will be afforded one vote per edition purchased to select between two equally weighted World trajectories. This is so different than anything I had considered until it became blatantly obvious that you the reader, listener who purchases a report will cast a vote on the Future trajectory of the entire planet.

We are at a unique juncture in Humanity and a choice will be given and choice will be made. A collective choice where each person is given a say in what their conscious decides. regardless their race, ethnicity,  creed, spitial beliefs or anything else. Each purchaser of Edition One, will be afforded to cast a vote to choose the world Trajectory we take.

A “group consciousness” will be taken a “consensus” between two equally weighted world trajectories.  You will each be afforded a chance to decide what Trajectory we take and afforded a chance to speak by casting your vote.

The “group conscious” of those called for the to purchase the report and their individual conscience will decide the trajectory we take.

Interesting turn of events. A choice is given and a choice will be made. IF nobody cast a vote? I will cast mine. However, each report purchased will afford a single vote, whether a vote is cast or not.

Note: if you cast a vote of “nether Trajectory ” it will be counted as an abstain.  Doesn’t matter if you cast 200 votes of “neither trajectory ” it will be considered 200 votes to abstain.

A choice will be made. I will cast my vote last.

Make no mistake! Every single person who comes to this site, drawn to it by the law of attraction or called to it, who purchases a report! Was called to by Divine purpose to cast a vote. It is no mistake you are on this site reading these words. You brought here to decide the fate of humanity and the choose the world Trajectory as a collective. You are not here by accident in this juncture in time.  It isnt a mistake you found this site at this moment in time. It is Divine Order that brought you here.

I am the host. It is not my decision to make alone. Unless no vote is cast. All votes will be out in the open so everyone can see. You can cast your vote anonymously or put your name on it. Doesnt matter to me.  Or abstain if your conscience chooses that.  At the end of the 40 days after the report is published.  The vote will be counted and the collective choice made.


Will be afforded a chance to vote. One vote per report purchase.  If a person purchases 5 reports. They can cast 5 votes.

The price of the report will be $23.32


Not the powers that be, not our governments or political leaders.  The collective of those who purchase Edition I will be all granted a single vote per report purchase to decide The Path Humanity takes from this juncture.

Much more in the drop down menu under in the podcast section.

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

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