~The Zero Report~

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The Zero Report Available for Purchase directly from my store.
The Price is now $44.44 per report and can be purchased at the link.

Issue # 0.

Here: https://my.ecwid.com/store/41732325#products

all further issues will be able to be purchased at on this post.
I do accept Donations. The button can be found at the bottom of the page. Thanks

2 thoughts on “~The Zero Report~”

  1. Andy,

    Your link doesn’t work to buy the Zero Report. You are missing a step, so it is asking us to sign in from the ECWID Home Page.

    If your flagship product is the Zero Report (“A detailed transcript of the future”), then I would have a podcast that plays off that name & theme.

    For example, the podcast could be called: “The Zero Point.”

    Please don’t abandon your written comments! You have a unique style, which requires a Parable type of interpretation for those with the ability. The problem with a podcast is that it kind of dies on the vine after about 24 hours. You can’t go back in 6-12 months and look for a topic or review/compare a forecast you made (in a podcast). Likewise, it is MUCH easier to reference your accuracy in a previous forecast – by linking to the blog posting. From my perspective, the value in subscribing to your work is the ability to go back and research earlier predictions, or compile a body of research around a particular subject. In a year, if I want to go back and review everything you said about the Anti-Christ, how would I do that in a Podcast?

    Just my 2 cents worth. In this case, 8.33 cents worth if I’m 1/12th of your readership!

    • Hey man! Thanks! Yeah I have 5 hours dedicated to just figure out the website stuff today. I got called last night to help someone, and I never turn down an opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life. Poor little thing. She was really struggling and I know a few good women that I got her connected with and I’m sure today she will have a better day.

      Yes podcast dont take very long. It’s just getting it all arranged to make it flow better on the site. Especially on phones. I will continue to write. Yesterday I had to tie up a bunch of loose ends that were creating some unmanageablity in my life. Now that 99% of that got sorted out. I should finally be able to get organized on the site and with better time management, and focus, it should be alot easier for me and everyone else. Lol

      Thanks for your comment and letting me know your thoughts. I have my first podcast guest on Saturday and it will be posted on Monday. Hopefully by then. Tbe score card and the new report will be finished, a few more blogs and a few new podcasts will be done and all arranged in a more user friendly fashion. 🙂 God willing. Hahahah


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