~ The Zero Report. ~ Christmas special for Only $55.55

I cut the Price for a Christmas Special of $55.55. So if the 1921 people who hit the grocery cart but didnt purchase  and check out would like to try again. The prices is reduced for you. Much obliged! This is the Season for Giving, and as is stated in the report “20% of all proceeds from this report will be dedicated to the Union Gospel Mission to feed the Homeless.” I have actually donated over 43% from sales of ~ The Zero Report~ to the Union Gospel Mission thus far.

I also,  added a direct link to the ECWID Store to Purchase it, and download it directly should the button on the right doesn’t work. I have no idea if it works. Every time I run a test to see if it works Paypal flags me for Fraud for testing my own buttons to ensure they work.  Then I have to spend 4 hours on hold on the phone,  and 7 days before they realize, I was just testing my own system. Kinda a pain in the ass.  On a  Mobil device it kicks the purchase button down to the bottom of the screen no matter what I try to keep that from happening.   This is all very difficult to navigate. Some stuff I’m really good at and some I am not. Navigating this system not my forte.  I almost to the point of just giving up and just walking away. I have a job driving big rig I can start the first of January.  However, for now I’m am doing best to keep it going.   I have a ton of good material floating around in my head at the moment. The next Post will be only pictures.

Anyway, For a limited time, Until January 1St, Two Thousand and Twenty One,  the Price of  ~The Zero Report ~ is $55.55 per report. On January 1st it will return to its normal price of $116. Because by then, it should start to have some hits on it and by March, everything will be unfolding as was stated. Have a Merry Christmas.





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