Time to

Quit smoking. I’m down to 5 a day. I hardly ever get sick. Maybe once every couple 3 years. I have Bronchial pneumonia for fricken 10 days now. I never let that shit stop me from doing what I want or need to do. I dont whine about it.

Although,  pneumonia has killed me twice. Lol. Flatlined twice from pneumonia. Part of the reason is, I’m pretty strong willed.

One time I was out chopping a couple cords of wood after working a 12 hour day and my then girlfriend said, Dude you are sick. I said, I got a little cold. I’m fine. I need to get this wood chopped.   She finally talked me intoo get in the car and go to the doctor’s with her.

When the doctor ran my oxygen levels it was at 76% and that is the one of the only time I ever heard a doctor say OMFG! I said is that bad? I feel fine. I just have a little cold. I will take some cold medicine after I get that wood chopped.

She ran out of the room and next thing I know they brought in this big machine and put me on breathing treatments and said I was on the edge of death. I laughed and said, nah! You guys are trippin. I just have a little cold. I got shit to do. I dont have time for this.  They almost strapped me to the bed.

My last NDE, I worked 28 hours straight and woke up in the ER with them paddle jacking me back to life. because I had pneumonia and apparently I died for 4 and a half minutes.

Like I said that about was about 4 years ago. I got tested and I dont have  Corona. I do have Bronchial Pneumonia. I’m on Amoxicillin,  albuterol inhaler,  prednisone,  tons of C and D, colloidal silver,  and theriflue. 10 days, I just can’t shake this damn cold.

Funny the Rona is like having double Pneumonia…. which is the only thing I ever get when I get sick. I don’t just get a little cold. I either have full blown Bronchial Pneumonia or I’m not sick af all. Whalah manifestation! Hahahah


I been running around like normal doing all the same stuff you find in the stories on this site.  See these stories may seem far fetched or amazing happen stances that happen every now and then.  They happen all the time for me. I’m always doing stuff like this. All the time. 5 pages of stories isnt even the tip of the iceberg.  This is a way of life for me. Lol I could write a story for every day last week of amazing miracles and life changing experiences that I participated in just last week. Even though I have Bronchial Pneumonia.  They literally happen every day. Lol like Ripley said, “Beleive it or Not”.

However,  it was strongly advised I rest for a few days. Which I’m not very good at. Since I was hacking so hard last night i ralphed up in the toilet. 3 people told me to rest yesterday,  and last night while praying on my knees for the 6 regulars i pray for daily I heard softly in my ear, hit the Jake, Slow your roll dude,  said ~THE DUDE~.

so, I’m going to cuddle with the damn cat and watch a movie in bed for a few days.

Sorry for any delay.. and I’m down to 5 cigs a day, got the gun and a friend is dropping off the patch. I love smoking and I know I dont die from it. But if it slows me down and forces me to take a couple days off. I dont need them in my life. So I’m gonna quit.  I quit for 5 years once. Why the hell not quit again. And I quit chewing about 4 years ago now. So I spose it’s time .

I been hearing some background noise about my comment of qyestioninf myself about weather I was the AC or not. I think everyone should ask themselves that question. I always ask myself the hard questions.  I look at all data from every imaginable angle I can.  To illuminate everything and to eliminate every conceivable question.  I think its prudent to do so. I have also asked myself if I was a racist? Nope. I have also asked myself if I was a homosexual? Nope! I have also asked myself if I thought the Pope was the Appointed Apparition of The Holy SEE? Nope! I dont buy that shit either. Do think I need to repent for being Human? Nope. The word Repent means to turn away. So when I own my shit? I do my best not to repeat it. Do I use the Devil as a scapegoat? Nope. Most of the time when I screwing up, I know I’m screwing up (I have a conscious) but I do it anyway. So I own my shit and repent. Or turn away.

Alot people blame God for their own stupid shit. Others stupid shit. And alot people blame the Devil or other people for their own stupid shit. Alot of people set themselves up for stupid shit to play the victim later and deny that they played the director, perpetrator and victim in their own shit. And never take any responsibility or change anything. line one big mascaeade ball. Always wearing masks. Then go to the Pope for forgiveness.

So I question all that. Lol

And this is a very very important thing to remember: 

Dont Believe your own Hype! Dont believe others hype about you! 

You start buying into all the things other people say about you and you start buying into all that grandiosity shit you tell yourself??? Someone is apt to come along and kick fast pedestal out from under you.  Remember it was Pride that Gof the Devil kicked out of Heaven. Nothing else. The Devil runs around like a Roaring Lion saying, “Who is like me?” “There is None like me!”

Until the Arch Angel Michael bops him on the head and throws his ass into all you can eat brimstone buffet.

I do love being appreciate and adored. I have been called many things  but I’m really Just Andy.  Lol. Regular fella and my farts stink just like everyone else’s. Lol

Most people think that the AC is going to be this dark evil fcker in apearance. Not so, I have personally Seen the Devil show up to my front door wearing cowgirl boots, long tan legs in daisy dukes, in a tank top with no bra on with raven black hair in a pony tail, ice blue eyes holding in her hand an overnight bag. With those perfect white teeth little pink toung ring,  and that soft smile that says, oh my gawd im gonna fck ya 6 ways from sunday look on her face. I seen the Devil show up just like that a few times.

See the Devil doesnt show up as some Giant Beast from the mountain all scary and shit. Because then he would just get shot, if he was on my porch. He shows up all appealing and innocent like. Not big and scary.

Ok, well I’m taking 2 days off to rest. Because I dont really feel like taking a quick trip across the veil to talk to them there. Not that I’m scared to die. Hahahahhah . I’m good with that. I dont like how they jam that tube down your throat in ICU so you can breath and the Food pretty much sucks there.

So I will slow my roll and rest for 2 days.  Ugh.

Be back in a few days.

Cue: ~ Due Haust ~





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