Twinn Tunnels of Light.

Most do not know this but it seems fitting to address the topic as we were discussing passing through the tunnel of light after mortal death the other day. There are two different tunnels of light and two different patterns in the material relm marking their existence.

The Krystal Sprial and The Fibonacci Sprial or torus, vortex or tempest.

One takes life and one gives life. I have been through both of them more than a few times.

Today, we will discuss the the popular one known as the Fibonacci sequence or spiral.

[0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55]

[A A B C E H M V]

_Aye, words have power even in agnosia. Asynchronous mind doesn’t settle for the purely what is academia. Best two come two understand that the Fibonacci sequence is the set order of the universe for life and start to apply that sequence to your own vocab. Chance’s are that the vibratory response from infinite intelligence aka the universe, characteristically responds better if words used are not left abiotic. Everything in the material universe is structured using this sequence. Here is an opportunity/ Example for you “echolalia,” to apply your words with direct purpose like that of the ankh! More is accomplished, if you apply words in the sequential order provided by the universal design, vastly improving your development this millennium. Vacuuming vibration value places parallel power to a lower frequency then what written words can accomplish applying A Back Channel Dimensional leitmotiv.


(21 letters)

Again, friend, that spiral has a life, a circle, a wave, a frequency and is not found accidia. Beginning section is 139 words, (harmonic prime) which should resonate within your mind like a bomb.

(34 words).

Certainly V is twenty two and U are a twenty one in this epic. Twenty two divided by seven close enough four “pi”. Remember, Sometimes a spiral can be viewed as a circle, a wave, a flower, a door, a portal, frequency and even a life.  It is only in added dimension that it can be seen properly. Eyes wide open now! One takes, one gives.

(68 words)

~~~~Feed your head~~~~

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

Cue: ~ Ride of the Valkyries ~

Richard Wagner


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